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Friday, 23 April 2010

Nails, Nails, Nails!

Sorry for spamming you guys with two posts today, but I have a lot of pics I wanted to show you and I thought it was best to do one with looks, and one with manicures.

So first up, my 'Grapefruit' mani! This is what I'm wearing at the moment and I just love it!

I marbled Barry M's Yellow and Shocking Pink with La Colours Shock over a white base. I also used some of my new Fimo sticks. If you look closely, there's little grapfruits on my middle fingers, and there are more and some oranges on my thumbs too. I didn't have time to do them on all my fingers, as obviously I decided to do a marble look when I had to leave for work! I always decide to do something ambitious when I am in a rush.

Another fimo mani. This was the first one I did, and I just put a little butterfly on each thumb. The green is Barry M again and I added the silver leopard spots just to give it a little something extra. I'm really liking these little fimo sticks, although I don't have a craft knife at the moment, so they're hard to cut smoothly and thinly. But if you use nail glue, they last really well. I had my butterfly guys on there for three days, and they stuck fast through work and washing up, etc, and only came off because I kept nibbling at them, which I know is very naughty of me.

Sorry for the crappy quality of this and the next two, they're pictures off my phone. This was really simple to do and one of my favourite manis ever. I just sponged pink over a base, white over the pink and used nail art pens to draw the trees and flowers. Probably Barry M polishes again.

Again, this was super easy and looks great on shirt nails. Just a blue base, then sponge a little grey and then a lot of white for the clouds, and then I added a bit of silver glitter too. You can't see, but I drew the little 'v' shapes for birds flying in the distance on my thumbs.

Slimy! I had a psychobilly vision of writing out 'Zombie Girl' across my nails and I'm glad I didn't. Fast dry polishes were not made for nail art. Anyway, this was pretty simple too, and would look cool for Hallowe'en, especially if you swapped the green for red! The two greens are Collection 2000 Hot Looks polishes

Yay or nay on posting my manis?

Love n' that,

Robyn xxx


  1. Cute!!!:D 2nd one is my fave.:D

    Happy Friday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Yay! yay! for mani posts (jumping crazily in the background, hands held high !)

    The 1st one is just stunning ! I look at my poor nails cut really short and just painted in Revlon Plum attraction and I feel sad for them...But I must be nice and try each nail varnish I own to see the ones I am not allergic to...

    Tomorrow if no allergic reaction, I'll Konad my Revlon with a pink varnish from Konad...Wait and see !

    Caro xxx

  3. Aaaw, thanks guys!

    It sucks about your allergies, Caro. Is there no way an uber base coat would stop them, or are you allergic to those to? And plz post, I love Konad! Thinking of getting some soon :)

  4. OMG I love these nails! They are so creative and very pro looking. :] Nice work!


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