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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Any Fyrinnae suggestions?

More pin-up stuff tomorrow, but I'm ordering some Fyrinnae stuff in the next couple of days and I just wanted to know if you girls wanted to add any of your must-haves to my list, which currently consists ooooof:

-Pixie Epoxy


Chrome Loose Eye Shadow

Crimson Ghost Loose Eye Shadow

Damn Paladins Loose Eye Shadow

Dressed To Kill Loose Eye Shadow

Selkie Skin Loose Eye Shadow

Tapir Loose Eye Shadow

Wicked Loose Eye Shadow

Parental Advisory Loose Eye Shadow

-Lip Lustres

Glitter Kittiez


Lolli-pop Pop

Visual Kei

Whatever the blue/pink one is!

Merci buckets!



  1. DIGITAL FAERIE. You really CAN NOT under any circumstances miss out on it. I've got a swatch video here --- and a Top 10 Fyrinnae 'Shadows video here ---

    I really want to order now haha. I'd love some Pixie Epoxy!

  2. I agree with Beauty's comment: Digital Faerie fo sho! I have a love/hate relationship with Pixie Epoxie.

  3. Oooh, it is pretty, I want Chlorophyll now too!

  4. I like their Fluff finishing powder. Also I'd recommend Futuristic Glamrock, Glitterboi, and Pyromantic Erotica. For lip lustres, which I LOVE!!!!, I'd say Puppy Love, and Deceptive Innocence (if you're looking for a nude shade)

  5. Aw, crap, why did I ask? I want Glitterboi now too! I was going to get full sizes of the Lustres, is it worth getting the small ones and getting more colours, anyone? I mean, I don't even know if I'll like the formula...

  6. I'd recommend getting a mini or just one full size on the first order to see if you like it. I ordered 4 minis in my first order and then all of a sudden I am now down to 22 :P (18 of them are full sizes!!) because I loved them.

    I definitely agree with everyone, Digital Faerie is awesome and I also love Pyromantic Erotica, Velvet Vampire, and Meerkat.

  7. Digital Faerie, Faerie Glamor, Glitterboi, and Wicked.. MUST haves. All others are just icing.

  8. SUGAR SKULL ALL THE WAY. Digital Faerie, Wicked, lief, boytoy and uhm... lesse everything. *nods*

  9. I don't have Digital Faerie, but I'd say either that or +20 Beautification for teals, and everyone seems to love Rapunzel Had Extensions and Meerkat.

  10. All sound awesome! I also LOOOOOOVE lights of auckland glitter. ^_^


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