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Sunday 31 October 2010

Good Girl gone....

...ah, who am I kidding? I'm always good.

New Sleek palettes hit the shelves of Superdrug this week and I luckily managed to snap up both of them. The Bad Girl palette is full of shades for a dark smokey eyes while the Good Girl palette is pink, pink, pink! Bad Girl appears to be permanent, Good Girl is limited.

How vile is the packaging? I mean, really. Bleh.

Ahhh, but all is forgiven! This is the Bad Girl palette.... how great is this? And looky - NAMES! Thankyou, Sleek people! Not having to go, 'errr, the sort of greeny one second from the left on the bottom row' is going to get you all brownie point from the blogger. Standouts for me are Twilight, a shimmery blackened purple and Intoxicated, which I will describe as a sort of magpie green :S

(I don't know why I didn't swatch Cupcake...)

And that's the Good Girl palette. I'm not really sure why I got this.... it's very fucking pink. But on the other hand.... it's pink! I really like that they didn't shove their usual matte black in this palette - it would have made it look very off. I don't like, however, the fact that the names are all candy-themed and not 'good girl' themed - it doesn't match its sister palette and for some reason that annoys me. The names are pretty unimaginative too, but hey, at least they're there. My favourites are Lychee - Sleek often has pretty shitty choices for highlight colours in their palettes and this one is super pretty - and Morello.

Whenever I buy a new Sleek palette, I always convinced that some of the shades were in a previous palette. I'm always wrong, but certainly there are some similarities. I'm not complaining though, as subtle differences give you more options and allow the palettes to work together better. Sleek seems to have sorted out their issues with texture, as well, which is good - some palettes would have a couple of very chunky shades. All in all... I'm Sleek's bitch. I love these things and the Bad Girl palette should be a staple for everyone.

Sorry about the boring post - I know when I buy something new, I usually do lots of looks with the product as I find it more useful -for me at least, as a reference - than swatches alone, but I have been so busy this week it's unreal. I've been doing simple liner and bright lippy most days. On the plus side, I got to do a LOT of make-up this week, my friend Dolly Divine, who is a fabulous burlesque dancer/model is coming play make-up today and I met Kat O from Click and Make-up in the flesh! (She's my managers girlfriend and way too good for him imo!) I also have my first shoot for a photography group next weekend... aaaaagh :D!

Hope everyone is having a great Hallowe'en.

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Nearly Naked

I hardly ever, ever, ever do a minimal eye make-up look. So today, as I was feeling lazy, I thought I should bite the bullet and do one.

Eyes: Fyrinnae Moonchild (lid), a bit of MAC Gesso to highlight, Kryolan Cake mascara (in brown), Rimmel eyebrow pencil in Hazel.

Face: Revlon Colorstay in Buff, Primark Ta Ta For Now undereye concealer (better than nothing, but fairly pooey coverage) Primark The Happy Couple blush (pink side)

Lips: Milani 3d Gloss in In Vogue (much brighter in real life, thank god!)

I did feel very naked but I resisted the urge to slap on the eyeliner. I'm having a bad skin week, and I think I'd feel more comfortable with this look if I had less spots - they're all at the 'drying out' stage which makes them hard to conceal :(

Are you scared to go minimal? Do you think it's mental that I consider eight products minimal?!


Saturday 16 October 2010

My scythe... I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be.

Last Friday I came home from work to discover the happiest of all parcels waiting for me - Fyrinnae, your time frame is bollocks. I think you are very sneaky boys and like to make us think we're going to wait for ten years for our order. Mine was made, shipped, and arrived in just under two weeks!

Here's swatches of what I got, skip ahead for some LOTD's.

From the Dias De Los Muertos collection, Sugar Skulls (thanks Heather!), Calavera Cupcakes (my free sample, which I almost bought), Danse Macabre, Madame and Eve's. All the jars of these have cute little sugar skulls on the bottom.

DINOSAUR PLUSHIE, Electro Koi, Polar Bear, Shinigami (thanks Phyrra!) Oh my giddy aunt, Dinosaur Plushie. Ohhhhhhh! XD

Blue Footed Booby (heh), Nijiro, Equality, Moon Child. I really, really like the texture of Blue Footed Booby (heh), the less sparkly shades from Fyrinnae are just as fabulous as the sparklies. Equality did not want to be photographed, but if you don't have it, it really is fabulous - a bloody almost holographic taupey shade. Gorgeous.

I was very good and only got one Lip Lustre, Hair Dye. I was expecting it to be more of a red-based orange, but it looks quite pumpkin-y in real life. Still, I really like it. I've tried it over a couple of orange lippies that turn dirty on me and it fixes them nicely, plus I think it'll look nice with a purple smokey eye, no?

Ok, swatches done....

Dinosaur Plushie all over the lid, Calavera Cupcakes in the crease, Shinigami on the outer V. Collection 2000 Extreme 24h Wear liner (it really bloody is, and all) in Purple. Dinosaur Plushie does not like the camera.

Moon Child all over the lid, with Sugar Skulls in the crease and Polar Bear in the outer corners and lower lashline. I used Nijiro as a highlight, but blended it right out as I thought it was a wee bit glittery for this look. Topped it off with Kryolan Aqua Color in Gold and a bit of UD Bourbon on the lashline, Lollipop Pop on the lips and Glow blush in Charm. I'm not sure I liked this look - I think all the pink made Bourbon look a bit red, making me have the ol' pink eye look. Maybe it's just too warm a look for me. Even so, Polar Bear is beautiful, no?

God, Equality does not photograph! It's so beautiful, and in light of Spirit Day and everything... well, it's awesome. I wore Equality on the lid with Blue Footed Booby (heh) in the crease and lower lashline with Dressed to Kill and Rimmel Soft Kajal in Jungle Green. I paired this with Hair Dye lip lustre and I got lots of nice compliments.

Man, I want to make another order already. But I am on Le Maquillage Ban, and I have to buy some stuff for my first shoot in two weeks - unsuspecting models are letting me loose on their faces! I are scared.


Thursday 14 October 2010

Since I am dead I can take off my head....

...also, the cake is a lie.

One of my favourite films ever is Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. Yes, yes, yes, it's totally cliche for anyone who has ever worn a black t-shirt to love that film but I don't give a rat's arse because it's awesome. It's totally and utterly adorable, the animation is fantastic and the Burton/Elfman partnership was never better. Anyway I've been wanting to do a Jack mani FOREVER and I finally decided to do it seeing as I had to cut my nails short (I sliced one of my nails open.... long story.)

I'm really, really sorry I didn't clean my mani up, I know it is very lazy blogging, but I finished it late at night and I wanted to snap a picture before I inevitably chipped it the next day, which I did (sadness!), and I didn't have time to take pics in the morning. Also, the dust is face powder, not crack. Pretty awesome, huh? I'm pleased with the one... my favourite is my left ring and thumb. I just did this with acrylic. And I'll tell you one thing - drawing twelve faces that are composed of just a few blobs and a line REALLY makes you appreciate how talented the animators on this movie were!

And geeky mani no. 2:

Weighted Companion Cube. You are the cutest cube ever. Unfortunately I cannot do you justice, as I used the wrong colours, and just pooed it up a bit and had to take you off right away. Good idea though, right?

Kisses x

Tuesday 12 October 2010


Hello children... no agenda here, just some looks I had sat on my computer, feeling lonely...

Just the Sleek original palette, which I have been sorely neglecting and MAC Gesso to highlight. Loved this look - I always forget how great the texture of these shadows looks.

Wasn't so sure about this one. I used Evil Shades Seraphic on the lid, with TSS Can't Hide from Karma in the crease and Fyrinnae Wicked on the lower lashline. I guess the upper lid colour combo is pretty, but... you know, I kind of felt meh about it. Any suggestions?

And first up in the group of Those That Shall Not Be Photographed, this look, which I really loved using the Wet n Wild Sky's the Limit Duo I got from Cydonian (matte blue -wow, it's an amazing matte blue - on the lid, shimmery aqua in the crease) and Hi-Fi Another Day, Another Drama for all the purpley goodness.

Taking its place beside the last look is this minty chocolately goodness, which I was SO annoyed I couldn't get photos of, because I loved it! I'd wanted to do it for ages. I used TSS Rules of Reverence, Hi-Fi's Sweet Dreams, MUA Shade 12 and probably some Sleek browns with UD Bourbon pencil.

Ok, and now a few questions for you ladies. My god, I am in serious need of some concealers that WORK. I need a good undereye concealer (price isn't that big an issue, I need one badly. Ok, maybe I badly need to put an expensive one on my list for Santa, but whatevs.) My undereye area is neither oily nor dry, but I do have fine lines there. I also need a good blemish concealer, though less badly. I'm just fed up of piling on the Colorstay on a spotty day! Pleeeeeease tell me what you use/like/hate. kthxbai xxxx

Who is this irresistable creature who has an insatiable love for the dead?

Better late than never....

I was stoked to get my Hi-Fi Cosmetics Hallowe'en collection in the post last week. I kept seeing everyone's fab swatches and could not wait to get my grubby mitts on everything. I'll put the swatches at the bottom of this post so as not to bore everyone who has seen them already. So onto some looks!

Phantom Stranger (over Pixie Epoxy on lid, no base as a highlight), Living Dead Girl (crease and lower lashline over P.E), and Creeper (applied sparingly on outer half of lid.) Bit pooey pictures, but you can clicky to make bigger and see the pretty :) Isn't Living Dead Girl the most amazing shade? It's a gorgeous olive-green with holo sparkle.... sigh!

Rusty Axe all over the lid, Lords of Salem in the crease with a little This Is Halloween in the outer V and as liner. You can't see so well, but This Is Halloween is crammed with red sparkles and glitter. Normally, black based shades with coloured glitter really piss me off, but I can't argue when I can eventually make them look pretty! Rusty Axe is SUPER SPARKLY. I love it!

Was in a rush that morning, so just Phantom Stranger on the lid with Omen in the crease and a tiny bit of Dark Carnival in the outer crease. I really love Omen, but I had a little trouble with it - it's much more... well, purple in real life. Hmmm.

Yes, yes, I know my appointment with Mr. Tweezerman is long overdue. Creeper on the lid, Omen in the crease with Dark Carnival in the outer V, Phantom Stranger in the inner corner with a Collection 2000 glitter line and the MAC yogurt dupe from W&W Lust Palette. Creeper is soooo cool! Despite being quite bright, as it's name suggests, it's not a cheery colour - it's nice and dirty, with a little red sparkle.

And now the swatcheroos, just for the record. I know we've all seen these before, but I like swatching collections as it helps me figure out what goes with what.

(Hot Cocoa, Pixie and Chicago were my free samples. I adore Pixie - it has really cute pink sparkles in it.)

U leik? I love this collection and am going to have to get full sizes of Living Dead Girl and Phantom Stranger when I run out.

Anyroo... I have some Fyrinnae swatches and LOTDs coming up, some boring things like liner reviews, and some really awesome geeky manis (one Nightmare Before Christmas, one gamer chic) coming up. Have a fab weekend, I fully intend mine to consist of eating as much and doing as little as possible!

xxx :)

Sunday 3 October 2010

Bloos and Gweens

I've been really feeling my blues and greens this week. Behold:

Hi-Fi Morbid Faith (lid)
Fyrinnae Digital Faerie (crease)
Evil Shades Glooming (liner)

Errrr... Carmex?

NYC Blushable Creme Stick in Pink Flash
MUA Blusher shade 1

Morbid Faith and Digital Faerie do not get enough love for how awesome they are. Morbid Faith is so, so pretty!

Kryolan Aqua Color 512 (applied thickly to upper lashline)
Hi-Fi Slime and Snails (all over lid)
Hi-Fi Down in the Underground (crease)
Rhinestones from eBay

Collection 2000 Love Your Lips SPF 20 Gloss

High Voltage Blush in Need for Speed (high on cheeks)
MAC Blush in Springsheen (apples of cheeks)

Look ma, no liner! The grassy green Aqua Color really brought out all the gold in Slime and Snails. Down in the Underground is a great soft crease colour, too. I did do a couple more blue/green looks this week, but none of them photographed well at all.

I joined an alternative photography group this week, so hopefully soon, I'll be able to start doing make-up on other people. I'm really excited about this, so hope that it works out for me, please!