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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Late Night Double Feature

Rocky Horror make-up for you guys today. I loooove the movie. Tim Curry in suspenders. 'Nuff said. If you haven't seen this movie or the show... Well, while a musical about transsexual aliens isn't perhaps to everyones taste, I still wish to have a stern word with you :P I did Columbia, who shacks up with dead Meatloaf and tapdances the shit out of everyone else, as you do.

Anyway, mainly showing you this because its the first time I tried to cover my brows. Didn't get the ends of them so well, but I don't actually own concealer so I think I did a good job! Not astonishing or even good make-up, but hey, its fun!

Whats your favourite musical?

Robyn x


  1. well done!! Love the pink brows ;)

  2. I love Rocky Horror, and Columbia. I dress up as her every time. I might have some pics somewhere... Hmmm. I think you did a good job with the eyebrows! And with Columbia in general :)

  3. This is crazy! I love it. Rocky Horror is one of those films I keep meaning to watch and then never getting round to.

    Just to say, I can't find your email address on your site, or on your profile and my browser won't let me email you! Please could you post on my giveaway with your email so I can make sure to let you know if you win! Cheers!

  4. Can you believe I have never seen the Rocky Horror picture show....I need to solve that problem ! You did a pretty amazing job with hiding your eyebrows !

    Caro xxx

  5. OOO I'm digging those Ruby red lips. You're a rockstar!

  6. Columbia, yay! This is really cool, it totally looks like her 8) I'm not a musical person, but obviously I like RHPS (who doesn't?). I LOVE Fred & Ginger musicals from the 30s, I watch them all the time. No one dances like that anymore.

  7. Awesome Columbia! I LOVE Rocky Horror--although I haven't gone since I was in high school :)

    I love favorites being Little Shop of Horrors and Mammamia.

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  9. Awesome! You did very good job :) What products did you use to cover your eyebrows?

    To be honest, I've only seen two musicals.. Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of them, and I like it! But my favourite is Taboo :) x


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