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Thursday 30 December 2010

Baby, you want me?

Well you can get this Lapdance here for fre.. uh, $2-4 dollars.

No, I'm not talking about boobies, you uncouth hooligans. Susan managed to defy the laws of space, time and Christmas and I got an order I placed on 17th December today - for something from the States at this time of year, that is pretty impressive.

What I ordered:

Pink Outrage

Petit Eyeshadows:
Making Merry (Holiday 2010)
Innocence (Naughty and Nice collection - Nice)
Lap Dance (Naughty and Nice collection - Naughty)
Honey Pot (Naughty and Nice collection - Naughty)

Eyeshadow Sample:

and I also recieved:

Legacy eyeshadow (GWP)
Santa Baby eyeshadow sample
Candy Cane Lane Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm Sample

I really, really like Chococat - I think it's going to make a great liner! Legacy which was my free gift is a perfect copper, with green-gold sparkles, so a good staple colour. The satin finish of Innocence is goooorgeous - I want to try it as a cheek highlighter. Santa Baby is beautiful too - I think it's slightly more pink in real life than in the swatch.

And these are my favourites. Honey Pot - ohhh, fuck yes. It's shitting awesome. It's also pigmented like woah. Making Merry is something all purple fans should snap up immediately - it has an aqua/green shift and red glitter. I love purple and gold together so it'll go nicely with Honey Pot. Lap Dance is a little sheerer, perhaps, than the other two, but not by much. You can't tell from the photo on the Darling Girl site, but this shiz is crammed with purple glitter - just like a strippers knickers. The glitter brushed off when I dry swatched this (Susan says to use a sticky base on the site) and there is still some purple shift there, which is good.

Candy Cane Lane - I really need to buy one of the Darling Girl balms as they seem really moisturizing and the tint shows up on my lips. This one smells EXACTLY like candy canes - not just like peppermint, like Polos, but the sweet minty smell of candy canes. Luckily I had a box to hand so I ate one right after applying this!

Zee blushes. The lighting here is obviously pretty poor, but you can see the violet shift that Fantasia -which is more peach, less orange -has. I'm verrrry excited to try this on. Pink Outrage is also pretty awesome... its actually quite sheer and sparkly, compared to in the jar where it looks like a neon bubblegum! Again, more pink in real life. Hopefully I can get a better picture when the weather faeries deem England worthy of the sun again.

Well, I'm still totally sold on Darling Girl Cosmetics. I'm so glad I chose some eyeshadows for my second order. I can't wait to for the Hello Kitty collection, which from what I've seen looks SUPER KAWAII!

Have you ordered from DG yet? What are your favourite products?

Robyn xxx

Thursday 23 December 2010

Wendelius Awesomus

Wendy from Turtle Beauty is generally awesome, but even more so when she sends me presents! Last Tuesday I had one of the shittiest days I'd had in a long time - Bad things going on at home, work being mental as well as being pretty darn ill - and I came home to find this bundle of awesomeness on my doormat:

Wet n' Wild Night Elf palette, NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in Starry Silver Glitter, Palladio lip stain in Berry, Ulta glitter liner in Purple, Ardell lashes with holo glitter on them (!), Nyx Mega Shine gloss in Burgundy, and Hersheys Santa! She also sent me a chocolate snowman but something might have happened to him before I took this picture!

First off some swatchies, then some lookies!

Night Elf Palette.

Night Elf Palette on the right, MUA Shade 12 on the left. Both are MAC Club dupes, which I don't own and so have no idea what it looks like! I prefer the W&W though, as the green is more apparent and the brown has a much prettier red tone to it.

Wet and Wild liner that came with the Night Elf palette and the Ulta Liner. I'm gutted I couldn't get a decent picture of these as the Ulta liner it's much more lovely IRL - and the glitter actually transfers well - and the W&W has tiny green/aqua shimmer in it which is really pretty. I was pleasantly surprised by the liner as I'd read a lot of people thought it was shite.

Nyx Mega Shine Gloss in Burgundy. UM. WHAT THE FUCK. This gloss is INSANE. It's amazingly pigmented, lasts about a billion years and is the most beautiful slighty-berry red. (The swatch isn't very true to life as it has been dark here in England since September, but I hope that gives you some idea.)I should probably have worn this with a liner as it feathers slightly, but meh. If you see this, BUY IT. Wendy didn't get one for herself and I genuinely feel bad because it's that awesome. And it smells like cherryade! I don't think the rest of this line of glosses is as pigmented because I think there would be a lot more hoo-hah over them if they were, but I would like to try more regardless, so if you have any favourites please tell me!

I did a quick look with the Night Elf palette the next morning, of course! I used the gold shade all over the lid, the Club dupe in the crease and on the lower lashline and the red blended in in the outer V. The red and gold together are really pretty! I have the lip stain she sent me on my lips, which I was impressed with. They were slightly chapped at the time, but the stain still lasted a good seven hours or so, which is a long time for anything for me!

I HAD to wear the lashes and be damned if I was going to wait for a night out to do it. So, I wore them on Monday! Lid is Dinosaur Plushie from Fyrinnae, which hated me that morning, with one of the Sleek Sparkle colours in the crease, blended with the silver from the NE palette and the NE highlight to er, highlight. I got a crap load of compliments that day, so cheers d00d!

I was chatting to the lurvely lady about my goodies and she challenged me to do a red eyes, red lips look. Errrr. Hard. I had no idea what to do, so I just threw this together. I used Evil Shades Heartless Queen on the lid as I wanted a more matte finish, blended it out with the red and the gold from the Night Elf Palette (man, I love that red and gold together.) Lips are the Nyx Burgundy blotted, cheeks are Darling Girl Boardwalk and the lashes are some cheapo ones from Savers which I actually adore!

Once again dollface, THANK YOU. You really brightened my day... I'll get you back!

Well laydeez, in case I don't speak to y'all before, have a Merry Christmas/Festiwintermas! xxx

Monday 20 December 2010

Damn you, GWP

It's pretty rude to go Christmas shopping and not buy yourself a present too, right? Well, I desperately needed a new mascara and when I popped over to the 17 stand in Boots to check out their Wild Curls mascara, I noticed this little puppy...

My fourteen-year-old self was excited by the tacky packaging but when I opened the palette I was actually pleasantly surprised:

Not looking too shabby thus far...

Sparkly golden-white, silvery taupe, blackened shimmery olive, bronzey taupe, satin purple and satin charcoal colour.

Crappy swatches, 'tis true. The shimmery white isn't great shakes, but it's not awful, and the taupey shades are lovely. The olivey colour need some sort of base but all in all, I'm happy. The shadows are pretty soft, so the roses have been ruined just from swatching, I think this would make a cute stocking filler for all the er... fourteen year olds in your life. And it was free when you spend £6 or more, hooray!

Robski xxx

P.S: Ooooh, I joined that Twitter thing! @robynheartsslap

Saturday 18 December 2010

Sleek-ret Santa

Man, I got so lucky for Secret Santa this year. I have another AWESOME Secret Santa post(which was so secret I didn't know about it at all) coming up soon once I've done more looks for it, but this is my work Secret Santa. My gift was a bunch of Sleek stuff from my manager Kev, who is Kat O's other half and whom I suspect may have been enlisted :) Anyway I was stoked because it's Sleek, and also because he managed to get me stuff that I didn't have.

Anyway, lookit:

L-R: Cranberry, Dream Maker, Galactic, Twinkle, Starlight. (I didn't swatch Noir - you've seen it 10,000 times before.)

L-R: Illusion, Festive, Mistletoe, Glitz and Glamour, Gold Ribbon Tinsel.

I'm really impressed, as per usual, with this palette - these are certainly the sparkliest pressed eyeshadows I've seen. Apart from Mistletoe, Gold Ribbon, and Tinsel, the latter of which are lovely metallics, all have holo/multi-colored sparkle. Standouts for me are Cranberry, which is really bright, Mistletoe (which will go very well with another palette someone lovely bought me!) and Illusion which is AWESOME.

L-R: Sleek Kajal liner in Odyssey, Odyssey smudged out, Sleek Dip It glitter liner in Diablo and Caribbean.

I've had my eye on the kajal for a while, but for some reason never picked it up. It's pretty awesome, it has a lovely sheen for it. I wish they did more colours as I don't need another black liner but they seem very versatile.

Odyssey all over as a base and on lower lashline, Diablo liner on lower lashline, Twinkle in crease, Illusion on lid, Tinsel in inner corner and as a highlight.

Can't argue with being given a crapton of sparkle for Christmas! Hope you're all looking forward to it - we had real, actual, decent snow here in London today! It meant a shoot I was supposed to go to got cancelled because in the UK public transport can't deal with bloody rain, but it looks pretty.

Off to mull some wine and make some mince pies now! Toodlepip! xxx

Saturday 11 December 2010


...Have I been busy at the moment! Stupid work, friends, life, etc etc etc. Sorry I've not been more attentive to all your blogs, I'll catch up when I can, promise!

Anyway, here's what I've been putting on my face - or rather, my eyes, as my skin is dry, peel, spotty and angry. Cold air and less sleep is not doing it any favours, hence the lack of full face pics.

I wanted a soft, mermaid-y look and I really liked how this came out. I used TSS Angels Blush on the lid, Fyrinnae Rapunzel Had Extensions in the crease and TSS Rules of Reverence on the lower lashline. I then pressed MUA Shade 9, that lovely purple duo-chrome over the teal liner... irl, it looked pretty awesome but it didn't want to photograph.

This was a rush day. I used all Fyrinnae - Moon Child on the lid, and Damn Paladins and Selkie Skin in the crease. I thought I'd try grey rather than black liner - wasn't too stoked on it, but whatever.

I NEEDED to use Darling Girls Scarecrow and I thought it would look nice with Fyrinnae Polar Bear. It took away a lot of the purple tone but I still thought it looked beautiful. On my cheeks I have Darling Girl.... Fuji, probably, and Accessorize merged blusher in Pretty Pink. Its supposed to be a MAC Moon River dupe - no idea, but I love it.

After leaving my precious Wet and Wild Lust Palette at my mum and dad's house, I decided it needed some love... I really do adore this palette! The Fig dupe wasn't being as purple as I wanted, so I blended the edges with the matte purple from Sleek Acid.

Here's a sort of Christmassy look! Hi-Fi Sweet Dreams on the lid with Barry M Old Gold in the crease and Barry M Emerald on the lashlines. I paired this with an awesome orange lipgloss I found in Primark for 50p... nothing like treating yourself!

That's all folks, off to put up my Christmas tree with the wife now :)

Sunday 5 December 2010

Makeover fun time again: Sorrell

My friend Sorrell asked me to do her makeup a few days ago - first she wanted something 'pretty' and then she asked me to recreate something I'd posted on blog a while back.


I used a shit load of purples, but the main lid colour is Hi Fis Between the Stars, which I still utterly adore. The purple was more vibrant in real life but we took these pics at about 9pm and there was nothing doing light-wise. I used Rimmel Vintage Pink lipstick and Evil Shades Wicked Gloss in. I really liked this on her, she's definitely a Purple.

This is a recreation of this look, and I think I like it better on Sorrell than me - I changed the placement a bit. I use all Sleek shadows from various palettes again. It was a little odd seeing Sorrell wear this much makeup at first as she's normally just a mascara and blush girl - it made me wonder if I wear too much slap! Only for a second, though :D

I've had an epically good weekend - I had my Christmas Dinner with some friends yestreday. It's becoming an annual thing where we all get together at my friend's mums house, who has a kitchen Delia would be proud of and cook and eat a crapload of food and swap Secret Santa presents. Me and Jen and Natalie cooked - we had an enormous buttery chicken, a great big boiled ham with a Orange Blossom Honey and ginger wine glaze, loads of chipolatas/pigs in blankets, cheesy leeks, celeriac and garlic mash, goose-fat roasties, carrots, parsnips and buttered savoy.... OM. NOM. NOM. Then we had pie and strudel and after THAT we had loads of cheese (and port ;)) from this amazing speciality shop near my friends house. I also lucked out and got the BEST makeup book ever for my secret Santa gift. It really is fantastic - it does have tips and tricks, which are actually decent, but it's mainly chock full of amaaaaazing pictures. It even has a mens section!


Friday 3 December 2010

Ow kunnit nofe skusin danger ifzat?

Sick of Harry Potter looks yet? Yes?! Well then sectumspempra to you. (Well, maybe not. But definitely a Bat-Bogey Hex or something of the sort.) I always thought I'd never bother because its pretty obvious and done colour combos, but then I realised that, oh yeah, I freaking love Harry Potter. So here we go...


My house... Ah, who am I kidding, I'd be in Hufflepuff. I wanted something dark and murky but still using the house colours, leaving a neutral pale face a la Draco. I used Sleek, Barry M, Wet N Wild and Fyrinnae.


Came out a little too pink, I think (and I used ES Zombie which is a bit too purple), but I liked it anyway. It was nice and warm, like the Gryffindor common room! Mainly Sleek and Fyrinnae with some Evil Shades.


Using Hi-Fi, Wet N Wild, Barry M, Gosh and Sleek. I went for the book colours, obviously; Ravenclaw automatically makes me think of Luna so I went for a nice cheery blue (Hi-Fi Chicago =<3)as opposed to navy, which is more of a traditional school jumper colour (in the UK anyway!)


I did another look for this, but it was too yellow. I mean, YELLOW. So I redid it and this is what I came up with. Eh... I just couldn't do anything good. If I had more time I could do a really funky badger liner, but these are all what I wore to work.

Hungarian Horntail:

Grey, taupe and black for the Horntails scales, gold for its egg! Love me some Horntail! Using Sleek, Fyrinnae and 120 palette. Not quite how it was in my head but I liked the placement.


Murky brown for his fur as a rat (and probably his soul. What a prick) and silver for his new hand. All Sleek shadows. I really, really like silver and brown together. I'm going to try this combo again with dark green liner and a Mac Club dupe in the crease.

Nymphadora Tonks:

Tonks is one of my favourite characters. Obviously this is inspired by her hair. I used Sleek, Fyrinnae, MUA and Collection 2000.

Yay and hooray! Off to finish OOTP now kthxbai x