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Friday, 16 April 2010

I hate the Postman (and LOTD :D )

Pic heavy post today, kids.

Lets do my LOTD first. Its inspired by Petrilude's Played Out Pink tutorial but I toned it down a little bit. Before I show you, don't you fucking love Petrilude? He's so creative, I'd love to see his drag act! Anyway, onto my face:

Bonus bespectacled shot! My cardi is an old one from H&M with little cats on. They have wierd faces :)

I used Barry M's Apple Green Dazzle dust on the lid, Barry M's Limited Edition Neon Pink in the crease with Cotton Candy to blend it out in the inner corner, and the purple from the Sleek Original Palette applied wet for the line in the crease. I blended it out with the highlighter from the Sleek Contour kit, which I am LOVING by the way. I've also used that on my face, with a bright pink eyeshadow from the 120 palette for blush. I also used Collection 2000 Glam Crytals glitter eyeliner in.... uh, the green one and Barry M gold glitter liner. (They're a bit shit, buy the Collection 2000 ones for sure.) They have great blush colours in there but it is VERY HARD to apply blush using a 5 pence sized pot of product. But whatever. I didn't have the right colours as the lovely Josh and obviously I added glitter, but I think its nice and summery. I wish I blended the purple out more though.

Don't you hate the postman sometimes? I went to pick up a parcel today that didn't need to be signed for and that I know fits through my letterbox because I posted it through myself when I got back. What a bastard. Anyway I bought a whole bunch of fimo sticks to use for nail art and they are soooo cute!

I got 100 sticks for about £5 including shipping off eBay. I can't remember the seller, but it was some generic we-sell-everything store in Hong Kong. Anyway, they said they'd all be different with no dupes AND THEY LIED. I got 101 (yes, I did count them all :|) and I have two of a Hallowe'en witch and three wierd kiwi fruit things. Doesn't bother me as I'm not going to use them all but still. Lies hurt. Anyway, you get loads of different stuff:

Stars, melons, roses, hibiscus flowers, teddies, bows, ladybirds, butterflies, fish, fake Chanel thingy (which, shoot me, I actually think is adorable :S )...

... a cute little frog, yin yang symbol, Santa, candy-corn thingies...

...creepy face, strawberries, easter egg, and OMG PANDA. How cute it thaaaaat?! I'm thinking bamboo painted on the nails over a jade nail, with just a couple of these little guys!

Anyway, I just wanted to show these to you guys because they're super cute, and the pics on eBay are a little misleading, I think. I thought they'd be a lot bigger than they are, circumference wise. But you know, smaller is better seeing as they're going on your bloody nails! (I am a bit thick sometimes.) They're about 5cm long, and you'll have to slice them thin with a razor or craft knife, so they'll last ages if you do that properly. I'll do something with them soon but I'm giving my nails a break from coloured polishes as they're yellow as Homer Simpsons butt right now, and also I'm working on Super Mario false nails too.

Bought anything cute lately?

Love and Kisses,
Robyn xxx


  1. My postman does the same thing...The worst : sometimes, I am at home and he won't bother ringing the seems that filling the paper for me to pick my parcel at the post office is easier than pushing the ding dong button ....End of the postal rant !
    What are those things for nail art ?? Nevere heard about that ....Can you do a mani to show it once the Simpson-nails have whitened ???

    Caro ;-)))

  2. I hate the post office. I also hate that our depot is waaaaaaay out of town so I have to send my stuff to the local post office which costs £1.50 these days. YES. ONE POUND AND FIFTY PENCE! Grrrrr.

    Anywho, the nail things are super cute, I am tempted to buy some, but the craft knives are at home so I couldn't slice them thin enough.

    I see what you mean about the purple but I wouldn't stress too much... You look springy and gorgeous. Also nice glasses shot ;)

  3. I will do a mani. They're like little baked clay sticks... er, Fimo! So they're like little 3d bits.

    ....£1.50? Screw that,


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