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Monday, 26 April 2010

NOTD and a big F*ck You to Urban Decay and Barry M

I bet you can guess why I'm annoyed with Urban Decay. But onto my nails first!

This is my Spring Jungle look. The base coat is Dynasty from Collection 2000 Hot Looks. I love these colours, but they apply a little streakily. Still, they're less than £2 each, and they dry really fast which is great. As you can see, I'm still loving the Fimo sticks, although these pink butterflies popped off really fast. I did this yesterday and they all came off at work. I was watching the London Marathon while I did this mani so its totally my fault. The bigger fimo thingies obviously don't fit the curve of your nail well, so you need to take the time to glue them properly. Sigh. So they're ruined and I have to do new ones today. Shame! :D

As a little bonus for you, behold my gorgeous polish storage!

:D Biscuits are so glamorous!

As I'm sure you guessed, the reason I hate Urban Decay right now is because of their bloody Primer Potion packaging. Just in case you don't know, the packaging for this is a bitch, and when you think you've used it all, there is still a crapload left in the bottle. I guessed people complained to Urban Decay, and they made the doefoot applicator bent instead of straight, so you can scoop more out. Well, this is my first bottle of UDPP and I got the new batch with the bent applicator. I've had this since just after Christmas, and a couple days a go it started to go on me. I thought I'd got a pretty good run out of it, and I really wasn't expecting a whooooole lot in the tube because they've changed the shape of the applicator, but boooooy was I wrong!


Wtf? I've seen soooooo many blog and forum posts on this and I was still amazed. I guess the new shaped applicator does get more out of the widest part of the bottle, but there is soooo much left in the top. So if you're thinking you'd never bother with this, do it! I got 3 of these little tubs for 99p from Saver, fyi, and I just painted UDPP on with nail polish to make it a little prettier.

As for Barry M?

Yeeeeeeeeah. I got this brush a week before this happened to it. I bought it because it was only about £7, I didn't have a blush brush and it was nice and pink. Apart from it BREAKING IN FRICKING HALF, it is the scratchiest, most horrible piece of crap,and it deposits colour horribly. You may as well apply your blush with a Brillopad. I can't wait to get the MAC vouchers I asked for for my birthday :|

Love and irate kisses,

Robyn xxx


  1. Oh hon' I cuddle you from the other side of the big Ocean...I never tried the UDPP but I don't think I will just beacause of the packaging ..and the fact that Urban Decay probably knows about it but does nothing to change it...Youhou people we are addicts but no sheep !
    For the brush, I was disappointed with one : the Kabuki from Sigma...I heard so many raving about this thing..It shed like crazy : picture the fury friend of Han Solo in Star wars...this is me applying make up with Sigma kabuki...

    Caro-chubaka xxx

  2. Carobaca! This one shed a lot too :(

  3. WTF? I hate it when Barry M products are horrible because so many of them are good, it comes out of nowhere and surprises you!

    I'm definitely going saw open my mini-UDPP, but I think it won't be a while before I have to because I use my homemade primer alll the time so mini-UDPP is for travelling and such.

  4. WTF indeed, I have this pic saved as 'wtfbarrym'! Its so dissapointing when you love a brand and then you just buy something and its utter poo.

    ....How do you make your own primer?!!!

  5. OMG your nails are SOOO cute!! I am totally inspired, to bad i bit my nails the other day =[ Thats what speech class will get ya i guess lol

  6. Paint them up all pretty and then you won't bite them! :D

  7. wow what an intriguing post! lol I love your nails btw, but psh I never bought that primer potion crap don't plan on it either works exactly same if you put concealer on the eye. oh and about your brush that sucks! well I hope you have a wonderful week even though it started off rough =]

  8. Aw, thankyou Jhoy! I might not buy it again if I can find a better alternative. I don't mind shelling out for it because I find it works so well, but gah, I hate paying for something I have to saw through to use!


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