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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

More Nyx-y goodness! (And my red lipstick collection!)

Hooray, hooray, hooray! I got some more NYX in the post today which I've been waiting for for a while. Lots of swatches for you today guys.

So first up are five be-a-utiful Nyx Round Lipsticks:

From left to right, Margarita, Medusa, Narcissus, Louisiana and Hebe.

And some close-up, excitedly applied (read: sloppy) swatches:

Margarita. A slighty frosty, yet warm coral. I was expecting this to be a little more orangey but we all know how hard it is to find accurate swatches of these lipsticks online. Didn't think I would like this when I opened the tube but I love it! Going to be great for summer. As usual, its super creamy and applies well.

Medusa. A gorgeous, deep aubergine, perhaps with slight brown undertones. I don't know when I will wear this, but I just wanted it! It applies slightly streakily which you can see in this swatch, but this is a problem I often experience with creamy lipsticks - which this is. I applied it better after I took this pic, so it is workable. I just wanted to show a more 'honest' swatch. A must for any goth chick and I bet it would look amazing on really dark skin tones too.

Narcissus. I'd been after this for a while but the site I buy my Nyx from is often sold out of it. And now I know why! An absolutely perfect clean, bright, bubblegum pink. In love.

Louisiana. I was expecting this to be a darker version of Narcissus. I don't really know how to describe it other than a warm pink, ha ha! Whatever. I love it.

Hebe. A totally frickin' awesome, slightly metallic, deep blue-based red. Been told to get this for ages and am soooo glad that I did!

When I got my package this morning and opened the lipsticks, I was immediately disappointed at all of them except Medusa because I thought I had dupes for all of them already. And my fears were unfounded:

The top row L-R is Margarita, Narcissus, Louisiana and Hebe. The bottom row L-R is Rimmel Soft Coral, MAC Viva Glam Gaga, MUA shade 8 and Barry M no 141 Royal Raspberry. This is an awful comparison because they all look the same, but the Rimmel is much lighter and more peachy with small glitter particles in, Gaga is a lot paler and more blue-based, the MUA is a deeper raspberry colour and the Barry M, while similar to Hebe, is slightly darker, berryish shade with a little gold shimmer in.

I also bought two single eyeshadows which I wanted for highlight colours:

Left is Frosted Flakes and right is Super Creamy. Aaaand neither of them are good highlight colours! (This pic is slightly washed out and I don't know why I thought silver would be a good highlight anyway...) Super Creamy is a beautiful light, warm gold and Frosted Flakes is a taupe-y silver. Looking forward to trying Frosted Flakes as a lid colour with Barry M Oyster Grey in the crease. These eyeshadows are really beautiful, wonderfully pigmented and not as soft as I have been led to believe. I'm going to have to try some brighter colours next time.

And finally I got the Nyx Mosaic Highlighter:

Bare skin on the top left, Mosaic powder on the bottom right. I haven't tried this on my face yet, but it looks like I'm going to love it. It is NOT matte, which many reviews I have read on this product say it is. It IS, however, low sheen, with no glitter or shimmer particles. I do like a disco ball look, but not for everyday, and especially not now the sun is supposed to be out!

A little while ago, RaeRae (if you're not following her blog, why not?) asked us all if we could ever have too many red lipsticks? Clearly the answer is no. I don't have that many but here they are:

Nyx Round Lipstick in Hebe, Barry M 141 Royal Raspberry, Maybelline Royal Red, Mac Viva Glam Cyndi...

...Nyx Round in Fire, Nyx Round in Femme (ok, ok, maybe this is a coral), Rimmel Scream...

Helena Rubenstein in Magenta (had this for years, very sheer but I love it) and Make Up Academy shade 8.

I think the only true red I have here is Maybelline Royal Red! Any suggestions for reds I should add to my collection? And I would love to see all your reds too :)

Love and kisses,



  1. Oh, Margarita looks so nice! And Louisiana is my other favorite :D Nice haul!


  2. Thanks Nea! I love all of these...not sure what to wear Louisiana with yet but I'm a very happy bunny indeed!

  3. You keep showing Cyndi... and I keep wanting it, lol!

    Lovely swatches (and very needed for that matter, they're hard to come by!). I think you could pull off a goth look with Medusa, it would be like a sultry gothy look because of your red hair though :)

  4. Maybe I'll try something tomorrow! And just go and buy Cyndi :P

  5. I loooove that you did a red lipstick post! Barry M Royal Raspberry looks divine... Might have to pop that on the ol' wishlist...

  6. Get it - it look sooo nice with a gold smokey eye. Its one of the better formulas of their lipsticks too

  7. margarita looks so much frostier on you than me! For me its super orangey. Brilliant swatches! I keep meanign to do that for all my nyx lippies but..effort!

  8. Oooh Margarita looks gorgeous :) I love the look of Narcissus too, but I dont think I could wear it D:

  9. Awesome colours! I love especially Medusa :D


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