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Thursday 29 December 2011

New MUA Lip Products

Just a super quick post today to show you a couple of the new additions to the MUA line!


MUA Lipstick in, Nectar £1


Oh yes, my friend. MUA are naming all of their new products, and they told me on Twitter that all the old products will probably get renamed at some point as well! Hurrah, hooray and woo-hoo! Anyway, on to the product at hand. Nectar is a glossy, sheer orange-peach – more like a  colourful tinted balm. Lovely everyday colour, I’ve been wearing this quite a lot – it live in my handbag as its quite nice for an emergency lip colour.

MUA Out There Plumping Lipgloss in Sienna, £2.



Another gorgeous peachy colour, this one is a tad brighter and leans a little more pink than Nectar. It is a plumping gloss, so you do get that annoying sting, although this doesn’t have any mintyness to it. You only get a small amount on the applicator, which is a bit of a pain in the bum, but overall this is gorgeous and well worth the two quid!

MUA Lipstick in Juicy, £1.


Juicy is a bright peachy-pink cream. A little lighter than I’d normally go for, but this would look lovely with a dark smokey eye, no? I’d recommend a lip scrub before this one – my lips were dry as balls when I took this swatch photo.


I love MUA, I really do. A lunchtime beauty fix without making my wallet cry is always a good thing, especially when the products are actually nice! They did release 3 new lipsticks and I think the other one is called Bare, but I couldn’t find it in store, boo!


( International ladies and ladies who have a crappy Superdrug, you can now order online at If you make an order before the 3rd of January and you spend £8, you get the enormous Immaculate Collection palette free with it! )

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Sleek Bohemian Purple Love

Hey y'allll! Did you have a good Christmas/equivalent? Mine was awesome and I was quite spoiled - shall I do a Christmas 'haul'?

My Sleek Bohemian palette is on its last legs – the mirror is hanging off, it’s covered in stains on the outside and I’ve hit pan on 3 of the shadows, so I’m trying to use it up. If you see me with odd, cool-toned brows its because I’m using the brown as a brow powder, ha ha! Recently, I’ve been obsessed with the purple in the palette, so here are a few looks with it.

green glitter 3
green glitter 2
green glitter
The lid colour, the purple and the crease colour are all from the Bohemian palette. The green glitter is Aromaleigh Spooky, the lips are Darling Girl Wicked Game and the cheeks are Stila Self-Adjusting Coral and BeautyUK Peaches and Cream. I really liked this look!

wet n wild glitter
wet n wild glitter 3
wet n wild glitter 2
Same brown and purple from before in the crease, and purple on the lower lashline. The glitter on the lid is the prettiest lilac-green-gold iridescent, and it’s from Wet n Wild. Loooove. Lips are Darling Girl Poison Plum and cheeks are MUA Blusher in shade 2. I’ll be re-doing this look with a stronger crease and lashes soon.
bohemian cranberry
bohemian cranberry 3
bohemian cranberry 2
Same purple, some of the same brown in the crease, and the cranberry lid colour is from Bohemian palette too. No so in love with the shape but ohmalawwwwd, this has got to be one of my favourite colour combinations ever. Love. I can’t remember what was on my cheeks or lips.. some peachy things.

Thanks for reading!

Friday 23 December 2011

Avril Lavigne ‘Smile’ inspired tutorial

One last post before Christmas can't hurt, right?

May the powers that be forgive me for this. I’m not really a big fan of Avril Lavigne (I should say I’m really not a big fan) but the makeup for the video ‘Smile’ looked pretty damn cool – grungy liner with a blob of green glitter in the middle of the lids. If you have hooded eyes, this is pretty cool as you can’t see much when your eye is open (depending on your eyeshape, of course) but when you look down you see all the good stuff!

So that's a loose interpretation of this look…

… except I went with a neon shadow AND glitter rather than just glitter, and did the liner more to my liking. I should have gone with a peachier lip, but whatever. I also kept my brows as dark as I normally would, although I love Avrils brows in that photo. Let’s go!
1) Prime your lid and, on the outer half of your crease, apply a light layer of cream eyeshadow as a base in a rough circle. Don’t make it too high, you want it to kind of hide in your crease a bit.

2) Over the top, pack on a neon green – or any colour! – eyeshadow. Mine is from Sleek Acid Palette.

3) Now take a kohl pencil and draw your eyeliner on, keeping the line thicker on the outer half of the eye.

4) With some black eyeshadow on a pencil brush, smudge out that line, taking care to meet the bottom of your green patch without disturbing it.

5) Wing the shadow out at the outer corner – it should kind of frame the green splodge now.

6) If you want a bit more ooomph, go across the lashline with a dark iridescent liner. I used Style by FashionistA, but you could skip this step if you want as it’s quite a grungy look.
7) Take the same kohl and line your lower lashline, again concentrating on the outer part of the eye.


8) Smudge the liner with black eyeshadow again – you can go as nuts and as dark as you want here as Avril Lavigne wears a lot of black on her lower lashline. It just it doesn’t suit me so much! – and wing it out in the corner again. You could join it up, but I just thought this was fun!

Add black gel liner to your waterline.

9) When you’re all smudged and luverly, put some Pixie Epoxy/glitter glue on top of your blob, and put some co-ordinating glitter on.

10) Finish up with mascara and eyebrows. I didn’t use a brow or inner corner highlight as I didn’t want it to look too ‘polished’, but you can if you want.

Add some false lashes if you want and you’re done with the eyes! I finished up with a peachy-nude blusher and a nude gloss, but you could go pink or peach just as easily.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Look Dump!

Last week, I tried to make sure I wore a different style of makeup every day as I’ve been in a bit of a rut, and very lazy in the mornings. The photo-taking part didn’t work out so well, but hey!






Eyes: Darling Girl Wisteria Cloud on lid, purple from Sleek Bohemian in crease.
Cheeks: Probably Darling Girl Fuji. Lips, probably Silk Natural Pretty Please.

Tuesday: Neutral.


Eyes: FashionistA Gel Liner in Dressed Down Cool. Cheeks, Darling Girl boardwalk. Lips, MUA Nectar.

Wednesday: Smoky.


Eyes: Sleek Sparkle Palette. Cheeks, Beauty Uk Baked Blush in Peaches and Cream. Lips, Inglot Sleeks Cream in.


Alright, it’s not that smokey, but hey, it’s dark, that’ll do.

Thursday: Retro


Cheeks: MAC Stereo Rose. Lips, Silk Naturals Bombshell.

Note to self: Silica powder does NOT photograph well, or like my dry skin! Fail.


green mascara fail


Liner: From Sleek Sparkle, and Collection2000 VaVaVoom. Teal mascara also Collection 2000.

Fail of a look, I couldn’t get a single good photo of my make-up but it looked SO cool in real life!

Saturday I am doing a seperate post on, and Sunday was my Kiara look. So maybe Thursday and Tuesday were a bit too similar, but it felt nice to give myself a challenge!

Sunday 18 December 2011

Disney Collaboration with Fierce Nerditude: Kiara from Lion King 2.

A very loosely interpreted Disney look for you this week as I’m off to a Christmas lunch and didn’t want to go looking too literally like a cartoon lion cub. As awesome as that would be, I don’t think after the amount of wine and food I am about to consume it would look so great! I actually love The Lion King 2, I know a lot of people don’t. ‘Deceeeeption…disgraaaaaaaaace…!’ Awesome. 


Eyes: Lid, Inglot Pearl 402. Lower lashline, Inglot shine 07. Crease… doy, idk. A matte chocolate inglot shade. Maybelline gel liner, Maybelline One By One mascara. Brow colour from Sleek Bohemian.
Cheeks: Sleek Suede blush
Lips: Rimmel Vintage Pink

All the lions have really cool eyes – they look like they have thick liner on, almost, and the eye sockets are really defined, with a lighter colour on the bottom and a darker colour on the top. So, that’s kind of what I did – a taupey lid, a gold lower lashline and arabic-style liner, which I’m loving on me at the moment. And because its Christmas, a little bit of gold glitter in there as well.

We’re keeping it strictly Lion Kin themed, and I gave Vijaya Timon to do for her character this week, so go and check her out!


Sorry I’ve not posted much the last week or some, but I’ve been hella busy. I have some swatches, looks and a tutorial for you this week though, promise!

Tuesday 13 December 2011

MUA Glamour Days Palette: Swatches and looks

MUA have really been impressing me at the moment. I grabbed a few bits and bobs a week or so ago – including their £2 eye primer which is amazing – and I’ve been really enjoying the Glamour Days palette.




‘Tis already well loved!

I think this particular palettes shades are very well put together for such an inexpensive palette. That they’ve put that bright blue in there with all the brown/gold tones makes it a winner for me as I love a pop of blue with a neutral look. The two matte browns and the matte pink highlight help make it really versatile. If you’ve got darker hair, the dark brown could possibly even be used as a brow powder, as well as adding depth and definition without being as harsh as black – so perfect for work or a daytime look. I’ve used this palette tons already:








Pretty versatile, huh? All the shadows used for these looks are from the palette. The second to last look I used the dark brown as a brow powder as well. I’m in love with the aqua and gold shade from the top row, as well as the burgundy/copper colour. Really nice selection, I think. FYI, all these looks are just over regular primer, not a creamy base,

MUA palettes are sold for £4. Four quid. I think these are an absolute bargain – the quality is just the same as their very popular single shadows which are £1, and the palettes contain 12 shades. It’s a no brainer really.  The only negative is that the palette is a little flimsy, but my others have survived the handbag test and hey, £4.


Have you tried MUA? What's your favourite bargain brand?

Sunday 11 December 2011

Disney Collaboration with Fierce Nerditude: Peter Pan!

I can never work out if Peter Pan is a hero or a little shit. I’m erring on the side of ‘little shit,’ but on the other hand, he does have a pretty awesome hat.

Behold the look for which I have no good pictures:

peter pan 4

peter pan 2

peter pan

peter pan 3

Derp derp derp, sideways derp.

Eyes: Lid/lower lashline, green from Sleek Acid. Crease, Ulta Olive Gold, Wet N Wild Envy. Liner, red matte gel liner from Inglot, Collection 2000 Extreme 24/7 pen liner in black. Waterline, NYX Milk. Highlight, green from MUA Pretty Pastels.
Cheeks: BeautyUk baked blush in Peaches and Cream, Darling Girl Boardwalk
Lips: Morgana Cryptoria Bees Knees


Apart from the fact I struggled to take photos of this look (cheers for raining, England) as  well as the fact that I *couldn’t* take too many photos of it because my stupid memory card is being stupid, I realy, really liked this look. Red liner, green eyeshadow and orange lipstick? I don’t think this could be more me!


I gave Vijaya Gurgi from The Black Cauldron to do this week, because he is sooo cute – “Munching and crunchings!” – and because The Black Cauldron rocks. So go check that out!