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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Pin-up of The Week and other Sexy Ladies

So today I'm going to be paying tribute to Annie Lennox, most famous for being the singer from pop duo Eurythimics. My mum always listened to Eurythmics when I was little and the first record that I ever owned was Eurythmics 'I Need A Man,' which I think is still knocking about my parents house somewhere.

That's the cover for it. You can see why she is one of the first women I thought was beautiful huh? I think she is why androgynous looks appeals to me so much, because I liked her before I even understood the concept. Some more of her own special brand of pretty from Google images:

Sigh. What is not to love about this woman? Naturally gorgeous, she mixing androgyny, full on drag queen-esque glamour and touches of punk and fetish to create her own unique style. Whenever I see this photo of Lady Gaga, I immediatley think of the last picture of Annie Lennox there. The mask, the bare skin, Gagas blazer echoing Annies famous masculine style. Sure its purely coincidental. Again, this is a terrible thing to say, but Annie is.... *googlegooglegoogle*... like fifty six now and still looks bloody gorgeous. Dayum.

Annie is a massive gay icon, and a huge activist for AIDS charities. She has an amazing back collection of records and has won laods of major awards including BAFTAS and Grammies. If you've never heard her, please watch There Must Be An Angel. Her voive is beautiful and the video is a great example of her love of theatrics. If you have a spare half hour, watch some more of both her solo and Eurythmics vids.

So thats enough about the lovely, lovely, lovely Ms. Lennox and onto some sexy non famous ladies. The ever-adorable Jhoy was lovely enough to bestow upon me this blog award...

...and it made me feel warm and fuzzy as I saw it when I was grumpy and had just woken up. Thanks Jhoy! I don't know what these blog awards are , but they seem to be a spreading the love kinds of thing, and I can deal with that! She tagged four ladies, so I'm going to do the same.

*Caro, aka MUA. (I always think of her as Anabelle because she loves that brand and I don't pay attention, tee hee.) She is so classically beautiful, and posts lots of gorgeous LOTD and nail swatches. Do not go to her blog if you want eyelash envy, however ;)

*RaeRae at Red Lipstick and Black Liner I want to take this chick out for a pint. She always looks so funky and pretty, just the kind of style I love, and she writes lovely, full reviews of products too..

*Alex at Makeup by OE. Sigh, Alex's looks are so beautiful, with a lovely rock-chick edge that make me super envious. Go and check them out, I'll be doing a response to one of her looks, maybe tomorrow if I get up early enough.

*Sabrina, aka DreamingCrush41. Her looks are soooo fun and cute! Check out her looks for the Make Up Geek challenges. Wouldn't you love to get ready for a night out with this cute chickie? I just imagine she would tell us all the add more glitter and lashes.

Stay Beautiful, ladies!

Love and Kisses,

Robyn xxx


  1. I like Annie too and congrats on your award.:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. That's so funny, I love Garbage, I adore Annie Lennox ( Oh my god, I may be old enough to be your mother, moment of silence, mourning in progress !) I am a red head in the hair of a brunette, I guess ...
    And even more funny (or funnier, gosh I should have worked more when english class was taught ...), You find me classically beautiful. Mouhahaha(big hysterical laugh), you're too sweet to be true : I consider myself a big fat soccer mum and you SO made my night !

    Caro-crazy undone hair-no make up today-jeans and old T shirt xxx

  3. Take a bloody compliment, Caro :P

  4. Thank you so much! Maybe one day I will accept that pint ;)


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