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Friday, 30 July 2010


Girls. I need to draw your attention to a very important, serious issue.

Girls Aloud festival eyelashes are just £2.25 on

There was no way I was paying six quid for a fucking Girls Aloud lanyard (even though I secretly quite like Girls Aloud and the lashes are awesome, so cheers, ASOS!) I also bought a cute crown headband for just £2 which I saw on Lillian's blog. Very pleased I went onto the ASOS sale section and only spent £4! I'm on a make-up ban now, for at least a month while we pay stuff off. So I'm sending Cydonian of Turtle Beauty some stuff for our swap today and that is it!

Moving on from that Serious Announcement, here's another look with my new Hi-Fi shadows. Sorry the pics are pooey, my camera died, which is really annoying because I love this look!

Lid and inner lower lashline: Hi Fi Sweet Dreams
Crease: Hi-Fi Another Day Another Drama
Inner Corner: Barry M Aqua Dazzle Dust
Inner outer V and outer lower lashline: Hi-Fi Aphrodisiac
Outer V: MUA Shade 13.

Sleek Blush in Flamingo (with a light hand!)
NYX Mosaic Highlighter

-MUA shade 2

And because I can never just post one look, here's a failed look where I tried to do the tape thing, and did it wrong so I had to turn it into a double-liner thing. This is all MUA shadows, I believe, I did it a while ago:

And this is a crappy picture because my camera was dying and I had no time, but I wanted a simple lime green look with nude lips, just like Hayley Williams in the Airplanes video. I even did the cute buns she has, which I used to wear allll the time:

I amped it up in the evening for my work do with my guitar bow from Beauxoxo and OCC lip tar in NSFW. And then the next day I did a simple neutral eye with Sleek shadows and colourful liner using Barry M and Gosh loose pigments, and Viva Glam Gaga which looked great over my stained lips from the night before:

Teehee, I look nakey!

Well, thats it from me kids, I'm away this weekend. Toodles! x

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The girl who ate the peach and forgot everything...

Or, Hi-Fi Cosmetics reviews, swatches and LOTD!

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I fought my way downstairs bright and early to see if the postman had brought me my Hi-Fi order. Disappointed to see he hadn't, I turned away and then I heard a plop on my doormat! Yippee!

I took advantage of Veronica's amazing buy 5, get 5 free shadows which I just think was too good a deal to pass up! Obviously I had to get some stuff from the Labyrinth collection. Like every girl born in the 80s, this is my favourite movie. If you haven't seen it, or disagree, I think I may have to have stern words with you. Seriously, its hard being friends with people who don't know why I call the toilet the Bog of Eternal Stench. This is what I got from the Labyrinth Collection (click to see swatches/descriptions on Etsy)

-Mornings of Gold (x2 accidentally, d'oh! Future giveaway it is!)
-Valentine Evenings
-Down in the Underground
-Slime and Snails
-Between the Stars (top left, for some reason its not listed on the store atm.)

And then I also got:

-Final Act (can't find it on Etsy)
-Morbid Faith
-Sweet Dreams (Marilyn Manson shadows FTW!)
-Another Day Another Drama (1st Anniversary collection.)

And I got FOUR free samples! Four!!! WTF?!

-Angel of Death Paparazi Flash Powder
-#1 Hit Single Rock Star eyeshadow
-Aphrodisiac shadow
-Sad Love Spotlight Lip Glaze (Also Labyrinth collection.)

And now some swatchy goodness:

Final Act is a beautiful silver with a hint of lavender to it. #1 Hit single is more the opposite, a soft silvered lavender. They go really well together and I'm sure Veronica must choose her samples carefully, because Another Day Another drama, an awesome Cadburys type purple with holo and pink glitter in goes excellently with my sample Aphrodisiac, which is more of a plummy colour with gold sparkles. Morbid Faith is a beautiful soft blue with a slight purple shift and Sweet Dreams is a minty green with what I see as a slightly aqua shift to it. I was hurting for a green like this, I can't wait to use it with some sexy chocolate browns! Angel of Death, which my picture does not show at ALL, is an amazeballs black based glitter with holographic sparkles! Awesomeness.

Sad Love lip Glaze is a beautiful rosy gloss with a slight gold shift to it, with green/red duo glitter in. Its so pretty, you guys! And my sample was really generous, AND in a pot, not a baggie. Mornings of Gold looks a little pink here, and really its a lot more of a white gold, though it does have a slight pinkyness to it. Its really quite unique, imo. Valentine Evenings is a reddish copper which is going to looks badass applied wet! Slime and Snails looks bluer on the shop swatch, but I find it to be a light green with a slight blue shift and aqua glitter. Down in the Underground... omg, its the fist proper duochromatic colour I have. In my swatch it looks a slightly blackened foresty/emerald green, but it shifts to a blue-greyish lavender colour somewhat similar to Barry M's Oyster grey. I am so stoked with this colour. Between the Stars is a pale, slightly pink lavender, which I adore. I was really missing something like this in my collection.

I don't think this collection is a pastels collection, as some people have said. There are more pastel-y shades, but these babys are super pigmented. Slime and snails, for example, is too bright to be a true pastel I applied them quite lightly in my LOTD below, but I think these would all pop like a motherfucker if y. ou applied them wet or over PE.

Overall, I'm in love, love, love. Superdrug, Boots et al, you have no power over me. I don't want to buy another drugstore product ever again at the moment! Indie company-wise, I've only bought from Hi-Fi and Evil Shades but I am so impressed. All my Hi-Fi shades are beautiful and unique, and I'll certainly be purchasing from Veronica again soon! (Her shop is closing briefly soon, click here to find out why :D)

So, after rambling on and on, here's a LOTD using all my Labyrinth shadows. It was a piece of cake to do. I know I got a bit of Valentine Evenings on my lid, but you can't take anything for granted...

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Between the Stars (lid, middle of lower lashline)
Hi-Fi Cosmetics Slime and Snails (inner crease)
Hi-Fi Cosmetics Down in the Underground (outer crease, outer lower lashline)
Hi-Fi Cosmetics Valentine Evenings (liner)
Hi-Fi Cosmetics Mornings of Gold (inner corner and brow higlight)
Borjouis Pump up the Volume waterproof mascara
Sleek dark brown shadow from Storm palette (brows)
Rimmel Loveable Lilac kohl pencil (waterline)

Almay blush in 130 Peach
Hi-Fi Cosmetics Mornings of Gold to highlight
Revlon Colorstay in Buff
Mememe green concealer

Revlon/Vital Radiance lipstick in Raspberry (blotted)
Hi-Fi Cosmetics Spotlights Lip Glaze in Sad Love

And one last thing, I LOVE that a lot of the Labyrinth shadows are named for 'As The World Falls Down,' which is my favourite song/scene from the song. So here it is:

Now I'm going to go inside and have a nice cuppa tea :P

Robyn x

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Beauxoxo review and 3 manis!

Georgie, who writes So Full of Twilight Dreams that Glitter has a fucking adorable Etsy shop where she sells the cutest hairbows. I've been eyeing them up for a while, so when she blogged that, in honour of her one year blogaversary (preeetty sure that's a word) all her followers could get a free gift, I thought it would be rude not to! (Clicky to find out how.)

Tempted as I was by the cupcake bows this is what I snapped up: The guitar and the heart bow were my purchases and the blue bow clip and the glittery ladybird were my free gifts:

The bows I purchased were both love at firs sight, and lucky ol' me, the heart bow was on sale for just $3! The guitar bow was $5.90 and the UK shipping was very reasonable - these things are a steal. They seem to be really well made, too, I can't wait to wear them :D They both came wrapped in cute pink tissue paper and I think that the business card and the HK note from Georgie are really sweet touches. Her customer service is awesome, too! She emailed me to check my address, both on Etsy and regular email, because I had one on Etsy and a different one on Paypal, and I got my goodies the day after she sent them. So big thumbs up for beauxoxo!

Sorry that was totally non-make up related, I just think its really important to spread the word about great customer service and cute stuff!

So now some manis:

Little strawberries! These were my boyfriends idea. Cute from far away, but up close they remind me more of this:

Oh well. So then I had to cut my nails because my peelies were despicable, so I did...

...Big strawberries! Super simple and I got lots of compliments.

And then using my new 'fauxnad' I made this mani with LA Colours... er, silver one and Barry M Racing Green which I adore:

A little tricky to get the hand of, but I've been practicing on my Mum and sister and I'm getting there.

Have a nice day y'all!

Robyn xxx

Monday, 19 July 2010

Circus Looks

Since I've got it, apart from a couple of very lazy, hot, sweaty days, I've pretty much just been wearing my Sleek Circus palette and I think I've managed to get some nice combinations out of it! Apart from one shadow in one look, these are all purely Circus shadows. I'm also trying to wear something on my waterline more, as I never do.

This was the second look I ever did with it, and I wanted to play with the bright pinks! The colours reminded me of the packaging for the Britney Spears Circus perfume.

A lilac look. The lilac colour is the one I am least impressed with in this set, it takes a little bit of work. However, I really liked this look! I used the lilac on the lid, the pink/purple in the top right corner in the inner crease, the dark purple on the outer crease and to line with a little black in the outer V, and a rimmel pencil on the lower lashline.

Probably my favourite look that I've done so far with this palette. The black in Sleek palette is so good, always really pigmented, and I never really use them much at all. I cant remember what pinks I used, but it was pink in the crease, black on the lid with purple over the black to blend it into the crease. I know my brows are a right state in these photos, I really need to get some brow gel, as soon as I groom them, they're all over the shop again.

A quick look using one of my favourite colour combinations, orange and purple. I wish I'd use more of the dark purple rather than the pinky purple but I think it came out nice all the same.

I wanted to make a softer, less in your-face-look, and though this didn't photograph well it came out really soft and pastel-y. I thought it was nice and 80s looking so I paired with Rimmel Soft Coral lippie. This is the only look where I 'cheated' and I used a Maybelline skin-coloured shadow on my lid.

Well, I'm bored of Circus now. Whats next? :D


(P.S: the horrific pink and purple shirts in these pictures are my work shirts. D:)

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Bargains galore!

I am the Mayor of Bargain Town. I really can't resist a bargain, sale, or eBay! So because I'm home feeling poorly and a bit sorry for myself and my tummy, here is some of the cheap crap I've bought recently:

- Glitter! I got twelve glitters off eBay for $5 US including shipping! I was very, very wary of these because the pigments I bought off eBay weren't that great at all, but for five bucks I thought I would give them a go.

As you can see, they're darn pretty. Most of them don't reflect the colour they are, for example the purple (which I am wearing on heeeeere on Makeup Zombie's blog! :D) reflects green. The pots are pretty small but you don't need that much, and hey, five bucks. I got mine here. As for whether they are eye-safe... well, I'm going to say probably not, although they are quite fine and don't feel scratchy on the eye. I, however, don't care :P

- Make Up Academy eyeshadow, shade 12. Part of Superdrugs £1 make-up range, I was alerted to its beauty by MylanQolia and I love it! 12 is a very odd colour and hard to capture. Its a reddened brown with a green-ish silver duochrome. Ah, whatever, I love it and it was £1!

- 66 Lip palette. I got this a couple months ago now, but I thought seeing as I have these swatches on my PC I'd bung them up. Its about a fiver on eBay and worth way more than that, imo. Lookit:

- Vital Radiance lippies. Vital Radiance is or was a subcompany of Revlon. Apparently it was for old pe.... over 50's and was a bit of a flop. Subsequently, it is now relegated to Poundland and the like, where I snapped up THREE lippies for a quid when I went in there to get some humbugs for a coach journey (Sadly I am 100% serious about that part.) The lippes themselves are in a rather ugly taupe/seethrough packaging and they're the slimline type, which however irrational pisses me off. We already HAVE a shape of lipstick that works, there is no need for lanky streak-of-piss lippies that won't fit in my storage. Anyway, there were two great colours in here, Bare and Watermelon and I'm really happy with them, they're pretty and moisturizing, and you can't say fairer than that for less than a quid.



- Fauxnad! I've been wanting to try out Konad for ages and for all that You Tube gurus babble on about it being cheap, its just not cheap for me right now. £6 for one plate? Pah. However, I found a fake set here on eBay for about a fiver, so I snapped it up. The plates are mostly flowers and swirls, with some things that will never make it onto my nails, but it was really worth the cash for this:

Hello Kitty! I've had a quick go on my toes, but I refuse to put you through the horror of looking at my feet so I'll do some proper manis and a review soon.

- And the fail bargain. I snapped up a pot of individual false lashes from eBay for about £2. As I've always been impressed with cheap lashes I've bought online and so I was expecting these to be okay, at least.

Well, they're not. They don't have a little bump on the end like other individual lashes, so there is nothing for the glue to grab hold of. So basically I have what looks like a pot of pubes on my desk.

What have you been hauling lately? I'm awaiting a package from HiFi Cosmetics that I'm really excited about!

Love and kisses, I know a few of us need them right now x

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Despite getting my Sleek Circus palette, its been too hot/muggy/sweaty to do a full face every day. I know its not been crazy hot, but using the Tube everyday is just a make-up melter. The other I day I wore just powder, mascara and brows. In puclic. To WORK. :| I know.

So this is a full-face I did this week, but I wanted to do a bog-standard smokey eye as I never, ever do them.

I think I used MAC Gesso, Evil Shades Double Barrell, some MUA shadow and Viva Glam Cyndi. Even though I really, really liked how it turned out, I'm a bit stressed atm and it's making me a little spotty, and sweating under my Colorstay isn't going to do me any favours, so I'm trying not to wear it if I don't have to, as I can't afford to buy another foundation when its probably going to start pissing it down for the rest of the year in about a week or so. It still stays on pretty well, but I feel quite icky at the end of the day.

So here's a simple two-shadow, powder, blush and concealer look. I don't actually need as much coverage as Colorstay gives me, I just like it :D The crap lighting here makes my skin look way better than it is, however.

I think I used NYX Super Creamy on the lid, but I don't remember anything else. My brows are red because I shittily waxed them - don't bother with those eyebrows strips, you may as well use Sellotape.

And here is a super-shiny face. Just powder, no concealer, and only two shadows again. I'd only been wearing this for a couple hours and look how shiny. Bleh.

My crease colours is MUA Shade 12 which is an AMAZING duochrome. Its so weird, its like a reddish-brown with a silver-green reflect. Really cool.

How has your makeup held up in the heat? Has your routine changed much at all?

Snogs xxx

P.S. You should all be grateful for this post, because my stupid boyfriend is eating all our Calippos and I can't nom one and type at the same time.