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Monday, 30 May 2011

Inglot Haul, Swatches and Review.

Oh yes, you read that right. I finally got my ass round to getting some Inglot. As you probably know, the lovely Wendy came and stayed with me at the weekend on her trip to the UK, and pretty much the first thing we did was head to Westfield and hit up Inglot. We were there for at least an hour swatching and omg-ing at everything. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures, which is a shame as it really is a beautiful store.

This is a pretty long review and I think I've covered everything but if there is anything I have missed, I'll add it later, and obviously feel free to ask me stuff too.

Here's my beautifully boxed haul! Let's do the shadows first, shall we?

AMC 60 (bright shimmery yellow), AMC 59 (bright shimmery lime.)

AMC 372, (bright matte green teal), AMC 371 (bright matte blue), AMC 379 (matte light grape purple.)
Top row over NYX JEP in Milk, bottom row over bare skin. L-R AMC 60, AMC 59, AMC 372, AMC 371, AMC 379.

OOOOH. I went for cute, bright tropicals. I'm really impressed with the payoff of the Inglot colours - I don't think we swiped one thing that we thought was 'meh.' I'd still say the yellow and green here need a base but they're traditionally very difficult colours. I swatched MAC Chrome Yellow yesterday and it blows compared to this, as do my Sleek yellows, Barry M yellow and 120 yellow.

For those who don't know, Inglot is most famous for their Freedom System whereby you create your own palettes. The makeup is all laid out on a table in pans, and you pop them on a magnetized board. When you've got what you want, the staff make up your palettes for you. I went for a 5 square pan palette - thes pans are 2.7g each. With these and the round pans, you can fill them with shadows, lipsticks, brow powder, brow wax, and cream concealer. Larger pan palettes can be made up with blush and face powder (I'm not sure if there were cream foundations or not.) They also have palettes of mixed sizes, i.e., ones you can put eyeshadows and face powder in, etc. I didn't get a good look at those but the square and round palettes seemed to go from 2 pan to 10 pan and the saving seems to get better as you buy more. If you buy and fill a palette, you get a 10% discount. So my 5 eyeshadows, with the palette included, cost £27 after 10 % discount. Each shadow was £5 (before discount) with the exception of AMC 371 which shows on my receipt as £4, no idea why! The palette itself was £6 before discount - it's uber sturdy with really strong magnets, so I think it's a bargain.

The price system is pretty complex and confusing, but the staff in store were very helpful . Either way, I'm really pleased with what I got for the price.Consider that a MAC palette 4 pan palette costs £6.50 and that their refills cost £9 as opposed to £4/5 - if you already have a Z palette or similar Inglot is well worth checking out! I'm not overly knowledgeable when it comes to high end brands and it's easy to use the blogger buzz of 'cheaper than MAC,' but for the eyeshadows, I'd certainly say they're more consistent in quality and have a similar sized shade range.

Lets move on to the lip products...

Matte Collection AMC Lip Pencil in 11, Slim Gel Lipstick in 65.

  Slim Gel Lipstick in 65, Matte Collection AMC Lip Pencil in 11.

Matte Collection AMC Lip Pencil in 11.

Slim Gel Lipstick in 65.

That matte! I die! It is quite a dry product, but it doesn't instantly emphasise the dry parts on the insides of my lips, which is a plus. I got the 'ring' of colour left on my lips after eating, but I've not worn it long enough to comment on its wear further. So far, I like it as equally as the MAC mattes and I have, and it's cheaper at £9. The Slim Gel Lipstick comes it at £11 - I haven't worn it other than to swatch it, but it's opaque and very creamy. I'll update later.

The wall of lipstick in Inglot was beautiful! I didn't pick an ordinary lipstick as I wanted to try something a little different. I was instantly drawn to the matte pencil and I chose the purple colour in honour of Wendy. Inglot also carries Lip Paints (in a pot), Sleeks Platinum Lip Paint (doefoot applicator) Sleeks Cream Lip Paint (doefoot applicator), various lip glosses and lip liners. They also had a really, really cute little display of all their black lip products, which thankfully for my wallet I managed to avoid.

I also picked up a gel liner...

AMC eyeliner gel in matte 79.

Yeah. It's red. I was going to get a lovely teal, but Wendy is an enabler (her words, not mine!) and how often do you see red liner?! I swatched a few of these on my hand and it was a right bugger getting it off, so I'm keen to wear it. They seem really smooth and creamy to apply, and seeing as I haven't swatched it with an eyeliner brush yet I'm really interested. These come in at £10, which I think is a bloody bargain considering the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner comes in at £7.99 in Superdrug

I also bought the Duraline, which is a liquid to create, er, liquid out of powder products - so convert pigments into liners/paints, essentially, but I think it deserves more thorough investigation before I review it.

So overall... yeah, I love Inglot. They're not the cheapest, but they're excellent value and the range is fantastic. Sadly the only store in the UK is in Westfield, London, but if you're up shopping, do go and have a look. The customer service also deserves a mention. The lady who served us was friendly and helpful without being too pushy, which is pretty much what I want - waiting in the wings rather than breathing over my shoulder - and all the girls were wearing lovely makeup, I mean really nice and funky without being too over the top or trannytastic, unlike some SAs! I'll certainly be going back to Inglot when I have a bit of cash... I came out with a huge wishlist!

Looks and more of Robyn-and-Wendy time coming soon!

*Oh. AMC stands for 'advanced makeup component,' which according to nice sales assistant lady, means it's more pigmented. I'm not sure compared to what but I can't argue!


  1. That purple lipstick is.... HNGH I WANTS IT.

  2. i want some inglots, yes i do! man, that purple lippie is so gorgeous, tis heaven. great eyeshadows....really curious to see what you create with the red liner lol


  3. So fun! I actually placed an Inglot order and have my haul post scheduled for sometime this week. I'm so jealous that you guys were able to go to the Inglot store! I bet that must have been so much fun!

  4. I wish they'd open a store in the North, I'd like to check them out but I don't think I'd buy online without swatching etc. The stuff all looks great though.

  5. My red Inglot liner has developed a crack down the middle after it's been open for around two months. It seems to still apply the same way (very rich and pigmented, thankfully) but it makes me sad. It's not all pretty and smooth anymore :( xx

  6. Arg, why do people keep doing this to me!? I've been able to avoid Inglot thus far, but every swatch is slowly breaking me down. I'm holding out because I know I won't be able to make just a small haul, it will need to be massive to cure my craving. And unfortunately that has to wait!

  7. Great haul!! I need to start trying inglot! I love your swatches. That red liner is great. I want it. Haha.

  8. I went there last weekend, and I got the vivid almost-violet blue eyeliner, number 83. I need to get a brush for it though, any suggestions? I managed to restrain myself from buying any eyeshadows or lipsticks. Did you also go to Make Up Store because omg, their eye dusts?!

  9. Gorgeous haul. I recently had a pretty decent sized eyeshadow haul and love every color I chose. I like your color selection as well because mine didn't have any bright colors. I literally want to purchase all the colors you chose LOL, but it's so hard picking out colors on their website. The purple lipstick reminds me of MAC's recently launched Bust Out lipstick, but prettier in my opinion.

    Love the blog, hon!


  10. @Jade: Yeah, I swatched it and was like 'Ok, mine!'

    @Vonnie: I wore the red liner as a double-wing with the black today. Not overly dramatic, but cute!

    @The Peach: The store was beautiful! We swatched everything, our hands were stained!

    @Ruthy: Ah, nooo! At least it's still nice, though. I think I'll still depot mine, I don't want to waste it by it drying out - it's pretty big for a gel liner!

    @Jessi M: I only hauled because I had some birthday money, otherwise I'd never have set foot in there! It'll be worth the wait, though, the products are really nice.

    @VijiiS: Me too, now!

    @D.Sadie: The girl in store said to try it as a lipstick, and you bet I'm gonna!

    @Julianne: Oooh, I was looking at that liner, too! We didn't go to Make Up Store because there's a much bigger one in town, and er, we forgot to go there too!

  11. Ooooh, that teal colour is gorgeous. Love to see you do a look with the red liner. I'v been tempted by them in the past but worried I'd look like I have conjunctitis. Wish Inglot had a store somewhere local to me. Looking forward to next month MArie Claire magazine giveaway- Inglot pigment and liner!

  12. Oh wow, I really really need to get to an Inglot store! That red eyeliner is stunning! Actually, everything you got is!! And they had a display of all black lip products?? I MUST GO THERE!

  13. YESSSSS you got the red eyeliner! I always mean to pick it up but never do.

    I have that yellow and it's awesome, and clearly I need to pick up the matte teal too. I want the purple lipstick as well :O


  14. Such gorgeous colours! Love the palette. Definitely need to get myself to Inglot someday!

  15. I so love everything you got! Between your birthday and being generally restrained, you totally deserved to go out a bit and get what you wanted! I just wish we could go shopping together all the time :(. Anyway, now I'm thinking I should have gotten that matte pencil haha

  16. Aghhh I need to get down to Inglot! Those lippies are just stunning, and I need that red liner (and the yellow one they have too...and possibly some more). I have 1 Inglot lipstick and a 4 shadow palette (both presents) and I love them both so so much.

  17. I just love Inglot. <3 So far I have 4 freedom palettes (2 x 5 shadows & 2 x 10 shadows). I'm still drooling over the turquoise gel liner. That red one is just wow!

  18. I'm really drooling over that purple lipstick.
    I've recently stopped buying MAC, and I miss their huge selection of lipstick colors.
    I'm hoping Inglot can fill the void, and it looks promising.

    1. I only have a few Inglot lip products, but I really like them all! Thier selection is huge - the matte jumbo lip pencils and the glosses are really good. I only have one traditional lipstick lipstick from them but I really like it and the selection is really big as well.


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