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Thursday, 22 April 2010

My NYX caaaaaame!

I bought a few items from like... four weeks ago. They arrived in the UK in about a week and a half but for some reason, they'd got sent to my boyfriends parents house! My mistake, I'm sure, as I used his paypal. Anyway, the shipping from shopcraze was about £6, which is still horrendous, but reasonable for stuff from the States, so if you're looking to buy from the UK, I'd recommend shopcraze. Anyway, I bought two jumbo pencils in Milk and one in Black Bean, two of the Ultra Pearl Mania eyeshadows, in Jade and in Pearl, which is a very light pearly pink (lovely cheek highlighter maybe?) one single eyeshadow in White pearl and four Round lipsticks. All of that plus shipping was almost exactly £20. I limited myself incase the hype was just that, but I am soooo purchasing more NYX!

Would you like some swatchies? I didn't do the jumbo pencils because, well, you know what black and white look like.

So on the top is the NYX White Pearl. On the bottom is a pearly white single Gosh eyeshadow. Both one little swoosh, both dry, no primer. Um. Yeah. No comparison. The texture is lovely and soft and I will certainly be getting more if they're all this pigmented.

Thats the Jade loose pearl and the Pearl loose pearl eyeshadows. Really pretty, huh? However, I don't know if I'm going to be able to use these. Why?

Look at the packaging! I can barely fit a brush in that little hole. Maybe I can find some more jars for them, because they're really pretty. And they were like... a dollar forty five. And they also sell all of them for abour thirty bucks, if I remember correctly. Maybe I'll wait and do that.

Onto the lippes. I was soooo excited about these!

This is 'Fusion', a gorgeous sheeny purple. I am in love with this one.

This is 'B52.' It was a lot darker than I was expecting, but I actually really like it, and I didn't own a brown lipstick before so I'm really happy with this one.

Sorry about the flash on this one. I just couldn't capture it. This is 'Fire,' and ohhhh mama, this is an amazing red. Its the best fucking lipstick I own. Out of all of the ones I got, I loved this colour the most. It goes on sooooo smoothly and it is one stoke coverage. Amazing.

This is 'Femme,' and again, it was a hard colour to capture. This is pretty inaccurate. Its a bright coral-y red and its just gorgeous. Its going to make a nice pin-up lippy for the summer.

I am buying more lipsticks... er, maybe tomorrow! :D They're so fabulous. I have my eye on Medusa, a deep purple, and a lovely colour called Orange Soda which seems to be bloody sold out everywhere all the time. A word of warning, though, the colour 'swatches' on the NYX website and others are not that great. On shopcraze, Femme and Fire are shown as pink shades, B52 as more of a nude, so search the blogosphere for swatches.

In other recent haul-age, I finally decided to go and get the Bohemian palette, and after searching everywhere and fearing it was finally discontinued, one lovely Superdrug Angel found one for me! And my lovely little sister also bought me the Electro Peach tinted lip conditioner, which is totally gorgeous and smells of coconut ice. It kicks the rosy Vaselines arse. My boyfriend also bought me a lovely (but slutty!) kilt, and my sister let me raid her wardrobe, so I have lots of scrummy new stuff and am feeling very happy about it!

What have you bought recentely?

Love and kisses,
Robyn x


  1. I went into Superdrug yesterday and managed to buy nothing! I am so proud of myself.

    Think I'mma do an e.l.f. haul soon :)

  2. The NYX lipsticks are THE bomb...I love to death : Ceto, Power, Paris, Hebe and Tea Rose. Just to feed your appetite hahah

    Caro xxx

  3. Rae bought nothing?! ;)

    Hebe is on my next list too I think! I can't believe how good they are.

  4. Love the Fusion lippie... pretty!

  5. The lipsticks look so pigmented!:D

    My last purchase was a gift for my sister, got it yesterday.:D

    Happy Thursday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!


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