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Friday, 30 April 2010

Album Cover Inspired Make-up: Days 2, 3 & 4

So this is the album from day 2. I absolutley adore Manic Street Preachers. I think they're a severely underrated and an excellent, excellent live band. This album is one of those ones full of unreleased stuff, B-sides, etc, but it actually has some of my favourite Manics tunes on it. Anyway, I had a very bad day this day, and had to do this album cover very quickly, and it came out, well, shit. I wanted to do really big leopard spots, but this is the crappy look I came up with with the ten minutes I had:

Its not the worst, its just not what I had in mind. Its not even a good everyday look, though I did like my liner. I'm going to redo it.

This album is 'In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3' by Coheed and Cambria who are another one of my favourite, favourite, bands ever. They are very geeky, epic, and pretentious, and I just looove them. I wasn't going to do this for this mini project because its quite a boring cover, but I wanted a little bit of a challenge and I couldn't not include Coheed and Cambria in some way.

Overall, I liked this look. I'm struggling with dark looks at the moment, and the tiny pop of copper I thought looked really good.

DON'T JUDGE ME! I effing love Meatloaf. If you're not judging me for liking them, then you're probably judging me for doing Bat out of Hell II, not the first one, but I liked this cover better, and I always remember my Dad listening to this album. Anyway, I wanted a brown and gold with dark blue cut crease look. This cover called for something bold. I didn't choose the right colours really, the blues are all wrong, and the rust colour I used didn't show up in the pics, but hey, I love the look anyway.

Look at my shitty skin. Can anyone recommend a good UK drugstore concealer I can use under my eyes?! And a wrinkle cream?!

I wish I didn't have to do all these looks on days where I have to go out or go to work, so they didn't have to be LOTD too, but hey, its been fun, and I think I should post even where I screw up or its not right. Guns N' Roses look tomorrow :)

Love and musical kisses,

Robyn x

P.S... I finally decided I'm going to go to make-up school. I can't afford it for at least a year, but I am going to go. I'm looking at courses and going on open days anyway!


  1. This is a really cool idea for posts!

  2. Thanks Rebecca! The looks were better in my head, I think...

  3. I never tried cheetah prints on my eyes (Writes in book of EOTD to try) and your hair is perfetc for the meatloaf album recreation ! Don't judge me but I bought Adam Lambert album, and I drool over this guy make up ....I'll do a post on that probably, thanks for the inspiration !

    Caro xxx

  4. I love Adam Lamberts makeup too!


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