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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

More Evil Shades and massive pink lashes...

Oh! Before I begin you've got until midnight tonight (I'd say UK time but... well, till I get up tomorrow) to enter my GIVEAWAY!

Anywoo... In love with my Evil Shades still. I did a kick ass look with Gift, River, Devil's Bonfire and Suffocation yesterday, but did I take a photo? No. That would be sensible. I've been a bit crap with that at the moment, but I'm really not feeling my skillz this week or so.

So... more swatches.

I love Necropolis, its so beautiful irl - dark brown base with tons and tons of copepry shimmer in it. Inferno is a bad ass hot pink with gold/silver sparkles - I find that finding pinks that I like with good payoff is really difficult, especially brighter shades. Souls Torment is AMAZING. It reminds me of Barry M's Oyster grey, but a bit more purple, with loads of blue sparkles. Double Barrel is, as the name suggests, a gun-metal colour, and I see rainbow sparkles in it. Glooming is yet again a deep, true black, with deep blue sparkles in - I didn't swatch this over a sticky base so the glitter didn't show up, but trust me, its crammed in there!

Anyway - here's a simple look with Seraphic all over the lid with a little bit of Zombie blended in the outer crease and on the lower lashline. The copper colour in the crease is er... something else?

I'm really loving Seraphic - it bring out my eye colour really nicely. The next look has Wistful all over the lid, Suffocation in the crease, Reondite in the inner corner and I think a bit of Nola in the outer V and I wore this with the Guilty as Sin Wicked Gloss. Excuse the unblended highlight :S

Anyway, sure you all get it by now: I love Evil Shades, go buy some. Now I want to yabber on about my Fardel UV pink make-up.

Fardel liquid make-up is just what it says it is, and it can be used for air-brushing or painting straight on the face. It was five quid for 30ml, which will last me forever. I picked up a UV pink one and had a little play:

How amazing is that pink? I am such a whore for pink eyebrows, and I don't know why because I don't want pink hair.... hmm. Anyway, I'm definitely going to get some more of these Fardel paints, I think they'd be great for detail work. The lashes are from, who I totally recommend if you're in the UK. They were 99p! If you'd have bought these from Stargazer or similar, they'd have cost about £7! I'd really, really recommend them, they dispatched my order the same day I placed it! Most lashes are just £2.50 as well! Anyway, thanks to the lovely Jonna of nukleopatra who gave me the inspiration for this look- your Jeffree Star look made me want to play with some pink!

See you soon! x


  1. I looove this blog :] great pink look and your hair colour is gorgeous! xx

  2. The second make up look is very pretty!

    And the last one... WOW!! Gorgeous! Love the colours and pink eyebrows, and the lashes... ♥__♥ LOVE IT! :)

  3. The last look is true make up art (perfect for a photo shoot)!!! Thanks for being that creative.

  4. Oh maaaaan! That pink look is HOTTTT holy cow. Great job!!

  5. HOLY COW!! That last look is AWESOME! The first one is pretty - neutral but pretty.

  6. Thanks girls! It was a really quick look - the lashes carry it for sure :D

  7. Oh wow! I love the huge pink eyelashes so much! You look like the pink version of the Red Queen. Don't be ashamed of being a whore for pink eyeshadow it looks amazing on you!

  8. omg the second look is super super prettyy!! love it :D and the last one is just WOW! you should definately rock pink hair!! those lashes are just insanely gorgeous hahaha

  9. The second look is so pretty, but goddaaaamn, that last look is AWESOME. I want some of that makeup now.

  10. Oh somehow I had somehow accidentally ignored the part where you mentioned me... Thank you!! It really makes me happy to hear I inspired you to do that stunning look!! :D x

  11. STOP BEING SO CREATIVE :P actually no, please don't! I love how girly and soft the first look is, and well, the last look = EPIC


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