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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Quickie Review and Swatches: MAC Punk Couture Cremesheen Glasses

This is a bit of a 'mixed feelings' review. I both like the products and am quite disappointed at the same time!


Lots of people were excited by the Punk Couture release, especially those with a penchant for unusual or darker lip colours. I skipped the lipsticks (not that I could have got my hands on them anyway!) as I have purples, wines and blacks galore and went for the Cremesheen Glasses instead. Initially I wanted the black shade, Dark Outsider, as I love using these for layering and have misplaced my black Inglot gloss, and the green shade, Jet Boy, as I love green lip colours. On a whim I chucked No Apologies into my basket as well. In for a penny, eh?

Dark Outsider

MAC Dark Outsider Cremesheen Glass swatch

MAC Dark Outsider Cremesheen Glass Layered over Russian Red

Dark Outsider Layered over MAC Russian Red

I really enjoy black lipglosses. They do tend to be sheerer, and this one is no exception, but for once that's what I want from a gloss. You might ask why you want a sheer black gloss - well, if you've ever put your clear gloss over a black lip product and ruined it, that's one reason! They're also really fun for changing up red and berry shades.

So while this one is nothing overly exciting, if you like the Cremesheen formulas and don't have a black gloss for layering, I would happily recommend this one.

Jet Boy

MAc Jet Boy Cremesheen Glass Swatch
MAC Jet Boy Cremesheen Glass layered over Russian Red

Jet Boy layered over MAC Russian Red

Oh, Jet Boy. This is the one I was really disappointed in. As mentioned, I know Cremesheen Glasses aren't big on pigmentation or anything, but I really, really wanted this one to show up more on the
lips in terms of the green sparkles. Compared to how it looks in the tube, it ain't shit. I do like how this one looks over red shades, however, and the grey undertone is really interesting, but what a let down!

No Apologies

MAC No Apologies Cremesheen Lipglass in No Apologies

MAC No Apologies Cremesheen Lipglass in No Apologies Layered Over Sleek Matte Me

No Apologies over a Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream

Again, this one is sheerer than I expected and not as sparkly. Due to the more conventional colour though, this comes off as a really pretty gloss. It still has the greyer undertone but I don't read it as
strongly as with Jet Boy on my skin due to the purple sparkles. I wore this on New Years Eve with a purple smokey eye and have actually worn it to work a few times as well. Again, I wish it looked more like it did in the tube. I really like it but wouldn’t normally pay the price for something so sheer. When it comes to lipgloss I tend to prefer more expensive ones but I still want the bang for my buck.


Punk Couture Cremesheen Glass Swatches

Dark Outsider, Jet Boy, No Apologies

So... would I recommend getting these? I find the formula comfortable, non-sticky and lightly moisturising and it lasts around 2-3 hours on me, which isn't bad for gloss with little tackiness to it, so that's nice.  If you're a MAC collector or like to use sheer tints to change your lip shade, yes, perhaps. If you want over the top sparkle or a really unusual shade on your lips, steer well clear. While I like the products and will use them, I wish MAC had chosen to release these shades in a different formula that offered more sparkle and pigmentation as these are way too expensive for what they offer.  If you like sparkly, unusual lipglosses and don’t want to spend these prices, I can’t recommend Darling Girl Cosmetics enough.

These can be purchased from MAC for £17.50 each.


  1. Such a shame wanted to love these!! Especially the one with the green sparkle

  2. Dark Outsider looks like such a fun layering shade. I am wishing I had picked this up, not sure any of the counters near me still have it! Oh well... I'm probably saving me from myself!

  3. Dammit, I just got these in the mail today! I had high hopes for Jet Boy and No Apologies. I suppose as you say one can always layer them. I have been a bit bored of always wearing a ton of lipstick for going out so I have been looking for some unique glosses, too bad these are so subtle.


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