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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Kryolan, TSS and High Voltage Swatches/LOTDs

Due to recent customer service complaints, long order waits, orders going missing and ingredient inconsitencies, I can no longer recommend High Voltage Cosmetics. TSS are no longer in business, but due to losing an order from them, should they ever return I do not recommend them either. Kryolan, however, are still full of win.
I am terrible for swatches, I truly am. I see such beautiful, regularly posted swatches on all your blogs and it makes me ashamed of myself. Anyway, I've got some pretty stuff recently and as my face still looks like total poo I've done some swatches...

First up, the Kryolan 24 Aqua Color Palette:

How awesome is the red and purple?

Some good ol' staple basics...

The almost Tiffany blue and the gold are divine!

The silver is a little less 'solid' that the gold. 099 is a gorgeous deep purple!

Sleek Acid eyeshadows over Kryolan UV AC on top, the shadows alone. I do have troubl with these Sleek mattes (though my others are fine.) Now I just need to find a club or bar near me that has UV lighting so I don't look like a dick dancing round Cyberdog in Camden with these on! I can't wait to use these as bases more, and see if I can use Pixie Epoxy over them, etc. Here's my first look with an AC as a base:

I used The She Space eyeshadows in Rules of Reverence (lid), Can't Hide from Karma (crease) and Harmony in the Heavens (crease) over TK. 2 Aquacolor. Here are the swatches of The She Space pigments so you can see how much that base made a difference:

I'd heard a lot of dodgy things about Heather/The She Space, but when I saw on Robyn's Nest that she was selling off all her old pigments for $1.50 for a full-size (albeit in a bloody baggie) I had to order a few regardless. And I'm glad I did! I had a little shipping query, and Heather was lovely and sorted everything out for me right away. The shipping *was* a little slow, but not the slowest I've had from across the pond, especially considering I'd borked up my address. I'm really happy with these pigments - I loooove Angels Blush and Rules of Reverence. They're all good staple colours and I've ordered a few more.

While I'm on the subject of bargains, I took advantage of the BOGOF sale at High Voltage and placed a teeny weeny order. I was skint, but I'd seen Julissa say soooo many good things about the Heart of Glass Lip Candy that she pretty much forced me to buy it!

High Voltage Heart of Glass

High Voltage Kinky

Thanks Julissa - I loooooove these and owe you a cookie! The formula between them is slightly different - Kinky seems a lot less creamy, and I had to heat it up a bit before I could get it to go on nicely - you can see a bit that it looks like I've been eating beans - I had to use my finger as I couldn't get a brush to go through it. I haven't worn Kinky properly yet, but omg, Heart of Glass ROCKS. It lasts sooooo long, is really light wearing, fades really nicely so you get an even stain. If Kinky does the same I'll be so happy that I've finally found an orange that doesn't break the bank or look dirty on my lips. I also got one eyeshadow, StarBreaker, and a blush in Need for Speed, but no swatchies of them because my lighting was tres poo. Definitely ordering from High Voltage again - the Crazy for You Lip Whip is calling my name! Customer service was awesome, too.

Bought anything pretty lately, my loves? What are people getting from Hallowe'en collections - I've got my eye on HiFi's Hallowe'en collection, especially the Monster Mash lippie! I don't know if I'm going to get it but I'm def getting the shadows. I'm also really excited about the new blushes Sleek have coming out!

No snogs, I have cooties,

Robyn x


  1. awesome swatches, thank you for sharing! one day i will have to try Kryolan :D

  2. Oooh love the blue with your eyes, it's gorgeous !

  3. So yes, I have to agree Kryolan's naming system sucks balls. It's really annoying.

    Your EOTD is so pretty!

  4. I grabbed el cheapo shespace shades too! Mine were all neutrals cuz I dont like them but figured I needed some in my stash JUSTINCASE!

  5. I don't think your swatches are crappy , they are not photoshopped that's all (cynical, cynical ...)
    You made me fall in love again with the teal -purple combo ...

    Caro xxx

  6. Thanks for the great swatches, never tried this brand but these products seem nice!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. omg I -love- the blue/purple look! The Kryolan colours are amazing. With the Sleek mattes... have you tried the NYX milk pencil? I find that it really helps, its a creamier base so they blend a little easier.
    I'm poor atm so dunno... I ordered some NYX stuff from the Ulta sale, and may get some Venomous Villians stuff but other than that... not buying much :(

  8. Thanks for the swatches. That is a beautiful, vibrant look you did! Love it!

    And I placed an order yesterday for the sample set of Hi-Fi's Halloween collection! Can't wait for it to get here!

  9. I love the aqua and purple lid you did :)

  10. The Kryolan UV colours = NOM. And I LOVE that eye look :D so bright and purrty

  11. Heart of Glass looks a-ma-zing! High Voltage are including Halloween goodie bags when you order their Halloween stuff - not sure if it's only for those ordering full sets though...

  12. @Mandy: I'm not sure I would have forked out for them, but I freaking love them, they're so versatile.

    @Martian Delights: Thankyou! :D

    @Blix: I guess because they're all old colours, that might be why? But it's so annoying! What's wrong with 'red,' 'brick red,' 'violet,' or whatever?

    @KittenMittens: ...probably what I should have done!

    @MUA: I HATE shopped swatches! Ararararargh. I don't even tweak mine. I just don't see the point.

    @Marie: I blame blogging for me knowing about more brands that I cn buy!

    @Cydonian: I usually use JEP Milk, and the rest of the Sleek Mattes are fine, in fact I find some of them super awesome and buttery. Its just the payoff on the neons can be a pain in the arse.

    @The Peach: Swatches plllllllz!

    @Phyrra: Thanks doll, I was feeling girly!

    @prettybottles: They're soooo nice! I want more but they're not on her site atm...

    :SilhoutteScreams: Ohhh yes, I want to buy a blacklight for my house because of them juuuuuust a bit!

    @beauty's bad habit: Ooooh, exciting! I can't afford the full sized set at the moment though... sad teims for me!


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