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Thursday 31 March 2011

Fyrinnae Love Century: I lied yesterday.

Last Fyrinnae look for a while, I promise! People will think they've paid me or something!

Lid: Fire Opal
Inner crease/inner corner: Polar Bear
Outer Crease: Electro Koi
Lower Lashline: Electro Koi/Fire Opal mixed.
Liner: Gosh Art Liner in... fehhh, it's brown.
Almay Blush in 120 Peach

Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick in Primrose Path (my new love, swatches soon!)

A few of you asked to see Fire Opal... how gorgeous is it? It looks a deep, coppery brown in the jar but transforms into a deep 'lit-from-within' golden colour with a brown base on the lids. Soooo gorgeous.

There's been a lot of chat bandied around blogs about Fyrinnae at the moment. Did they shut down, are they shutting down, is stuff being discontinued... well, Mr Fyrinnae answers questions here. And I did say it before, but sometimes the Fyrinnae shop does get taken down. As far as I know, this is because they'd rather shut shop than keep people waiting longer for their order, and as far I'm concerned (although I think this was addressed on the blog at some point) lower staffing means we get the awesome products at the awesome price!

I've blogged nine days straight now... should probably do some housework or something...

Wednesday 30 March 2011

Fyrinnae Love Week: One more for the road

Thought I'd do one more Fyrinnae look! Ha ha! It might end up another one, as the beautiful Martian Delights asked to see Fire Opal and I think it would be rude not to ;)

Yesterday I thought that Digital Faerie and Electric Stardust would look great together, and as it just so happens, I was right!

Frizzy hair, squinty sleepy eyes, no lippy and my awesome (!) work shirt. Best beauty blogger ever, amiright?!

Lid/Lower Lashline: Digital Faerie
Crease/Inner Corner: Electric Stardust
Liner: MUA green glitter liner over Collection2000 Fast Strokes in Black.

Darling Girl Fuji

Errr.... naked here, but I wore Darling Girl Liquid Kisses in Delight later on in the day.

I've said all I have to say about Digital Faerie, it's great, buy it, etc.

Coming up... probably more Fyrinnae, a Paddy's Day look I need to get off my computer, and some Evil Shades lip swatches!

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Fyrinnae Love Week: Day 7

Sob, it's the last day of Fyrinnae week today! And I didn't even get to do anything really exciting for my last look. I had an interview (which went really well, thanks everyone who wished me luck! I have a second interview on Thursday) so I had to be a little conservative. Boo.

Lid/Lower Lashline: Feline Familiars (Arcane Magic)
Inner Corner: Nijiro

If I look a bit shiny, greasy and/or careworn in these pictures it's because I was.

Nijiro is a lovely ivory colour with rainbow sparkles - it's a favourite highlighter in the indie makeup community, and though I normally prefer a matte highlight, I thought it deserved a look in this week. Feline Familiars is part of Fyrinnae's Arcane Magic line. These shadows are really complex and pull differently depending on different light sources/angles. They are not colour-changing shadows in the sense that heat or light changes them, however - I think some people expect a really dramatic shift. Feline Familiars is described on the website as a 'versatile, shimmery rich "chocolate" shade.' I do see a little chocolate in there, although mostly to me it looks like a purple-leaning burgundy with taupey undertones. So hard to describe, but so pretty, and certainly very versatile.

Anyway, while Fyrinnae week is over (what fun it was!), I didn't use a lot of my shadows, so I thought I'd bung a list here for you, and if you want me to try some more combos, let me know. I'm crap at putting colours together:

My Babies:

-Sugar Skulls
-Calavera Cupcakes
-Danse Macabre
-Madame and Eve's (AM)
-Dinosaur Plushie
-Electro Koi
-Polar Bear
-Blue Footed Booby
-Moon Child
-Damn Paladins
-Selkie Skin
-Rapunzel Had Extensions
-Crimson Ghost
-Digital Faerie
-Dressed To Kill
-Leopard Print Galaxy (AM)
-Strip Poker
-Electric Stardust (AM)
-Bite Me
-Feline Familars
-Fire Opal

Fire Opal and Electro Koi need to make friends, I think as do Electric Stardust and Digital Faerie!

Thanks for all your lovely comments over this series, dudes!

Sunday 27 March 2011

Fyrinnae Love Week: Day 6

Today is Dinosaur Plushie day, hooray!

Lid: Dinosaur Plushie
Crease: Bite Me
Outer V/Lower lashline: Shinigami

Wendy asked me to use Dinosaur Plushie with a red, if I had any red Fyrinnae shadows, and as I just so happened to have Bite Me, I saw no reason not to! MakeUp Zombie also did a really cool look recently using red and purple, so I decided to throw Shinigami into the mix as Dinosaur Plushie looks really rad with purples.

Fear not, pigmentation fans - I applied Bite Me/Shinigami without using Pixie Epoxy (Dinosaur Plushie NEEDS it as it's quite sheer - and you do need to pack it on the get the lovely foil-y effect). You can see my swatches of these shades here and here.

Sob, tomorrow is the last day of Fyrinnae week and there are so many shadows I haven't given any love! AND tomorrows look is going to have to be a boring one as I have an interview! Waaaa!

Saturday 26 March 2011

Fyrinnae Love Week: Day 5

Busy day and I just needed some simple make-up to slap on and look pretty! I quite often use Rapunzel Had Extensions with a sweep of black liner when I'm in a rush:

Lid/Lower Lashline: Rapunzel Had Extensions
Crease: Electro Koi

(No face today because I took the pics before I brushed my hair! Ha ha! I was just wearing balm and a light peach blush and that was it.)

Rapunzel Had Extensions is so bloody gorgeous, it's stupid. It's a lovely pink with a strong gold duo-chrome. I've heard that on darker skintones the pink doesn't show up, but on me I do get the full duo effect. I love how it brings out the blue in my eyes - I don't feel a lot of shadows do that. Definitely a Fyrinnae must have. Electro Koi is the exact orange of koi fish with lovely gold sparkles - I've been meaning to pair it with Fire Opal and haven't got round to it.

Thanks for all your comments on this series so far - tomorrow I have more time so think I might use Dinosaur Plushie, hooray!

Friday 25 March 2011

Fyrinnae Love Week: Day 4

Do you guys have shadows that you ADORE but just never seem to get round to wearing? Me too, hence this look:

Lid/Lower Lashline: Tapir
Crease/Inner Corner: Calavera Cupcakes

MMMMMM, Tapir! I saw a swatch of this on Ana's blog and went and bought it. It's such a gorgeous, deep aubergine-y colour and I think it'd be a really versatile addition to anyone's stash. Calavera Cupcakes is a great example of the complexity that Fyrinnae's shadows offer - it's a kind of lilac-y grey-y colour with pink/ purple/silver reflects that blends down to an almost pewter shade. Normally I wouldn't put such a sparkly colour in the inner corner with such a deep matte shade, but Phyrra used Calavera Cupcakes in her post the other day, and I had these two colours ready to use together... so yeah, that's what happened! Gotta give a whirl, eh?

Day 5 tomorrrrroooow!

Fyrinnae Love Week: Day 3

Today I thought I'd show y'all a pretty Fyrinnae neutral look:

You know the saying 'your eyes/eyebrows are sisters, not twins'? I don't even think mine are second cousins.

Lid: Equality
Crease/lower lashline: Damn Paladins
Outer V: Selkie Skin

Model Own blush in Warm Glow

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Lollipop Pop

Damn Paladins is another one of my can't-live-without Fyrinnae shades. It's that lovely satin finish which I spoke about in Day 2's post, and it's a beautiful cool taupe with a 'blue' highlight, which to my eyes is more green. Selkie Skin - supposedly a great dupe for MAC's Moth Brown, but I have no idea and would NEVER even consider buying an e/s named for a moth, I hate them that much - is quite similar to Damn Paladins, with the same finish, but more chocolatey and had more of a blue/lavender shift. Love them both.

Equality is supposedly the nearest thing Fyrinnae can make to a holographic eyeshadow. I have to disagree as I don't really see it as holographic itself - it's more of a a sheer taupe base with tons of holographic/rainbow microglitters. It's very pretty indeed and fun way to do neutrals, but I much prefer Dinosaur Plushie, which is very similar but more silvery!

Stay tuned for Day 4! Let me know if there is anything you want to see in this series - I'll post a list of my Fyrinnae colours if anyone really wants!

Thursday 24 March 2011

Fyrinnae Love Week: Day 2

Todays Fyrinnae look is green, green, green!

Lid, crease, inner corner: Blue Footed Booby
Liner and Lower Lashline: Madame and Eve
Outer lid: Dressed To Kill

MUA Blush shade 3

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Devil Horns

Not the best pictures of this look, but what I like best about it - apart from being green! - is it demonstrates the range of Fyrinnae shadows. Blue Footed Booby is a lovely satiny finish (I *adore* Fyrinnae's satin-y shadows!), Dressed to Kill is super sparkly and Madame and Eve is part of their Arcane Magic line, which are super complex colours that pull differently depending on the light source.

Day 3 tomorrow!

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Fyrinnae Love Week: Day 1

So you guys voted, and my wear-one-thing-for-a-week thing is going to be fabulous Fyrinnae eyeshadows! Unfortunately I don't have enough lip/cheek products to do an all-Fyrinnae face every day, and I expect I'll be using some non-Fyrinnae when I need a matte brow highlight... but yes - expect lots of Fyrinnae love from me!

For those of you who don't know - although I presume you mostly all do - Fyrinnae make a multitude of fantastically complex and gorgeous eyeshadows (small jars cost only $2!) the famous Pixie Epoxy (like a 'glue' for loose e/s) as well as great lip, cheek and finishing products. If you've never ordered, go and check them out. Even if you're not a colour girl, their neutrals are beeeeeautiful.

Anyway, my first look:

Inner half of lid: Moonchild
Outer half of lid/crease: Polar Bear
Mixed lightly into outer crease: STFU
Liner: STFU
Lower lashline: (over MUA Intense Colour Liner in Turquoise) Digital Faerie

Sleek Pan Tao

Primark Well Licked gloss in Sorbet

This look used three of my favourite Fyrinnae shades. I'd really struggle to pick a top five/ten/twenty (!) eyeshadows, but Polar Bear would certainly be in it. It is such a stunning light gold that's not too yellow or too sparkly - I couldn't live without it and use it all the time. Moonchild is a gorgeous shimmery ivory with peachy/pinky undertones. I have used it as a highlighter, but mostly I use it on the lid because it's too pretty to use as a wash - gotta slap it on thick ;) Lastly, Digital Faerie.... oh, lord, Digital Faerie! Ker-azy bright blue-green duochrome-y awesomeness. Even if you're a neutrals girl, this would make a fantastic liner!

Stay tuned for Day 2!

Tuesday 22 March 2011

That pinky, purply, kinda duo-chromey blue-y one...

When I first got into the online makeup community, I spent many a YouTube watching session lusting over MAC Stars N' Rockets without realising there are a billion dupes for it out there. Not owning Stars N' Rockets personally, I don't have the authoritah to tell you which is the best dupe for it, but I have a few colours in my collection with a similar effect:

Top row: Over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Bottom row: Over NYX Jumbo pencil in Black Bean
L-R: 'Eyelid' colour from Wet N Wild I'm Feelin' Retro trio, Makeup Academy Shade 9, Living Dead Grrrl Derby Wife, Evil Shades Suffocation.

Other dupes/similar shades include Urban Decay Fishnet, Venomous Cosmetics Sea Urchin, Milani Shock, and about 10,000 others.

Of the shades I own, my favourite has to be the Wet N' Wild (Thanks Wendy!) as it's not too purple, not too pink. My favourite way to wear this shade is by applying it over a black base when you've left your crease unprepped, like-a so:

Simple, quick, and purple!

It's also a lovely soft colour applied alone on the lid:

Here I've used the browbone colour from the I'm Feelin' Retro trio on the, er, brow bone, with the crease colour on the lower lashline and blue mascara!

It's great added sparingly to a look...

Here I'm Living Dead Grrrl Lullaby on the lid, with Fyrinnae Strip Poker in the crease and the Stars N' Rockets dupe pressed onto the middle of the lid.

And of course, I love it with greens!

Living Dead Grrl Derby Wife on the lid, MUA Shade 9 in the crease and with LDG Robot Club in the crease and Fyrinnae Madame and Eve to line.

If you need more ideas, Temptalia has a post with 8 ways to wear Stars N' Rockets here - I love the idea of wearing this type of shade with green and gold! Beauty's Bad Habit also has some fabulous looks with this shade here and here.

Do you have a favourite 'community favourite' - one of those shades everyone has in some shape or form?

Monday 21 March 2011

Sleek Paraguaya Palette and Pan Tao BlushSwatches

Peachy keen, jelly bean! Lover of bargains and all things peachy that I am, I snapped up the new Paraguaya palette from the new Sleek collection, Avoir La Peche.

(Image property of Sleek.Forgive me for the stock photo, I dropped my palette and smashed Redstone before I could take the pics!)

L-R: Parfait, Blush, Cameo, Persian Orange, Peach Gold, Sandstone

L-R: Bellini, Redstone, Persimmon, Tangelo, Bittersweet, Stone

My favourite shades are Blush, Redstone, Peach Gold and Bittersweet. Blush is a little on the sheer side which is a shame, but it'll make a nice blush. Bellini and Parfait have the old Sleek problem of being a little chunky, but overall, the palette is pretty and excellent value as per usual.

Super quick look using Sandstone on the lid, Blush and Cameo in the crease and Bittersweet and Stone to line/outer V.

Equally quick look using Sandstone, Parfait, Stone and Bittersweet.

I also managed to get hold of the Pan Tao blush - every Superdrug I've looked in since the collection came out just had empty spaces for them but I managed to grab one this morning when I popped in for some painkillers:

I love that the packaging has the print on the front. The eyeshadow palette has the name of the palette and of the collection printed on the front of it also ( the Pout Polish also has a print) which is super handy if you have lots of Sleek makeup, which I do. It can get annoying rifling through lots of black cases! Anyway, I'm a sucker for a peach blush and this hasn't let me down! I can't wait to wear this when my face isn't totally rank!

Anything from this collection tickle your pickle?