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Monday, 7 June 2010

Rebel Scum

So today I'm going full on Star Wars fangirl! I wanted to do some nail art last night because I haven't done any for ages, and in all honesty I've been pretty neglectful of my nails! So I asked my boyfriend for some ideas and he said lightsaber nails, AND he also suggested I did orange and white make-up inspired by the Rebel Uniforms :D So this post is dedicated to Jon :)

First up, my nails. Sorry about the crappy pics!

Super easy, black nails with a white base for the lightsabers. Saying that its super easy, drawing straight lines across your nails can be a little tricky, but you can always clean up any mistakes afterwards with a black nail pen.

I am sorry for my horrifically filthy hand that I have just noticed! I was sharpening pencils and cleaning brushes, etc, this morning, which my excuse for vile filthy paws...

And now for my face:

Is this technically a cut crease? I don't know! Anyway, the Rebel uniforms are orange, hence the, er, orange. I used all 120 palette shadows apart from the white, which is MAC, over NYX Jumbo pencil in milk. The brown liner is Urban Decay Bourbon, which I can't get along with on my waterline but love otherwise. Face is the golden MEMEME highlighter and Lily Lolo Bronzer in South Beach, lips are 66 palette.

I do normally crop my pictures, but my other half is insisting I use Photoshop and not paint, and um, he isn't here and I can't work Photoshop :S

I have another crazier film post for you tomorrow :)

Love and kisses,

Robyn x


  1. thank you for your sweet comment, Robyn! Those nails are fierce.


    xx T

  2. omigosh, so awesome... that is all.

    (the fan girl inside of me is like wooohooo!)

  3. Thanks ladies! The Force will be with you... always!

  4. Really love the eye makeup! It's pretty close to a cut crease. Maybe a soft cut crease? My first cut crease was a total accident and turned out looking like I did it on purpose.
    I haven't painted my nails in about 8 years...otherwise I might have to try this! Looks cool. :-D

  5. Yeah, I was thinking it was a bit too soft! I'll have to try some more contrasting colours, I think. Something else for me to practice!

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