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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Colourful, minimal, and smoky…

I realised this morning that lo and behold, I’d actually managed to do different looks every day this week so far! WOAH.


Monday was a green look using my new Inglot palette:


inglot smoke

inglot smoke 2

Eyes: Inglot AMC Shine 44, Matte 333, Matte 240. Highlight from Wet N Wild Cool as Cucumber palette.
Lips: Barry M nameless gloss, Boots No 7 Vital Enlightening Highlighter
Cheeks: MAC Fever (lightly!)

Tuesday I misplaced my eye primer, so I went for the tiniest bit of glitter liner and bright pink lips and cheeks instead of focusing on the eyes, which I normally do.


Eyes: Sleek black eyeshadow, Collection2000 glam crystals in Le Freak.
Lips: MAC Impassioned
Cheeks: MAC Dollymix,

Gotta love Impassioned, right?!

And Wednesday, I figured I hadn’t done a neutral smokey eye in a while:

bohemian smoke

bohemian smoke 1

Eyes: Sleek Bohemian palette.
Cheeks: MAC Coppertone.
Lips: Barry M nameless gloss again.

My lips are stained from wearing Impassioned the day before, argh! I’ve not noticed this happening before! I know this looks really purple toned, but it’s all neutral, promise!

Well, perhaps they’re not as different and exciting as I thought, especially as I used the same gloss twice. Oh well! I have some time this weekend so I’m going to do some fun tutorials, hopefully!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Inglot 20 pan Freedom Palette Swatches and Looks

I was very lucky and had some extra pennies, so I thought it was high time I got some decent shadows for my kit. I’m all set for good neutrals, and I have some great palettes with orange/yellows, but I was really hurting for good greens, purples and non-turquoise-y blues.

inglot 20 palette 2

inglot blues

L-R: Double Sparkle 478, Matte 322, AMC 70, Pearl 426, Pearl 428

inglto greens

L-R: Matte 385, AMC 58, AMC Shine 44, Matte 333, Matte 340

inglot mix

L-R: Matte 354, AMC Shine 33, Pearl 446, Double Sparkle 494, Matte 332

inglot purples

L-R: Matte 346, Matte 334, Shine 39, Matte 388, Matte 320.


inglot mint 2

Lid, Matte 354. Crease, Matte 385. Lower lashline, Matte 340. Highlight and to blend out crease colour, DS 478.

inglot purple
Lid, Skine 39. Crease, Matte 334.Outer lower lasline, Matte 332..Inner corner, AMC Shine 33.

inglto blue

Lid, AMC 70. Lower outer V/lashlines, Pearl 428.


I love Inglot eyeshadows. The range of finishes is good, the mattes are excellent. They’re easy to work with, good and consistent pigmentation, and while not cheap they’re good value. This palette – shadows and the palette itself - was £81.50 with my 30% pro discount, so I think it’s about £116 without (cannot do maths.) So yeah, it’s not cheap, but you do get 10% off when you fill a whole palette, and I think they get slightly cheaper the more you buy. But compared to MAC for example, it’s pretty bloody good – I think MAC single pans are £10 now, so even if you filled a 15 pan palette, it’s more expensive than the Inglot 20 pan and you also have to buy the palette separately as well. I *know* it’s annoying to see stuff compared to MAC all the time but it’s really the only eyeshadow system with comparable quality I can think of. If you can get to an Inglot store, go and check them out!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I <3 Alternative Models


If you’re not a fan of awesome tattooed ladies in their smalls, look away now!





Model: Missy Poison

Photographer: Brian Harris

Makeup: Me!

I’ve worked with Miss Poison before and she is really lovely.  She’s doing bloody well with her modelling as well, it’s so nice to see awesome people being successful.





Model: Krystal Johns

Photographer: Brian Harris

Makeup: Me again!

Krystal was a doll to work with and turned up with a killer latex wardrobe. That pink dress was something else!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Leichner Camera Clear Tinted Foundation Review

While having a cheeky browse on Fragrance Direct, I spotted this foundation for the silly price of £3.50 for 30ml. I really like stage makeup for certain things, and my palette of Screenface cream foundations has probably seen better days. I thought I’d never heard of Leichner before (I realised later that I have in fact used some of their products before!) and my curiosity was piqued by the ‘all day moisturising ‘ claims, so I picked up a few shades despite reviews online being few and far between. If nothing else I can use them when I do my friends makeup instead of my more expensive kit makeup (sorry, mates!)

Leichner Camera Clear Foundation
Leichner camera clear foundation packaging
Leichner camera clear foundation packaging 2
leichener camera clear foundation packaging 3
The product comes in tubs with a screw-top and a little cover to keep it all neat n’ tidy. Tubs aren’t ideal, but at least they’d be easy to depot from – I don’t think I’d want to carry these big clunky containers in my kit. But they seal up nice and tight and feel very sturdy.
leichner camera clear foundation swatches 2
Leichner Camera Clear Foundation Swatches
Top row, L-R: Blend of Biscuit, Blend of Porcelain, Blend of Rose.
Bottom row, L-R:  Blend of Almond, Blend of Copper, Blend of Beige.

As you can see, these have a thick cream formula. Some of the ‘swatches’ on the website are reasonably accurate, some are really not, so don’t go by those if you can help it. I’ve read that the colours dry lighter than they appear, but it’s hard to tell once you’ve blended them out, which I always do to see if they match. If I do see it when I use it on others, I’ll update the post but right now I’m not seeing it.

Let’s see how it applies, shall we?
naked face
Here’s my face with no foundation or base on. As you can see, I got a pretty ugly situation going on round my chin, and there are some small blemishes on my cheeks as well.
Leichner camera clear foundation applied
Here I’m wearing Blend of Porcelain with no primer, concealer or powder. I think it’s evened me out quite nicely and while it’s not got rid of all the nastiness on my chin, it’s done a decent job. The spots on my chin were quite dry, and it didn’t accentuate the flakiness I have there or cling to it nastily. I’d say this was medium coverage? It leaves a slight dewy finish, but it doesn't set at all, so I’d really recommend powdering over it, especially if you want to apply powder blush as I don’t think it would play very well directly on top. You’re better off using your (clean!) fingers or a stippling brush with the foundation – sponges eat it and paddle brushes can leave it looking a little thick/streaky. I wouldn’t say this was really very buildable and as it's so creamy, you have to be careful to use creamy products over it or it won't blend. For example, using a stick concealer over the top would be a nightmare!

Essentially, this product is a like thick tinted moisturizer with decent coverage. I wouldn't say it moisturized my skin all day, but it certainly feels good on my skin, and I feel I need to use less moisturizer in the morning if I'm going to be applying this afterwards. I've only been wearing it for a few days though, so we'll see.

If you have even slightly oily skin, I’d steer well clear. I’ve not tried with a primer yet but even on my dry skin, it last only around 4-5 hours before I notice a shiny t-zone (I have a horrible very dry face/chin slightly oily t-zone combination, however.) I can’t comment too well on how it photographs as I’ve only used one shade on one model with wonderful skin, and I didn’t have time to thoroughly peruse the unedited photos. From what I saw, it looked true to application but I don’t think the name ‘Camera Clear’ does the product any favours as I think it gives you an expectation of a flawless skin. It’s a nice dewy looking finish, but I wouldn’t say with my limited experience it’s great for photography.

UPDATE: How well it photographs varies. I do use them fairly often, and it's been interesting to try it out with different powders.

All in all, I really like this product. It’s great for dry skin and it was worth the price.  The only major downside is the scent – it’s very floral/powdery/Grandma smelling. It doesn’t bother me too much, but it’s not what I’d class as pleasant. It does fade on application though, and I do notice that lots of stage/screen foundations can smell similar.
It’s a shame that it’s not that well known a product or widely distributed a product, so will be difficult for most people to find a match.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Graze Box review!

Sorry to post a food post but as someone who over-snacks, I thought I should share this! Graze Box is basically a snack subscription service; for £3.79 a box, you get  four snacks through your post box every week. I went for this because my idea of a snack is 'eat all the things!' and this sounded a wee bit healthier.

The boxes fit through your letterbox (apparently a lot of people get them sent to thier office) and they're made of cardboard so they're easy to recycle. I also got a welcome leaflet, a napkin and nutritional information on my specific snacks. Good stuff.

There's a huge range to choose from! They're all on the 'healthier' end of the scale, nuts, seeds, dried fruits,etc, but there are also breads, flapjacks and so on as well. When you sign up, you can bin foods you don't like - I chucked olives because I hate them - and they'll never get sent to you, and you can select ones you love, and ones to send soon! You do get a random selection across the snacks if you don't choose, so the ratings system is a really good idea. If you're a health nut, there's a nutrition plan to get you the healthiest things, and there's symbols on the site to indicate things like 1 of your 5 a day. Most snacks I've had seem to be around 200 calories, so they don't dent your intake too much! (I'm not a calorie counter at all, but it's good to know.)

My first box I got sent spicy korean rice crackers (delicious!), oat and seed flapjacks  (Like my mum used to make! Lots of fruit) vanilla flavoured seeds (like sweet popcorn almost!) and a dried fruit mix with apricots, goji berries and cherries. When you get your box, you get an email asking you to rate the snacks you got so if you don't like them you won't get sent them again - I didn't like the Mexican dip thing I got sent, so I just binned it and I'll never get it again!

See the little apple symbol? One portion of fruit, mofos!

Sure, the snacks aren't enormous, but they're way more satisyfying than a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar and definitely great for elevensies or to beat that 3.00am 'omg I need a Crunchie' feeling - especially the flapjacks! The quality is great, it's cheap and a much better option that buying a huge-ass bag of nuts or dried fruit you'll be sick of in two days! The Lemon Meringue and the Fig Roll mixes are AMAZING. Om nom nom.

Yummy Fig Roll mix.

If you want to try this, use the code 9B8Y8VXD to get a free box, and I get £1 to give to charity. Nice!

Back to regular makeup posting tomorrow!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Quick Neutral Darling Girl Looks

I’ve been in a bit of a makeup rut lately, and this week I’ve been reaching for my Darling Girl neutrals as they always look super pretty without much effort.

mr ed 3

mr ed

Lid: Darling Girl Mr Ed. Crease: Brown from Sleek Bohemian. Lower Lashline, Darling Girl Midnight Sea.

If you like blurples, get Midnight Sea. I’ve still yet to use it as a lid colour – I’ll get round to it one day! I also need to pop a mini of Mr Ed into my next order. I love lid colours like this.

a horse with no name 2

a horse with no name

Lid: Darling Girl A Horse With No Name. Crease: Darling Girl Prancer (v lightly applied.) Liner: Wet N Wild Color Icon Liner in Green.

A really quick two-minute look. A Horse With No Name is just a really fool-proof natural colour. The All The Pretty Horses collection really does have some kick-ass neutrals. Even though I love brights and glitters and unusual duos, I always judge an indie by its netural colours! If it can do those well, I’m sold. It’s so hard to get nice, cheap neutrals in drugstores here.

jeweled taupe smoking gun

Lid: Darling Girl Jeweled Taupe. Crease and Lower Lashline: Darling Girl Smoking Gun.

Sorry I only have one photo of this one, it just didn’t want to photograph. If you don’t have Jeweled Taupe, you’re really missing out. It’s super sparkly with lots of pinky-purple shimmer through it. Big love!

What are your favourite indie neutral colours?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Quickie Review: Boots No 7 Vital Enlightening Highlighter and Vital Brights Cream Blusher in Blossoming Pink.

Alright. My no-buy is pretty much off the cards, but I’m still using up products. I guess it’s not really P10P if I’m still buying, but I think I did well.

Anyway, Boots No 7 recently released their Floral Brights spring collection, created by the Mary Poppins of make up, Lisa Eldridge. Now, I’m not usually a No 7 fan – I don’t think I own any of their products apart from these – but when I saw the cream blushes on display, I got sucked in. The colours really spoke my name – or yelled it while beating me over the head – so I had to go in for a closer look. The collection consists of two lippies, two cream blushes, a highlighter and an eye palette – I picked up a blush and the highlighter.

boots no 7 packaging

I’m not sure what I think of the packaging – it’s chunky and sturdy and feels really good quality. The design isn’t really up my street though, which is a shame, but nice not to see plain ol’ black-and-white and I guess it’s nice and spring-y.

boots no 7

Ahhh, don’t you want to smoosh that highlighter? Just me? Okay…

boots no 7 swatches

I couldn’t capture highlighter nicely blended out, but trust me, it’s beautiful. If you have a champagne highlighter shaped hole in your collection you could do a lot, lot worse. It doesn’t have chunky particles, blends out onto the cheekbones smoothly, and it’s a good size at 10g.

I meant to pick up the more coral-y colour of the two blushes, but decided I had enough corals so went for Blossoming Pink, a lovely rosy-fuchsia. Ladies, do yourself a favour – get this blush. I’ve never had a cream blusher that has such a nice cream-to-powder formula, it’s just wonderful. It still doesn’t last as long on me as powder blushes do, but there is a time and a place for cream blushes and this is a must have.

The Vital Enlightening Highlighter retails for £13 and the Vital Brights Cream Blushers go for £10. They’re currently on 3-for-2 so worth going and checking out before they’re gone!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Look Dump!

First of all, sorry about my eyebrows! They need a bit of loving so I’m letting them revert to something close to their original stage so I can give them a wee re-shape.

I’ve been in a bit of a makeup rut lately, so I’ve only sporadically been doing any decent looks!


whiskey on a sunday

whiskey on a sunday2
Lid, Darling Girl Whiskey on a Sunday, crease and lower lashline from Sleek Bohemian, brow highlight from Wet N Wild Lust palette.

If there’s one colour Darling Girl know how to do (apart from all of them), it’s golds. This is a perfect colour and crammed full of fuschia sparkles (which don’t show up, obviously.)

curacao 2


I’ll be buggered if I can remember what I used for this. I only know the blue glitter is Caribbean from Sleek. Quite pretty, but I wish I’d used falsies.



All shadows from Sleek Bohemian. Liner is Collection2000 Extreme 24/7 pen liner in black.

Sick of this palette, but expect to see a lot more of this yellow. I love yellow with my eye colour, and this look got me a few compliments which is always nice!



Brows and eyes: Sleek Bohemian. Waterline, Maybelline gel liner.

I was just playing around with the palette one night and thought the red would make a funky brow colour. It does, although I don’t like the look much.

va va voom 2

va va voom

Lid, Venomous Cosmetics Platypus over BeautyUK Metallic Sparks Eye Pencil in purple. Lower lashline, purple from Sleek Bohemian over Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Zero. Waterline, Benefit It Stick. Glitter liner, Collection2000 Glam Crystals in Va Va Voom.

Gotta love purple, right? The BeautyUK pencils are really bloody good, I really need to use them more often. Va Va Voom is probably my favouri


This is the eye look I wore to the ZOMG! bloggers bash. It’s a crappy picture and I can’t remember what I used, but it’s done now. On the internet, out of mind. Or something.