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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! And some bags.... but SHOES!

Pic heavy post!

Caz over at Methadone Pretty filmed a cute little video of her favourite shoes the other day, so I thought I would showcase some of my favourites too. I didn't film a video because I have a LOT of shoes scattered over the house, plus all our awful snow boots and stinky work-out trainers, etc etc. I also have 10,838 pairs of black high heels with minute differences so I didn't show any of them. Sigh, I have way more high heels than a 5'10" girl needs...

Irregular Choice sailor-style shoes. Bought these ages ago in good ol' TK Maxx for about £15. They look a lot better on, not just a big mess of rope, but I am not showing you my feet. I wear them with a beautiful red and navy sailor dress with a big white collar I got in a vintage shop in Vancouver, or skinny navy jeans and red lippy.

Spotty Irregular Choice. I adore these, though they are not comfy at all! I lusted after these for soooo long before I bought them. I think I've worn them about three times, ha ha!

The last pair of Irregular Choice... that I'm going to show you. I love these flat but don't wear them very often - as you can see, the fruit have cracked a little. I want to replace them with something but I don't know what. They have the little rosettes already so I'm thinking... skulls? Hello Kitty? Suggestions pleeease.

Gorgeous leopard platforms, I bought them ages ago on eBay for about $20 Canadian. Love them but they're a little big so I need to get some heel pad thingys.

Lulu Guinness platforms. A bit outside of what I would normally wear, but they were soooo beautiful I couldn't resist and I had some pennies to burn at the time. I wish someone I know would get married because these would be awesome at a wedding.

Flat and man shoes! Vintage cowboy boots (thanks Dad!) Chinese 'slippers' from 'China' in Disney land, gorgeous Etnies (I always wear skate trainers) which were about £8 from, guess where, TK Maxx, leopard print 'creepers' from Topshop which were a bargainous £5 and my lovely lovely lovely Docs. I don't have black Docs at the moment which makes me sad, but I love these so much :)

Adorable Morgan shoes with clear heel and straps. Sexy but still understated. Give me blisters though.

Every girl needs a pair of gorgeous red shoes, and this is mine from good ol' New Look. Slightly more burgundy in real life. I have a gorgeous khaki wrap dress I like to wear with this as well as a gorgeous grey leopard print wiggle dress.

And lastly, these AWESOME sneakers that I bought it Vegas. I had to buy them... they had dice on! It was Vegas! They were like, $40? I dunno. As you can see, they're well worn... so I rarely wear them because I'm scared they'll get a real hole!

And lastly a couple of bags. Same as the shoes, I have a LOT of bags. I had to exclude my gorgeous Nightmare Before Christmas PVC bowling bag and my Tokidoki flight bag and my horseshoe shaped clutch and....

Anyway... I LOVE Betsey Johnson. I have some sunglasses and a couple more bits and pieces from the Betseyville range. Sadly everything else she makes is way outta my price range. My mummy got me my cute little wallet, fanks Mum :D

Yay! My sister bought me this for my birthday and I love it. Look at his sad beheaded little face! :D

I bought this gunbag in a local alt shop when I lived in Portsmouth and it was a total bargain at £20 because the woman who made it only made 5, I think. I *know* some people disagree with guns on things, but I am not one of those people.

Anyway ladies, I am tagging you all to show me your bags and shoes :D

Love Robyn x

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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fab collection!
    I LOVE Iron Fist, you seen the zombie shoes?
    I also live in skate shoes, Ive got similar DC trainers in black & pink =D

  2. Shooooooes! Now I want to do my shoes :) I'm supposed to be packing to move so maybe a convenient time to photo them... HMMM.

    You have so many pretties :D

  3. Your stuff is so adorable, and like RaeRae said, now I want to do mine! lol I have a lot of heels. I'm addicted to 3''+ pumps because I'm 5'1.
    I <3 your red ones the most though!

  4. i am a shoe whore! and i love love high heels, t hanks to my height.i'm so short that i am just 160cm so i like wearing massive heels to boost myself :p

  5. Ahh, i have those red ones in black..but I want them in red now :(
    Love your Docs! I really need a pair soon

  6. @Nooberella - Yes, I have seen the Zombie shoes and I've been drooling over them and the rest of the Iron Fist collection for ages but my boyfriend Does Not Like Them :(

    @Rae and Cydonian... do iiiiiit :D

    @Mandy - I am more than 6ft in most of my heels... which is stupid because my boyfriend is the same height as me and most of my friends are short arses!

    @Caz - I really want the patent black ones or the cherry red ones. And in September Hello Kitty ones are coming out :D

  7. Spotty Irregular Choice-FABULOUS! Seriously jealous...

  8. Nice blog! I love the red ones, super sexy! They'd be to die for with a red lip and little black dress~ Great pics~!

  9. @yoli and Vanessa - They're a couple years old now and they've served me very well, those little red shoes!

    @Hannah - they are gorge, but they have sort of a spiky trim and they kind of slice your toes a little. I can't figure out how to soften them up!

  10. I love your irreg choice shoes! the flat fruity ones are adorable! I love pretty heels too but find that I never get to wear them much! :)

  11. Yeah, I don't wear them very often either, but they make me happy :)

  12. Awesome shoes!! Spotty Irregular Choice and those leopard shoes are my favourites :)
    I'm not going to do a post about my shoes.. Just because, to be honest, I only have few pair of them! I'm just a new shoe lover.. It wasn't a long time ago when I used to hate shoes and shoe shopping!

  13. Well I stopped buying shoes a long time ago so its ok, you can buy loads! I saw the goooorgeous heels you bought on your blog... yum yum!

  14. Thank you! They're my first heels.. But definitely not the last!! :D

  15. amazing shoes! love the colour!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  16. I love shoes! It would become an obsession, quickly, if I let it. For now I think I'll stick with my polish obsession. Thanks for sharing. :D


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