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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Barry M Dazzle Dust: Reviews and Swatches

So basically for archiving purposes I've swatched all of my Barry M Dazzle Dusts. I always think that I have more than I do, but I have 20 so I guess thats a fair few. Anyway, no primer, all applied dry, no flash.

My two lonley purple shades. Barry M doesn't really have a lot of purples, or rather, they don't have PURPLE. (Wow, type purple enough and it does not look like a word.) Anyway this is 99 Pearly Mauve and 59 Lilac.

Sorry this is a little blurry. We have 20 Baby Blue (which is a lot more baby blue in real life) no 15 Aqua, 23 Midnight and 929 Storm Cloud, which was part of a set. I love the Aqua colour but it can show up a little sheer, so it needs to be applied wet or with a base.

For greens we have 927 Apple Green, (which came with Storm Cloud) 72 Emerald, and no 95 parrot green. Again, sorry for the crappiness of these. Emerald is a lot deeper and Apple Green a lot brighter.

Here is no 76 Yellow, 77 Orange, 44 Bronze and 88 Winter Berry. Here we have one of my faves, and one of my my hates. I HATE YOU, YELLOW DAZZLE DUST. You are shit. Well, not shit, you are pale yellow with silver glitter in, not yellow, and you foil horribly. Winter Berry, however, you are gorgeous and everyone should rush out to buy you.

Limited Edition no 1 in... er, well its neon pink (I promise you it is a lot more neon that shows here), 58 Candy, number I-can't-read-it Candy Floss (part of a set, I don't have the others from this set and I don't know why) and no 84 Cherry Red. Now, just as a heads up, 84 IS a cherry red. It is NOT a true red.

No 99 is black, and unlike the rest of the dazzle dusts, it is matte. (Actually, I think there is one more matte, Block Blue.) This is BLACK, y'all. I barely touch this, you don't need much at all. Then we have no 24 Old GOld, and the last two are the same colour, no 98 Petrol Black. The one on the right is applied wet. WOWEEE, I LOVE this colour, its my favourite eyeshadow ever ever ever. I use it wet as liner all the time.

I hope this shows it better. Its very hard to describe... I guess its black with purple and blue it in :| Anyway, I love it and I know I'm not alone.

Anyway.... so what are they like? Well, I wear these bad boys aaaall the time. So I like them. There is some variation across the range, but theres about 100 colours, so what do you expect? Mostly, they are all excellently pigmented, which for loose pigments is really something you want, no? As I mentioned before, bar two, they all have some variation of shimmer. Some have more of a glitter in over a matte base, such as the yellow, some are shimmery with glitter, such as the Old Gold I showed you, some are a more subtle shimmer throughout, etc.

One bad thing is: They don't have a sifter. I HATED sifters until about three weeks ago when I threw my Neon Pink all over my carpet. Which brings me to another negative: Some of these bad boys stain. The Neon Pink and orange for sure stain my lids and the Neon Pink has stained my carpet too. If you do spill these, don't be a dumbass like me, hoover them up, don't try to wipe them up with a damp cloth or sponge :|

But, I chucked this over the floor and I've used it at least... twenty times before I did that, and see how much I have left? You hardly make a dent in these, I swear. A little goes a long way.


-Huge range of colours, including neutrals, neons, and metallics
-Price is good at £4.50, and they are almost always on offer - they're £3.95 in Superdrug or three for two at Boots currently
-You get a good amount of product
-Fantastic pigmentation
-All the pros of loose pigments, such as you can use them for hair/eyes/nails/body apply here


-No sifter
-Some colours stain
-Range is a *little* inconsistent
-Glass jars can make the darker products look dull, so they can be hard to find in your makeup bag
-THEY DONT HAVE NAMES ON THEM! They only have the number, so if you can't remember them, like me, they can be hard to find.
-Some colours are on the website and not in store, and vice-versa.

Would I repurchase?

-Yes, yes, yes. There is a gorgeous Oyster Grey I have my eye on, as well as the Green Gold.

Thats all for now. Hope it was helpful to someone! I'm thinking I might make some cakes today!

Love and kisses,

Robyn xxx


  1. Oyster Grey is freaking gorgeous, YOU MUST OWN IT.

    Also you did a bad thing by letting me know they're on offer in Superdrug at the moment... A baaad thing.

  2. To be fair they are only 50p cheaper :D I know I must get oyster grey, but I keep buying something else and I have a Gosh one that is similar.... ehhh, payday soon :D

  3. Oh great swatches! :) I love Barry M Dazzle Dusts, they're very nice, but I wish they had shifters and names on them!

    Btw new follower here :) Would you mind checking out my blog too? :)



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