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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Up above the streets and houses

So today I did two looks. I didn't like the first one, took it off, didn't like the second one.

Oh well, here they are anyway!

Yep, I did a rainbow look! Just because I'd never done one before. It was only ok, I didn't have an orange that matched the texture of my other shadows very well. It looked ok in the end but I'm going to meet my boyfriend and I thought he might like something a bit less.... clowny.

So I did this:

Now I know it looks ok (I used my new MUA duochrome shadow that I didn't swatch yesterday over NYX's Milk and Black Bean) but I tried about five times to put false lashes on today (he has decided he likes falsh lashes, which means I have an excuse to wear them now! :D) and it just wasnt happening, so I don't like it. Yes I'm being silly, no, I don't care.

My Outfit Of The Day: Primark tank, Volcom skirt. You can't see but I'm wearing embroidered chinese slippers with pink roses on for shoes, and cuuute little earrings with Sailor Jerry type swallows on. Now I'm going to add a black cropped cardi, navy military jacket and pale blue Alexander McQueen-style scarf. Speaking of AMcQ, that loooovely perfume bottle there is MyQueen perfume, which I have run out of but I adore.

Yay or nay on OOTD?

Love and kisses,

Robyn x


  1. I like the OOTD, the tank top and the skirt are perfect together.

    And as for the rainbow look, it's so much fun!:D Makes me think of summer.:D

    Happy Wednesday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. I ADORE the rainbow eye. You did a great job on it. Your skin and hair are just amazing!

  3. i've never done a rainow eye either... i think it was because i couldn't really find a reason to be wearing one :p but your one looks gorgeous and love the 3 little gems you added to it.

  4. Mandy, I couldn't find a reason to wear one either! But that was yesterday :D

    Zombie, the skin is allll about the Colourstay!


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