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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Late to the Party

So I FINALLY saw Avatar last night at the IMAX cinema at Waterloo. It was amazing! The CGI looked so amazing, it was like looking at the future - can you imagine when all films are that good? I was amazed at how realistic it was. If you haven't gone to see it yet, then do. It basically *is* Pocahontas, but even though the story has been done before, its still a good tale.

Even though the IMAX was brilliant, getting home at half past five in the morning from the cinema and having to get up five hours later for a ten hour shift means that doing Avatar inspired makeup is probably not the best idea:

I think it turned out a bit poopy, although my boss said she liked it! Nothing on Anastasia from Lipstick and Lightsabers Avatar look. I really should have spent some time on it, rather than trying to take pictures of it and also get out of the door. Also, Note To Self: Put mascara on before you take photos.

Anyway, I just used the blues from Sleek Sunset and Original,(whoever said people with blue eyes can't wear blue eyeshadow, you are clearly a very silly person) with Barry M white kohl eyepencil for the dots. I wish I had some white pigment, as this would have looked soooo much neater. The pencil made it very blobby and I didn't have time to clean it up. My mascara is Loreal Telescopic, which I don't think I'll be purchasing again. I am not blessed in the lash department, and I need a bit more oomph. The light blue 'wiggles'' which I realise now should probably be darker, were done with a super cheap metallic eyeliner from Primark! I got this blue colour and a gold, and they were 50p each! 50p! The brush on them is terrible, but for 50p, the product is very good indeed. For higlight I used one of those white eyeshadows that turns a sheer blue, which is a loose pigment from NYC. It was £2 and is very pretty if not that pigmented.

I also did Na'avi nails! Again, I should clean up my mess before taking pictures, but they look pretty good, and quite subtle in my opinion:

You only get one nail because they were messy, and I could not take a good photo!There's a lot more difference in the blue tones in real life. I did a white base coat, and painted the outer edges of my nails with a navy blue. I then sponged a light blue colour over the dark colour, leaving the white coming through in the middle. (These three colours were Barry M Nail Paints.)I then painted a shimmery blue colour over the top, and used striper pens for the dots and stripes.

On another note, the MUG Lady Gaga challenge? I'm all over that like Marmite on my toast. I have a killer idea, and need to go to Camden to get some lashes and maybe contacts. I just don't think I have the skill to execute it. But I'm going to try anyway!

Thats enough from me, I have a burrito to finish.

Love and Kisses,

Robyn xxx

P.S: Look out in Superdrug for cheap Gosh stuff! In a couple of my local Superdrug shops there's been stuff for £1! I got a white shimmery single eyeshadow, and two Effect Powders (in Pineapple, which is a pineapple-y yellow and.... er, another one in a taupe shade) and a few nail polishes to boot. I'm such a cheapskate, I will buy ANYTHING for a quid.

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