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Saturday, 23 February 2013

In which I try lip art I don’t think will catch on.

I quite enjoy doing lip art – lips are a less versatile canvas than your eyes, in my opinion, and having to do them on an open mouth presents all sorts of challenges. I’ve been doing a lot of it recently and uh, here are a couple of attempts that don’t look so good!

Furry Lips:

fuzzy lips

Furry nails are all the rage, apparently, so naturally I picked up some of the flocking powder to try. Having used nail materials successfully on my lips in the past, I thought this might work out nicely. As you can see, it did not.

Weird Lip Liner:

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Inspired Lips

I have very mixed views on this one. Artistically, I really like it. As a small photograph, it looks good. It’s copied from the makeup from the recent Vivienne Westwood Red Label show at LFW, where Val Garland was the makeup artist. This lip look specifically was only on one of the models – some lips were half painted, some were outlined in white, some were fully outlined, but only half coloured in. I loved that whole aesthetic but yes, it’s not a look I’m going to be wearing out on the town anytime soon!

Tried anything that didn’t work quite so well recently?


  1. I really like both actually! The furry lips look a bit patchy but on the bits where it's taken well it looks so plush.

  2. Oh lord, I try things all the time that don't go so well. I kind of like the look of the furry lips oddly enough but I get a bit weirded out thinking of how awful it must feel!


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