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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Pin-up of The Week: Shirley Manson

Every week, I'm going to feature a gorgeous and talented chick who I find inspiring both as a person, and as a beauty icon. First up is Shirley Manson, lead singer of Scottish rock band Garbage:

Oooh, isn't she just gorgeous?! I love the slamming combo of red hair, red lips, and dark, smudgy eyes she often wears and desperatley want her hair from the first picture! She rocks this look so well. I literally could have posted pictures of her all day, I think she is totally stunning and she is one of the reasons I have red hair myself. Manson has always been a bit of a stylish chick - she used to pinch hair product samples from Miss Selfridge, where she worked, to style local bands hair - and as such, always look fantastic.

Anyway, enough of her face :D If you haven't heard anything by Garbage, prepare for me to be shocked and appalled. YouTube them. Now. A new Garbage album is rumoured, which I would be really, really stoked for. Shirleys solo album has been postponed, which makes me sad as I'd love to hear what she comes up with alone. From what I can gather, her 'people' deemed it too 'noir', which is total pap in my opinion as fans of Shirley know she can be extremley dark and ballsy. She's stated she doesn't want to make 'silly pop music,' and I totally love her for that.

Despite rocking out and being sex on legs, she's a humanitarian as well, working for PETA, the MAC AIDS fund (Vivaglam IV? I could be wrong) and the Pablove Foundation, a children's cancer charity, among others.

I love you Shirley, please make more music soon!

Who inspires you?

Love and kisses,

Robyn xxx


  1. I love Shirley Manson. She's so gorgeous. And I love her 'don't give a shit' attitude. Hmmm maybe Shirley inspired makeup next time I go out a-drinking...

  2. I found an amazing look she did with really dirty, smudgy eyeliner leopard brow bone:


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