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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Where the magic happens...

...Sort of.

I'm always in awe whenever people write collection posts, or show their set up. Most people's look so beautiful and professional, and their collections are huge! My 'station' is none of these things, however, I am fond of it. Seeing as this week has been a massive fail blog-wise, due to my being pretty sick (big red nose, puffy eyes, the lot, so no LOTDs), having no batteries for my camera and great big massive cuts on my fingers (so no nail posts), I thought I'd show you guys my little 'station!'

Aaaaaw. When we moved into our flat, we had to adopt a lot of furniture. Eventually we bought more, and I adopted this computer desk for all my pretties :D It was only meant to be temporary, but it's working pretty well for me. On top I have my palettes, tools, beauty essentials, liners, etc. On the sliding drawer I have compartments for (L-R) my blushes, highlighters etc, my indie eyeshadow, my Barry M eyeshadow, miscellaneous eye crap, lipglosses and balms and lipsticks. Underneath on the right I have a box with my straighteners, curling tongs, etc, my makeup books, a box with my false lashes, cotton buds/balls/baby wipes. On the other side is my spare stuff, travel bags, etc.

This looks like a 'Spot The Geekery' game - Hello Kitty, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Little Mermaid, Star Wars! I really am a child - and a possibly gender confused one at that. Under my mirror are my Sleek Palettes, a box of eBay glitter, my 120 palette, my 66 lip palette, my Aqua Colors and Greasepaints, and a pill organiser that I depot my samples into. (Oh, and yes, that is a boot reflected in my mirror. We've got damp in our shoe cupboard and my lovely boyfriend had to clean about a million pairs of shoes.)

Though I love the elegant brush holders people make from beads and vases, it just isn't me. What is me is a Darth Vader mug and a Mickey Mouse organiser. I really need something bigger than both of these as finding the right brush can be a pain in the arse and I don't have room to keep all my cream eyeshadow pencils, Gosh art liners, etc, in the Mickey holder. The Jessica Rabbit shotglass was a present a week or so ago from my mum and dad who grabbed it for me along with loads of other cool stuff from Disney World. Now I have loads of Aqua Colors, I have something pretty to put water in when I used them.

The light isn't the best here, but seeing as I can't find decent lighting in my price range at the moment (or more realistically, my boyfriend won't take me to Ikea which I think is entirely sensible) it does me pretty well. The windowsill gives me lots of room for my pretty shiny things, too!

All my funky jewellery lives here, my fancy stuff gets hidden away... million and one hairbows live in a heart-shaped basket...

...Ariel and Jessica Rabbit pins adorn my mirror, and much more crap besides.

So yeah, not the biggest collection in the world, but not bad seeing as I started from scratch, almost, a little more than a year ago. I left a lot of stuff in the UK with my sister when I went to Canada for a year, where I didn't really wear much make-up because I was snowboarding almost every day for about eight months. When I got back I recovered some of what I'd left and had to start again! Seeing as I still have conceivably more than I will ever use, I can't really complain.

I'd love to see where you girls work, and if you haven't posted a collection post, that too. I really think it's interesting to see how much/what make-up people have when you see what they do with it all the time.

Anyway, have a lovely weekend ladies. I'm off to have a Lemsip and then I'm making me and the man a salmon and couscous nom to eat infront of the Inbetweeners... Yea, I'm rock and roll :P xxx


  1. awesome!!! I prefer your setup to mine. It looks more cozy. Mine went back to chaotic but not in a good way at all. In the cart is fine, the actual table-top is a shitstorm. I do my makeup on my couch in front of the tv though lol. I'm classtastic like that :)

  2. I think it looks good :) I love the cups as your brush holders. I am a firm believer is finding new and innovative ways to use the most common household items for things they were not intended for. Great post and I love it.

  3. Great station! And it looks organized! Mine tends to be a mess and I have bad lighting! One of these days I'll try to get some better lighting at mine too!

  4. Very cool to see your set up!

  5. very pretty station! I don't have a station for myself & this one inspired me! glad you shared!

  6. I love your's! I think it's adorable.

  7. Very cute! Darth vadar mugs over fancy brush holders anyday! I want me one of these!
    I am gonna show off my set up and all once I've moved into halls. Its gonna be epicly chaotic. and thats how i like it :D

  8. @Kitten Mittens: I'm going to have to get a cart, the minute I buy anything else, I think. I've officially run out of room on the shelf!

    @froggiestyle: Me too! It's really hard to find a nice brush holder - or any brush holders in fact - and I love seeing what people use for it.

    @The Peach: Yeah, I totally used this post as an excuse to tidy up :S

    @Phyrra: Thankyou! ^-^

    @Mae Manahan: I was so relieved when I got it, doing all my makeup on the sofa or in the bathroom sucked!

    @Makeup Zombie: I like it too, it's my little happy place :D

    @Methadone Pretty: I'm going to have to find another SW mug if I buy any more brushes! Can't wait to see your set up!

  9. you know what'd be awesome? a chewbacca mug!

  10. I like your setting ! You are absolutely true about staying away from IKEA , run for your life, Forest it's a death trap ....Hubby bought me a vanity from there a few weeks ago, I am in heaven (I don't want to know, the price , though...)


    Caro xxx
    PS : I read a few posts that I missed due to "out of the blogging world" era, you are stunning in the pin up hair look !

  11. your setup is simple, easy to access and super clean :p
    mine is everywhere but i had cleaned mine up after a little trip to IKEA, so hopefully mine is a lot better now :p

  12. I love it, especially the sliding drawer. I have a vanity in my craft room - I may need to keep the mirror, but swap in a desk...Hmm.

  13. I am so impressed whenever I see that someone has an actual stand for their stuff, all my shit's just on the floor.


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