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Monday, 14 June 2010

Chirpy chirpy cheap cheap

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I thought I'd do a quick post showing some uber cheap stuff I've got in the last whenever... to show you sometimes you get an absolute bargain and sometimes theres a reason something has that low pricetag...

First up are a couple of Boots Natural Collection Moisture Shine lippies. Now, I've bought these lippies before, when I was a teenager and haven't bought them since, probably because they are so cheap so I just had it in my head that they were total crap. And they're really not! Boots Natural Collection is always a fiver for three, so a while back I went to grab some. I was looking for the much coveted Apple Blossom shade but my local Boots is tiny and doesn't carry it. So I got:

Caramel. I adore this colour! its really subtle but it has a little bit of shine to make it that bit more glam. These lippies wear really well - I'm wearing this shade today and it stayed on pretty well while I ate dinner. While not exactly moisturising, they have a nice, fairly creamy texture and apply really smoothly and evenly.

Rose Bud. If you want to win a tube of this lippy, go and join my giveaway HERE! I adore this lippy. It really is a perfect rose colour. The pigmentation on these lippies is impressive for the price- when I swatched them all in Boots, my hand was stained for the whole day, and I only swatched the more natural colours, nrot the red or auberginey shades.

I bought some pigments on eBay because I thought they were glitter - there are a lot of Chinese sellers on eBay whose... well, its Engrish, not English! Anyway, it was 2.70 plus shipping for 12 so I'm not really that put out.

As you can see, these colours NEED a base. They're extremely fine and not the best pigmentation. But those pinks are really beautiful and the dark browns are lovely too. You can see you're getting a cheap product though - some of the jars are crammed with pigment and some are barely half full. Also, on a couple of the jars the top clear part of the lid is a little loose. I have dupes for most of these in my 120 palette too, but hopefully I can find a use for them! I wonder if you can marble nails with pigments...?

This is the LA Colours palette in Wildflower. I'd seen and heard great things about these on blogs and on YouTube but figured it was an American brand and that you couldn't get them in the UK. However, I saw these babies in my trusty local beauty supply for two pounds. Pretty looking, huh?

The liner here is Barry M Dazzle Dust in WinterBerry but the other colors are all the LA palette. The texture of the gold is a little odd, not very smooth at all and doesn't apply that well, but that pink is just beautiful and unlike anything else I own. I was pretty pleased with the pigmentation of this palette as I couldn't test it before I bought it - and bear in mind I only did this look over UDPP, and not over a creamy base. I'm probably going to nip back and get the monochrome palette at some point.

Also bought some Rimmel kohl pencils including this beautiful shade 'Loveable Lilac, which is slightly metallic and so pretty.

I also bought a Benefit 10 'dupe' from Primark, which I will do a review on soon. Its nothing like the Benefit colour wise, but the pigmentation and texture is pretty darn good - and its £2.50 for 10g at Primark while Benefit charge £22.50 for the same :| Comparison swatches soon?

So thats all for now. I'm on a make-up ban for probably a long time now. Well... we'll see :D

Robyn xxx


  1. I love bargain beauty finds!
    check the beauty aisle in your local Poundland, they always have some gems =p x

  2. I find Rimmel stuff in my pound shops quite a lot. I also forgot to put the awesome Rimmel pencils I got at my local beauty supply for like 90p each or something - I got a lilac, forest green and an electric blue. I love being a cheapskate!

  3. The Caramel lipstick is stunning! Where did you get the LA Colours palette? Amazing pigmentation for £2!

  4. I need Rosebud like yesterday!

  5. Nice cheap finds! The Rose Bud lipstick is awesome and I love the eye make up you did, so cute! x

  6. Def want to see a swatch of that liner! And with the Primark makeup, you're making my last haul from the UK list longer... and longer... XD

  7. Those lippies are so pretty on you! That first one is such a cool metallic shade, hard to pull off but it looks great :) I love LA Colors palettes <3

  8. Awesome post! I love inexpensive but awesooome makeup! I love the lippies!! They're wonderful!

  9. @Kat: I got them in a shop in Ealing, I can pick some up for you if you'd like.

    Will swatch the rest soon :)


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