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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Whats that coming over the hill...?

Is it a Monster? Is it a Monsterrrr?

So I chose Monster energy drink as my soda for Make Up Geeks weekly challenge which is obviously to create a soda inspired look. If you haven't seen it, go and check it out, there's some great creative looks and some awesome colour combos.

And there it is in all its green-y goodness. I love Monster. I don't normally drink energy drinks and not even that much pop, to be honest, but I do love this energy drink. I drank a lot of it because they were giving tons of it away on the snowboarding resort I lived on for a while and it just reminds me of good times.


120 palette -lid, crease, outer V
Nyx Jade - inner outer V (:S)
Nyx Frosted Flakes - inner corner and brow highlight
Kryolan aqua colors in Black and White (liner)
Rhinestones from eBay
Cheap lashes from local beauty supply


MUA Blusher - apples of the cheeks
Sleek Contour palette - under cheekbones
Nyx Mosaic Powder - cheekbones
Revlon Colorstay in Buff


Nyx Round Lipstick in Narcissus
Nyx Round Lipstick in Louisiana (inner lips)
MUA lipgloss in shade 5 (centre of lips)

I got a parcel from Lipglossiping's blog sale this morning containing the Kryolan aqua colors I used for this look and I am in love with them already. Its nice to have some more versatile products in my kit - especially as these are going to last me for a long, long time! Charlotte is also a total doll and sent me a Kryolan supra colour for free which I was totally stoked for - I just need to work out how to use it! Either way, a very happy bunny here.

Ok... One last thing. Fast approaching 40 followers (squee) so a little thankyou giveaway is extremely imminent. However... I don't know how to go about it. What would you ask people to do or write to make it a bit more fun and different and get people interested?

Love and kisses xxx


  1. it looks great! i like it a lot :D

  2. Amazing job!
    I want to enter this one but I posted a poll on my Facebook asking people to vote on what soda I should base it on... and so far, I've got a vote for all 5 -_-.

    BTW, I replied to your post on my blog, but then realized you probably wouldn't notice :3

  3. Thanks Mandy - I wasn't sure how the liner was going to go but it was pretty easy to do, actually!

    I did go and check on your post! Also, what sodas did you pick?

  4. Holy crap I am so in love with this it's ridiculous <3

  5. Aww, thanks hon :D I liked it too, I wish I left it on :(

  6. Ooooh think I might do this challenge later. I don't know which pop to do it on... I don't really drink pop, either.

    I love your look, I think you got the liner spot on.

    Congrats on 40 followers :D

  7. this looks wicked awesome! I love the color combo! it really makes your blue eyes pop!

  8. wow,your so talented,love your style!

  9. Ahaha this look is sooo cool! You are really creative and talented.

  10. Totally didn't see your question about which sodas... here's the list:
    Dr. Pepper (burgundy, white, red)
    Moxie (orange and navy blue)
    A&W Cream Soda (foiled gold, blue, red)
    Crush Strawberry (Dark pink, white, purple)
    Jones Blue Soda (baby blue, white, black)

    Literally each has gotten 1 vote, lol.

  11. I like the effect of the liner a lot, you're so creative...Love the lips too and hoHo I have those 2 colors : I will try the combo ! Good luck with the challenge ...
    PS : I have a slight obsession with Charlotte's blog too...

    Caro xxx

  12. LOVE This! I just did a look based off this too.

  13. @Cydonian - A&W!

    @Froggie - oooh, is it on MUG?

    @MUA - She is just too lovely!

  14. Just discovered your blog and this beautifull makeup :)
    Such original, love it!


  15. I've just spent ages reading all your blog you are really creative i love some of the looks xx
    (new follower)

  16. You are so talented, just found your blog & I'm glad I did! =)

  17. Hi new ladies! Thanks so much for following :D

  18. This is awesome!!!!!!!!!
    thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog, just started following you, very impressed! your a very talented lady xxx

  19. Great job!! :D Just found your blog and I really like it.. following now :) x

  20. This looks just amazing! Such creative!!

  21. Wow! That's fucking great! I love the liner and be sure that it'll be part of another fun look of mine. :-) Thanks for subscribing and taking part in my giveaway, by the way.I can't believe that Chaos isn't available at Superdrug anymore. Strange thing... But I also love the Sleek palettes. I haven't seen anything comparable in Germany yet. :-(

  22. I adore this look! Saw it in the MUG challenge and this far you're definitely my fave to win the whole thing :)


  23. Aw, thanks Duvessa! :D

    @mylanqolia - Yea, I've heard its still in the line but nowhere I've seen carries it! And the worst thing is, is I used to own it and I THREW IT AWAY


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