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Wednesday 24 November 2010


I've been a busy bee at the moment, working, being social, pretending to be a make-up artist and watching/reading all the Harry Potter things ever ever. (Deathly Hallows was awesome, fyi.)

Anyway, here is a bunch of crap that was clogging up my camera:

Despite having a whole new Sleek palette of pinkness, I've decided Evil Shades Seraphic (inner lid) and Fyrinnae Sugar Skulls is my favourite combo of pinks ever ever ever.

I did, however, show Sleek some love and use Bad Girl, Acid and Sunset to do a blue and gold look, with match-y nails using Claire's colour changing polish and a gorgeous gold by Model's own.

I finally used Fyrinnae's Electro Koi as a lid colour. I'm liking light creases at the moment so I used Damn Paladins, one of my favourite neutrals. The bottom lashline is two MUA shades, no idea what the numbers are. I. ROVE. ELECTRO KOI.

So thats meh face...

Accessorize Aztec. Omg.

Barry M Dusky Mauve.

Blurry but duochromey - old school Urban Decay Graffiti.

And some random neon pink with emo-y stars.

Most of these swatches are chipped to poo because I've had terrible English winter light - i.e., none - for ages. Waaah.

Harry Potter looks soon. I know, I know. Shut up.

Saturday 20 November 2010

Sort of Makeover ish: Dolly Divine

A couple of weeks ago, I caught up with my gorgeous friend Dolly Divine, who I've known since secondary school but haven't seen her for a few years. She is now a burlesque dancer as well as a model and she came over for a natter and to play make-up.

Isn't she beautiful?

I don't remember all of what I used.... Fyrinnae Polar Bear on the lids and Cupids Bow, various 120 and 66 lip palette shades, Revlon Photoready/Powder and Screenface concealer. I wanted to do something a little bright and funky, as Dolly normally rocks the classic red lipstick, black liner. I liked the lips, I thought they were different but still subtle.

I wasn't too happy with the make-up... it wasn't bad at all, but I'm very picky and we were nattering too much for me to focus properly! Then the light died.... ah well! It was so much fun to see her, and hopefully we'll do it again soon.

Doing makeup on other people is weird.


P.S: My sister says thankyou for all the nice comments you left her.

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Makeover! Hooray!

So this weekend my little sister came to stay with me. We spent the weekend mostly eating and drinking a whole lot of shit, watching The Breakfast Club and talking smack. Good times.

She wanted me to do her make-up so I grudgingly agreed. Her name is Toni, fyi, and here is her lovely before face:

And after:


NYX JEP in Milk (inner half of eye)
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
MAC Gesso (inner corner)
Sleek Candy Floss (outer half of eye)
Sleek Pink Punch (outer third of eye)
Sleek Lollipop (crease)
Evil Shades Zombie (just a little in the outer V)
Fyrinnae Crimson Ghost (under brows, middle of lid)
Kryolan black cake mascara
Evil Shades Devils Bonfire + Fyrinnae Sugar Skulls (mixed with eye drops as liner)
Active Cosmetics Razzle Dazzle lashes
Matte light brown from Sleek Storm (brows)

Revlon Colorstay in Buff and Ivory
Benefit It Stick
Almay Face Powder in Light
Sleek blusher in Flamingo

MUA Lipstick in No 9
E.L.F Super Glossy something or other

She totally has Disney eyes, right?

Toni's style is normal style is somewhere between a tramp and a granny (in a fashionable, brogue-wearing type of way, though) so I wanted to do something bright. I think I used the wrong shaped lashes for her eyes and I borked up the liner (shitty ScreenFace brush) and had to put little stars on, but I really liked it. I thought the pinks were cute on her.

Anyway, afterwards she was moaning that she was rubbish at make-up, so I told her to do mine and that I would help her. She normally wear lots of liner and mascara and a coral lip, so I gave her the Sleek original palette to use on me so it wouldn't be too scary.

Gold from Sleek Original (lid)
Taupey-ish brown from Sleek Original (crease)
Copper from Sleek Original (outer V)
Rimmel Jungle Green Kohl liner
Fyrinnae Nijiro (highlight)
Maybelline 'The falsies' (it looks a little clumpy, but I'd been playing with my cake mascara earlier so thats why.)


Revlon ColorStay in Buff
Almay face powder in Light
MAC MSF in Stereo Rose

Lips: (not in all the pics, we forgot)
Natural Collection lipstick in Rosebud

Not bad, eh? The only thing I did myself were my brows. We thought maybe we'd added too much of Stereo Rose, but whatever. She did a really cute silver look on herself the next day so I like to think I imparted some wisdom!


P.S - If you say bad things about my sister I will hunt you down and shit in your slippers.

Sunday 14 November 2010

The plaaaaaaaans...

My make-up always takes me ages in the morning and the other day, I realised that it's because it takes me ages to decide what to wear! So this week, I decided what colours to wear before I go to bed, dug them all out, and it's been a lot quicker in the mornings!

Here's what I wore:

Fyrinnae Polar Bear (lid)
Fyrinnae Dance Macabre (crease)
Hi-Fi Another Day Another Drama (outer V)
Hi-Fi Slime and Snails (foiled as liner)

Benefit 10

Barry M lip gloss wand in Toffee

I was planning a lot more purple in this look but it wasn't working out for me! I liked the gold-green combo though.

Kyrolan Aqua Colour in UV Blue (base)
Fyrinnae Dinosaur Plushie (lid)
Fyrinnae Digital Faerie (crease and lower lashline)
Evil Shades Devil's Bonfire (outer V)

NYC Creme Blush in Pink Flash with just a hint of MAC Stereo Rose

Barry M lip gloss wand in Toffee

Sigh, I wish that Dinosaur Plushie would photograph well!

Fyrinne Moon Child (lid)
Sleek matte tan and brown from the Bohemian Palette (crease)

Models Own blush in Warm Glow

Maybelline liner in Royal Red
Barry M Lip Paint in 141 (Royal Raspberry)

Check me rocking out red lips! I'm always scared of red lips day to day, but I was doing office-based stuff at work that day rather than running round the bar, so I was able to touch it up if needs be. A layer of powder between layers of lippie really makes it last - This bad boy did me through a bag of sweets, two satsumas and three hours before I needed to touch it up.

Barry M Dazzle Dust in Oyster Grey (lid)
Barry M Dazzle Dust in Winter Berry (crease)
Fyrinnae Calavera Cupcakes (Inner corner, lower lashline)
Collection 2000 Extreme Liner in Purple

Almay Blush in 130 Peach

E.L.F Super Glossy in.... light pink?

Fyrinnae Digital Faerie (lid)
Barry M Dazzle Dust in Storm Cloud (crease)
Hi-Fi Morbid Faith (inner corner)
Wet n' Wild light iridescent blue from Sky's the Limit Duo (to blend crease)
Collection 2000 Glam Crystals liner in Va Va Voom

MAC Springsheen Blush

Barry M lip gloss wand in Toffee

No full face shot for you! Can anyone suggest a really dark navy eyeshadow? I like Storm Cloud but it blends horribly.

Well, this week has taught me I need to buy some more lipgloss! I'm nearly all out of my Barry M Toffee, which is my go-to, slightly nude gloss. Any suggestions for subtle, everyday glosses? How do you decide what makeup to wear in the mornings?


P.S. I have some make-overs coming up! I did a fun look on my friend Dolly Divine, me and my sister did each others make-up and hopefully I'll have shots from my first photoshoot up soon as well :)

Sunday 7 November 2010

Window Shopping... and blog awards!

Black TUK boots from Scorpio Shoes. Omnomnom.

Makeup Whore necklace from cbtscloset.

Eva Franco Lindy Hop dress from Modcloth.

Real Bat Skull Ring from DeathGlamCouture. (All her taxidermy is scavenged from roadkill, etc, fyi. I like the idea of making 'waste' beautiful.)

Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick
in Cursed Beauty (and, you know, all the others) - bubblegum pink with metallic sheen! Cute!

If only!

Right, now on to some blog awards!

Makeup Zombie and Aoife from LipsTitsTeethHips both bestowed me with this cutie of an award!

And recentley, the gorgeous Bri from Prima Diva gave me the Sunshine Award!

Hurrah! I love the feeling that someone enjoys reading my blog. It makes me happy, and to get some love back is really awesome. Anyway, I'm going to follow the rules of the first award because they're more fun.

1. Say who gave you the award
2. List ten things you like
3. Pass the award on to ten other bloggers

1- Dunnit!

2- Haruki Murakami, jellybeans, Manic Street Preachers, my enormous cuddly tiger, motorbikes, my sushi earrings, chips, big black boots, sparkles and snowboarding.

3- This was damn hard! kathyeffingjacobs, Painted, Painted Moogle, The Peach, Kitschy Surburbia, Silhouette Screams, Pretty Bottles.... You all got tagged, and you're all blogs I adore, but I think that new people should be tagged, no? If not, feel free to send me a punch in the nose.

-Cydonian of Turtle Beauty (Pretty sure we are secretly related)
-Caro from MUA (It feels like she's been with me from the beginning - go check out her gorgeous outfits)
-Kat O from Click and Make Up! (Just as gorgeous and sweet in real life)
-Lily from Beauty's Bad Habit (Exceptionally talented, I adore her blog)
-Caz from Methadone Pretty (Girl's got style and excellent taste in music :P)
-Jonna fron Nukleopatra (A true individual, I love her style!)
-Rae from Red Lipstick and Black Liner (The cutest EOTDs - keep your eyes peeled for her teacups too!)
-Heather from Eyeconic Makeup (It's fucking Heather. Duh!)
-Minou from Cosmetics and Cats (I just started following Minou - check out her LOTDs, she has some beautiful colour combos
- Kimberley of KimmieKarmaLove (A genuine sweetie with a good eye for a gorgeous colour combo. Reviews from teeny companies too, which I love.)
-Anna from annamax. (Anna makes some darn cute jewellery which I am lusting after and great indie EOTDs.)

Oh shit, that's 11. Meh.

Genuinely love you all you ladies listed and mentioned above. You kick ass and I wish I could buy you all a pint or six :)

Wednesday 3 November 2010

Good Girl/Bad Girl Looks

Commence obligatory 1001 looks following a new purchase:

Twilight: All over lid
Rebel: Outer V
Abyss: Crease
Twilight/Innocence blended together: Inner corner, inner lowe lashline
White from Acid palette used to blend/highlight

Models Own blush in Warm Glow

Evil Shades Wicked Gloss in Suffocation

In case you missed my last post, all the dark looks are from the Sleek Bad Girl palette (permanent, for all you non Brits that I know are gagging for it), and all the pink ones are from the Good Girl palette (LE.)

Gullible: Lid
Gun Metal: Through Crease
Intoxicated: Outer V
Obnoxious: Under crease

Models Own blush in Warm Glow (supposed Coralista dupe... No idea but I like it)

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Devil Horns

Strawberry Sorbet: Inner Crease
Raspberry Coulis: Outer Crease
Morello:Outer V and lower lashline (love, love, LOVE Morello!)

Sleek blush in Rose Gold

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Lip Glaze in Sad Love

Intoxicated: Lid
Envy:Outer V/Lower lashline
Gun Metal: Blended into crease
White from Sleek Circus: Highlight
Kryolan Aquacolor in Gold as textured 'liner'

Almay Blush in Peach

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Hair Dye

Alright, so it's only a couple of looks. I did do one more with the Good Girl palette, but I didn't photograph it. I really like the palette, although I haven't used it as a blush palette per suggestion yet though. I really, really want to do a crazy look with it - bright pink eyes extending into bright pinky-peach cheeks, but I just haven't had the time.

In other news, I went on a, autumnal themed photoshoot yesterday. I did make-up on two girls and a guy, and another guys hair. Pretty simple make-up, but that's why I wanted to go on this shoot - I knew nothing would be out of my limits so it was a nice chance to practice. It was lovely to meet some make-up artists, to steal their wisdom and to network, and buggeration, did I learn a lot! When all the photos are up, I'll pop them on here and do a proper post.

Blugh, Monday tomorrow!

P.S: I'm very stumped, blogwise, so if you'll all please vote on my little poll top-left, I'd much appreciate it!