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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Polish and Lippie haul

Inspired by a massive tub of change and my new nail brushes, I went for a little peruse in Superdrug today as well as some beauty supply shops. I managed to buy a lot of nail polish for like, no money whatsoever today. I picked up some LA Colours Color Craze polishes for £1.99 each a while back, and I popped back to get a couple more today.

The blue and pink were the ones I had before. The blue is called Radiation and I'm wearing it my my Avatar post. The pink is like, a sheer topcoat type of polish, with a blue duotone, and its called Cotton Candy. I like wearing it over Barry M's Shocking Pink. Anyway, the nude I got is Megawatt and has nice subtle pinky reflects in, the black is called Circuits, and the craaaaaazy gorgeous yellow-orange is called Shock. I haven't used them because I got them today but if they're anything like the ones I already had they are sooo worth the cash and I'll definetley be getting more soon.

These mini Hot Looks are by Collection 2000 and are currently on two for £3. I had the two greens already, and they're lovely opaque creme colours so these are a bargain. I also bought a pale lilac which is really pretty, so, you know, obviously I didn't take a picture of that one.

I bought one of the new Barry M nail paints in 'Strawberry Ice Cream' which I cannot wait to try. They also have a pale blue, lilac and yellow.

I bought a deep purple NYC nail polish too, the glitter I had already. I bought the purple to go under the glitter, which is blue, silver and lilac, with blue and lilac hexagonal glitter in. Its gorgeous. These are also on two for £3!

And for lippies, I bought NYC in Snowcone:

Isn't it pretty? I bought it because I don't own any pink lipsticks, and I wanted a pale one but I didn't want to spend any money because I know it will just sit in my makeup bag. Also I had NYC Blue Rose already, and I think its gorgeous.

Its a deep blue-ish raspberry and I think its wonderful. These lippies are pretty nice for the price, fairly creamy and not drying at all, the pigmentation is decent and Blue Rose wears pretty well. The only thing I dont like is that the lids pop off. Oh, and the lipsticks have an odd shape. Most are pointed, and these are kind of flat, which I don't like as I always apply my lipstick from the tube.

I also bought the Sleek Contouring pallete in Light, which has been sold out for ages in all my local Superdrugs but I saw it today. I'll review it soon, I haven't played with it yet. I also bought a Sleek lipstick in black! If you can find a beauty supply shop that sells Sleek, they seem to have a LOT more lipsticks there.

Thats all for now. My Lady Gaga look did not come out so well. Maybe I'll post it here, maybe I won't but its up on MUG anway.

Love and kisses,

Robyn x

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