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Monday, 31 October 2011

Disney Collaboration with Fierce Nerditude: Cogsworth from Beauty and The Beast.

Happy Hallowe’en, y’all! Hope you had a fab time. My weekend involved men in sock suspenders (and little else), gin, cupcakes and Pass the Parcel. This week Vijaya gave me Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast as I gave her Lumiere last week and she felt they should go together. I quite agree! (And really, what’s more creepy than a walking, talking clock?!) Be sure to go and check out her Duchess from The Aristocats look, I can’t wait to see it!

Lid: Silk Naturals Checkered. Crease, Silk Naturals Hair Pin. Liner, Fyrinnae STFU.
Cogsworth is a pompous old sod, so I didn’t really want to do anything dramatic for him. I don’t think he’d approve of lots of makeup (and my in-laws were coming over so I didn’t have too much time) and although I wanted to play with clock hands somehow I couldn’t work it out! A bit more subtle than what I’d normally wear of a weekend – alright, a lot more – but I thought this was quite flattering and had a lovely glow to it in real life.. I just wore this with clear gloss and light coral cheeks – and a moustache, of course. Sorry there’s not full face shots – the pictures came out terrible and I have at least ninety spots on my chin.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Evil From Beyond Collection

Hi everyone! So sorry I’ve been a bit of a slack Alice on the posting front – lots of things going on in Robyn land this week. But I managed to swatch the fabulousness that is Hi-Fi’s 2011 Hallowe’en offering. I utterly adored last years Hallowe’en collection and the sample sets from Hi-Fi are a pretty good deal so I couldn’t not grab these.

Swatched on bare skin on the top and Pixie Epoxy below.



L-R: A Demon in Your Bed ,The Vampire Club , Book of Lore, Supulchre,  Hell Hath No Fury.

A Demon In Your Bed and Book of Lore look very similar here, but BOL is a deep murky green whereas ADIYB is pretty much a straight up charcoal colour. I’m in love with Hell Hath No Fury – its got lots of green glitter and a beautiful glow to it. Sepulchre is a very nice murky silver and I don’t think I need to say much else about The Vampire club other than I have a ton of looks planned for it already!




L-R: Bela Lugosi, Miss Fortune, A Vampire Scorned, Straight to The Devil , Damned Soul

Click to enlarge this one! I wasn’t really looking forward to A Vampire Scorned as I have lots of metallic reds and they never get used, but this one has lots of tiny purple glitter and larger gold glitter throughout – subtle but stunning. Straight to The Devil stole my heart right away (although with all the red glitter to me it screams Christmas!) and Miss Fortune is gorgeous. I thought it was very similar to Darling Girl Honey Pot but it reads much more green than Honey Pot does. Bela Lugosi is stunning – a light, bright pinky purple that I can’t wait to use as a highlight colour. I probably won’t use Damned Soul all that much as I’m not a huge fan of glittery blacks, but if you are, you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s BLACK!


A few looks? Okay!



Bela Lugosi on the lid, Vampire Club in the crease, Book of Lore on the lashlines.


Hell Hath No Fury on the lid, Damed Soul on the lash lines.


Miss Fortune in the crease, Straight to The Devil on the lid and A Vampire Scorned as liner.


I’ve not got as much chance to play with these as I like, but rest assured they’ll be making some appearances soon!


Did you buy any Hallowe’en collections? What are your favourite Hi-Fi products?

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Looks

I’ve seriously neglected my Hi-Fi colours of late, which is very foolish of me as I have so many beautiful colours from them. If you’ve not tried Hi-Fi, I’d really recommend them, the shadows apply like a dream and they have a huge range to choose from. So without further ado, here are some photos of my eyeballs with Hi-Fi schtuffs on them!





Hi-Fi Creeper on the lid, Phantom Stranger on the inner corner (both Halloween 2010), Inglot Pearl 402 in the crease and lower lashline. Lips are MUA 11.



Lid, Hi-Fi Between the Stars and Ulta Gel Liner in Ink. Lower lashline, Hi-Fi Another Day Another Drama over Sleek Kajal Liner in Odyssey. Brow highlight, Hi-Fi Mornings of Gold. BTS and MOG are from the Labyrinth collection.




Lid, #1 hit Single. Outer V/lower lashline,Hi-Fi Dark Carnival. Hi-Fi Omen in the crease. Brow highlight is the white from Sleek Acid.

Well, sorry for the dodge full face photos and the shitty close-ups from the last look – I spent time on my makeup that morning (i.e, more than ten minutes) and almost forgot to take pictures before I was out of the door! But see what I mean about the pretties?

I’ll have swatches from the Evil From Beyond (Halloween 2011) collection up soon, as well as more hi-Fi looks (shall I do a Love Week for Hi-Fi?!) so keep your eyeballs peeled. You can see swatches of last years Halloween awesomeness here.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Disney Collaboration with Fierce Nerditude: Genie!

Man, I LOVE Aladdin, so I was pretty please when Vijaya gave me the Genie as my character this week. I gave her Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast, and I’ve been singing ‘Be our Guest’ all day!








Lid: hi Fi Chicago. Inner Lid: HiFi Pixies. Crease: Darling Girl Honey Pot Lower Lashline: HiFi Chicago, Darling Girl Honey Pot


I only did one eye, because I’m a cop out and I was sure I would screw up the curly liner (inspired by the beard, yo) because my MAC 110 is dirty so I was using a shitty ELF brush. Lo and behold, I’m not all that happy with it, so I’m glad I only did one eye. But I’m certainly going to try Arabic-style liner again soon – the inner corner looks pretty nifty – and try and use Chicago more. I’m not really a blue eyeshadow person – my Blue folder seems to be mostly Disney looks – but this one has something special to it!

Please go and check out Vijaya’s Lumiere look! ‘Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Acid Burns

Ever screwed up a look and then thought ‘Fuck it, I’ll add some fall out and some pink shit?’


I have.






What do you do when your look doesn’t go how you wanted? Wipe it off? Carry on? Go nuts?

Friday, 21 October 2011

Shop your Stash: Samples!

At the start of the the week, I swore I was going to use some unloved shadow samples everyday. However, I had a couple of awful nasty early mornings, which means a mascara and lipstick day, so there’s just three looks here - I can’t deal with doing my makeup with no daylight. Anyway, a long time ago I started to store my samples in pill organisers, which I soon gave up because it just takes up way too much room. I don’t really reach for them any more, but I’m going to try because I rediscovered some gorgeous colours.

Evil Shades Gift River on the lid, Glamour Doll Eyes Drag Queen in the crease, Evil Shades Suffocation on the inner corner and Sleek black on the outer v. Mac Gesso as a brow highlight.

Sugarpill Lumi on the lid and inner corner, The She Space Oh You Jealous Girl on the crease, Sleek purple from Acid palette on both lash lines. Mac Gesso as a brow highlight.


The She Space Angels Blush on the lid, The She Space Gothic Glamor on the lower lash line and lightly in the crease and Evil Shades Lagniappe (sp?) for liner.

I need to give a few things from my stash some love… would you guys like to see looks from Sleek Acid or some Hi Fi looks? Let me know!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Storage! Exciting! YAY!

Well, *I* think it’s exciting – I love looking at how other people store stuff, what they have, what they keep with what…. but then I’m quite lame. Anyway, me and the other half took a trip to Ikea this week to check out a table we want to buy (again, I'm lame) and I intended to pick up a couple of Helmers. I’ve seen these on lots of polish blogs, and though they might be a better solution that what I was using, which was this:


That’s the keyboard shelf of a computer desk. It worked really well for me for a while, but it was overflowing and I have larger items that won’t fit in there now - I couldn't store tall lipsticks, etc, there. So I took out all the cases from my desk. Now I store my baby wipes, hairbrushes, pins, and makeup scrapbook under there. That photo was taken about a year ago... looking at my stash now is actually quite embarrasing! I have a problem, but hey, at least it's not meth.

Anyway, I didn’t like the Helmer in the end – it was much taller than I expected and as we don’t have a car, it would have been a right bugger getting them home as they're quite hefty . So I ended up picking up a couple of Lennarts – deeper drawers, not so tall and a a third of the price! These were just under £9 each, I don’t remember the exact amount. I’m not after pretty, I’m after functional, so these looked perfect!

I'm going to pretend that they're futuristic and sci-fi rather than boring. I got two, so let’s have a butchers at what I’ve shoved in them - I'm sure this will get re-arranged!

Drawer one: Sleek, Inglot and Wet & Wild palettes, random single eyeshadows, shadesticks, cream and gel liners

Drawer 2: Indie jars and samples. I need to buy another tray for these as they’re double stacked now, and I need a new sample storage other than ‘bag.’Any suggestions? I was using pill organizers to depot them all but that's not really working so well either!

Drawer three: Glitter, glitter liners, blood and latex, sequins, sticky-back plastic for stencilling, Aquacolours and Greasepaints. This is my favourite drawer - I rarely go in here but when I do I know it's going to be for something awesome!

And the second stack:

Drawer one: Tray of lipstick, tray of glosses and balms/stains/Intertubes, etc. I have totally run out of room for lipsticks. These are squuuuuuuueezed in there! I know they're going to overflow at some point.

Drawer two: Blushes and tray of Barry M Dazzle Dusts (I don’t want these to live in here, but this was the only space left! )

Drawer three: False lashes! I guess I could put my Barry M in here but I LOVE having an entire drawer full of obnoxious false eyelashes.

Well, that’s how I’m storing my crap now. The stuff I reach for every day still lives on my desk – my foundation, powder, primers, brows and mascara. My liners and brushes also still live on my desk, and of course all the stuff I have in my kit lives seperately (Although I do use some stuff from the kit on myself sometimes – for example, my 120 palette and Inglot neutral palettes are kit stuff, but I pull them out now and then.)

How do you store your stash?

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Makeup Heroes: October is Depression Awareness Month

Srs bsns today, folks. There’s been a lot – and rightfully so – of information and posting in the blogosphere this month about Breast Cancer Awareness (Click here to give money and win pretties!). However, October is also Depression Awareness month, which is a cause very close to my heart.

Please take a couple of seconds out of your day to Google some statistics regarding depression in your country; I bet you’ll be shocked. Mixed anxiety and depression is the most common mental disorder in the UK, and one in five of us will suffer from depression at some point in our lives, especially as we get older, and it's supposedly more commonly diagnosed in women. So my point is, more likely than not, you know someone that suffers from depression. Yet there is so much ignorance surrounding depression – and all mental illnesses – and I just despair at that. It’s not something that is the sufferers fault. It is not something they can forget about, they can’t just pull themselves together and get on with it. The stigma that people with depression and other mental illnesses suffer – as well as everything else they go through – breaks my heart.

Please look after your mental health. For more info, check out Depression Alliance (UK).

Ok, that was very serious. But it’s so important! Green in the colour of Depression Awareness, so today I’m wearing green - eyes,clothes and nails - and I’m sure as shit telling everyone why.




Eyes: Lid, Kryolan Emerald Green. Crease, green from Sleek Acid. Inner corner/brow highlight, The She Space Rules of Reverence. Upper lashline, Evil Shades Acolyte.
Cheeks: Sleek Suede, Benefit Moonbeam
Lips: Darling Girl Holo Gloss in Jaded

Alright, so I don't believe that wearing green or pink or whatever is going to change the world - but even if it makes you think about *your* health, I think that's a positive thing.

Please check out the Makeup Heroes channel for more Depression Awareness and links to all our blogs – we’ll all doing a look for this. Priscilla, Kathy and Wendy now have looks up!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Disney Collaboration with Fierce Nerditude: Lotso

Vijaya gave me Lotso from Toy Story 3 to do this week. I freakin’ hate that arsehole bear. Although, as a purple and pink thing, I will gladly take him on as makeup inspiration. I gave Vijaya Hades from Hercules for her character this week – one of my favourite villains!

 Pictured: A douchebag.


Eyes: Pink and purple shadows: 120 palette. Cream (highlight, inner 1/3 of lid): Sleek Bohemian. Sugarpill Lumi: Inner corner. Darling Girl Flush Glitter, Collection 2000 Extreme Liner: Liner.
Cheeks: Darling Girl Azalea
Lips: Sleek matte lipstick in Mystic

I really LOVE how this look turned out! I very rarely wear pink – especially on my cheeks – but the purple liner and glitter kept it funky for me. I know I strayed quite far away from the character – I should have gone with a more purpley pink. Ahhhh well.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

A bit of Darling Girl Lovin'

One of the reasons I love ordering from Darling Girl is that if you make an order over $10, you get a gift with purchase, which is normally a petit eyeshadow that you can’t buy in the store. I placed a teeny weeny order from DG to pick up the lipsticks I was gagging to have from the Halloween collection (I’m going back for the shadows next week) and fell in love with Monarch, the GWP as soon as I opened it.

Eyes: Lid, Darling Girl Monarch, crease and lower lashline, dark brown from Sleek Bohemian.
Lips: Darling Girl Pumpkin King
Cheeks: Almay Blush in Peach 130

Isn’t it a gorgeous colour? It’s much more complex in real life – sometimes it looks more red, sometimes more brown or purple. Lovely.

While I’m here, I may as well throw in the the swatches of the balms I picked up:

Poison Plum
Everyone was going nuts waiting for this to arrive, and for good reason! It’s stunning. The first pic is one swipe, and the second is built up. I love this both ways.

Pumpkin King
Nightmare before Christmas? Orange? I had to have it. HAD. TO. HAVE. IT.

Wicked Game
This one was *my* idea! Little old me! I said on Twitter I’d love a lipstick called Wicked Game, and Susan made one! Awesome! One of the reasons the Darling Ghoul stuff is so cool is that most of them are ‘designed’ and  named by customers which is both really sweet and awesome and very savvy of Susan.

If you want to see ten billion awesome looks with the DG Halloween stuff, go say hi to Wendy!