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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mini Blog Project: Album Cover Inspired Make-up

I thought I would do a mini little project, and every day for the next week, I'm going to post a look that I've done based on the cover art for one of my favourite albums. I've decided to do this for two reasons: The lovely RaeRae asked in her post the other day whether people wanted to see more 'alt' beauty, i.e., tattoos and piercings and things. Now, I was brought up by bikers and hippies, so obviously I looooove tattoos and piercings but I don't have enough to even nearly warrant that kind of alternative beauty post. The second reason is that I'm finding blogging really rewarding and have 'met' some amazing girls, and I think its fabulous we all have something so expressive - make-up - in common with each other, and that it's a great platform for getting to know each other.

So, I thought that doing make-up inspired by my favourite music might tell you all a little bit more about myself personally as well as my style, and that it would be something fun and creative for me to do. Also, if people want to try this idea themselves, they can. I'm going to pick albums I both love and love the cover art to. But be warned, my taste in music is horrific :D

Day 1: 'Razorblade Romance' by HIM

If you've heard this album, you will know it is cheesetastic. However, I love HIM, and I love them even more because they're that little bit cheesy and ridiculous. This is my favourite HIM album by faaaar, and I love the gorgeous pinks on the cover (as well as the gorgeous Ville ;)

So I thought this called for a soft yet bright, graduated pink look, so I used matte pinks from my 120 palette. I used heavy liner on the bottom of my eyes because that would be what I did when I first listened to this album, except I blended it out with pink. I used only contour and highlight, no blush, to echo Villes lovely cheekbones, and added a little balm and nude lipstick. If I were going out, I would have added falsies, a lot more contour and done a glossy orange lip like Villes in the 'Join Me in Death Video.' As always, the pics don't show my vibrant this is and my highlight and colour by my lashes is utterly washed out :|

What do you think? Its very hard to do a graduated look starting from the lashline up. I could have done better, but I love the pink and I was in a bit of a rush as I was taking my friend from New Zealand round Camden for the first time today! (She loved it!)

And as this was partly inspired by RaeRae talking about tattoos, here is my pair.

I modified a Tokidoki bird to make him look happy. 'Bluebird' is a snowboarding/skiing term for a bright sunny day with lots of fresh snow, and I got it in Vancouver to remind me of the lovely year I spent there. We had lots of bluebird days :)

The script says 'Blood and wounds,' and it my totally badass family motto. I drew the rose myself and hope to add at least three more in the near future. This was my first tattoo and its completion is taking too long. I'm just too poor at the momemt.

Hope this wasn't too long a post and that you like this idea :) Please do it yourself if you do because I'd love to get to know everyone better. If you're not really into music, then do something inspired by your favourite books, films, poetry, artists, whatever!

Love and happier-than-last-time kisses,

Robyn xxx


  1. Oh yay! Music makeup! I think you did the album cover well :D

    I only have like 3 tattoos but I do have quite a few piercings and my mum is covered in tattoos that I've always helped her take care of so I hope I'll have some useful things to say!

  2. I'm really looking forward to reading them. Make-up, tattoos, piercings... its all in the same ballpark! My dad is covered in tattoos too, which was a nice thing when I was getting my first one done!

  3. I absolutely adore HIM!! This is my favorite band ever!

    Love the look! Love your tattoos :)

  4. I really like the HIM look you did a while ago! And thankyou :)

  5. I don't know HIM...gonna google him ...I don't have tatoos, I am too conventional a chick , I guess ! My friend got one just near the ankle and it's so pretty ...Your rose is so beautiful and I like that there is something behind the ink, not just a random chinese sign because it's pretty ...

    Caro xxx

  6. I think you can get things if they are pretty, but you should have the balls to say you like it because its pretty, and not say 'oh, yeah, it like, represents, like, life and stuff...' :|


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