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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Barry M Lip Paints

So for those of you who don't know (and where the hell have you been?! Leave the house once in a while!) Barry M is a UK brand who call themselves the "most colourful name in cosmetics." I'm in love with thier Dazzle Dusts, the loose pigments, but recentley I've bought a few of thier Lip Paints. I remember having the black colour back in my (bad) goth days, and a black Dazzle Dust. Needless to say I couldn't apply make-up to save my life back then - so much so that my DAD would adjust it for me before I left the house!

Anyway, Barry M has about thirty colours of lipsticks, or Lip Paints as they call them, though sadly most of them are not available in shops. Barry M is carried in Boots and Superdrug and normally they have around 10-15 shades, ranging from oranges, pinks, nudes and reds. I got all these in Superdrug for £4.25 each, but Boots nearly always has Barry M on three for two. Barry M ships worldwide, but the shipping is pretty expensive at £8.00 for countries outside Europe.

So anywhoo, here are the colours I have...

-No. 117 Orange: This colour is a bright orange/tangerine colour. I bought it for St. Patricks day where I paired it with green eyebrows and am trying to be brave enough to wear it out on a normal day!

Thats the website photo, and here it is on my lips:

I totally recommend a balm under this lipstick. As you can tell from the lovely skin flakes on my lips, its not the best for lips that are feeling a bit sorry for themselves. The forumla of this one is slightly dry, but as I hope you can tell, its pretty pigmented so I will forgive it. It takes a few swoops to become opaque, and it stains a teeny, tiny bit. But its orange, guys! I think it looks pretty fab. Also, I don't have it, but Barry M make a lip gloss in this colour, which would be fab on top or great for those who want to do orange but aren't this brave. I shall be purchasing it on pay day, it's amazing. :)

-No 136 Golden Bronze: This is a bronzed nude with what I think is a slight golden- rose undertone to it.

Nice, huh? This is a good nude for me. As its slightly metallic with that bronzey-rose undertone, its not too cool. The second photo is paired with Barry M lipgloss (ha, I totally typde lip glodd) in No. 2, which has a yummy chocolate scent, fyi. I have no problems with the application of this colour whatsoever, it is much creamier than the orange shade.

-No 129 Palest Lavender: A pale lavender! Shocking! You may have noticed that the colours on the Barry M website are not really representative. This one looks like its a pink shade:

But it ain't:

Waaaa :( I really, really wanted to love this colour. I had so many smokey purple eye looks in my brain ready for this. But it so hard to work with, and out of the five colours I have, its definitely the worst forumla. Its really sheer, hard to layer up, and as you can see, it goes on all streaky. Still, its only £4.25 and so its much cheaper than other lippies I know this has been comapared with, such as Mac Lilac Whip and Lime Crime Airbourne Unicorn. I *can* get this to look nice with a lot of patience and blotting, but not truly opaque. Serves me right for buying stupid lipstick shades because Lady Gaga wore one.

-No 141 Royal Raspberry. I LOVE this colour, and my boyfriend really likes it as well, so this has become my go-to 'sexy' lippy.

In reality, this is more of a berry colour, its a little darker than shows here, and a more definite blue undertone. It lasts pretty well on me, and reds usually don't for some reason. I think it's totally gorgeous, and because it has that metallic look to it, its really nice for giving a slightly modern twist on the classic 50's pin up look.

-Touch of Magic Lip Paint:

'TIS GREEN! Ha, its not really green, although they do carry a green lipstick. Its a balmy lipstick that turns a different shade of pink according to the alkali levels on your lips. Now, I'm always sceptical of this sort of claim - I think the alkali thing is a big load of bollocks, and that balmy, sheer colours will turn a different colour because people... wait for it... have different colour lips! However, whether this is cobblers or not is irrelevant because I love this product!

Thats right after putting it on. It looks like I have the rose Vaseline on. I don't have a comparison shot of my lips with nothing on them, but trust me, they are not very pink at all. And now once its 'developed':

It doesn't look like the biggest difference from the first picture, but my lips are a bright pink rose colour. Barry M promises that this lippy lasts for eight hours, and it does, but it's because it dries from a balm to a stain. Personally, I love it because I can pop it on and not have to retouch while I'm working. I don't find it drying like some stains and long-lasting lipcolours, but because its balmy at first, I do like to re-apply balm over the top as that feeling wears away fairly quickly. Basically, this is all I wanted Benetint to be .(Benetint, in case you don't know, is a cult best-selling rose coloured lip and cheek stain. In my opinion, it is total crapola. It's really runny and you don't get a great colour, also it's about £18, and you can get a dupe from MEMEME for like, a fiver. I love Benefit, but Benetint = bleh.)

So anyway.... to summarise:


-A great range of colours. Some more out there shades for the cray-cray girls but some nice neutral and classic colours too.
-The price. £4.25 is pretty darn reasonable.
-The majority go on nicely, aren't difficult to make look nice and last fairly well.
-Don't have a strong smell, which is nice.
-Packaging is nice if fairly standard; matte, squared off tubes with the logo in gold.

-The range is no consistent, but then, no large range of colour is.
-They're not all available in stores, so if you wanted something really mad like the blue or green, maybe £4.25 is a bit much to gamble on.
-The orange stains a little, so I bet some of the other colours like the bright pink stain a little too. I think this is a con, you may see it as a plus.
-Each tube only has the number, not the colour on it (apart from the Touch Of Magic.) If you're not very organized, have a terrible memory and/or a lot of lipsticks, this can be a pain in the bum. I have five of these and I don't know which is which.

Would I repurchase: 100% yes. I'll be getting the black, a peach and a bright pink in the very near future.

Love and kisses,

Robyn xxx


  1. Love the orange and nude lipcolors!
    The color-changing lipstuff: I can kind of see how the alkali levels business might potentiallymaybepossibly work. At least it's more believable than the products that claim to color adjust to create your 'perfect lipcolor'. Baloney! BALONEY, I SAY!

  2. aw these look great!! I especially loved the 136 on you! and I love your rosey lips in the last pics!


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