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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Good Girl gone....

...ah, who am I kidding? I'm always good.

New Sleek palettes hit the shelves of Superdrug this week and I luckily managed to snap up both of them. The Bad Girl palette is full of shades for a dark smokey eyes while the Good Girl palette is pink, pink, pink! Bad Girl appears to be permanent, Good Girl is limited.

How vile is the packaging? I mean, really. Bleh.

Ahhh, but all is forgiven! This is the Bad Girl palette.... how great is this? And looky - NAMES! Thankyou, Sleek people! Not having to go, 'errr, the sort of greeny one second from the left on the bottom row' is going to get you all brownie point from the blogger. Standouts for me are Twilight, a shimmery blackened purple and Intoxicated, which I will describe as a sort of magpie green :S

(I don't know why I didn't swatch Cupcake...)

And that's the Good Girl palette. I'm not really sure why I got this.... it's very fucking pink. But on the other hand.... it's pink! I really like that they didn't shove their usual matte black in this palette - it would have made it look very off. I don't like, however, the fact that the names are all candy-themed and not 'good girl' themed - it doesn't match its sister palette and for some reason that annoys me. The names are pretty unimaginative too, but hey, at least they're there. My favourites are Lychee - Sleek often has pretty shitty choices for highlight colours in their palettes and this one is super pretty - and Morello.

Whenever I buy a new Sleek palette, I always convinced that some of the shades were in a previous palette. I'm always wrong, but certainly there are some similarities. I'm not complaining though, as subtle differences give you more options and allow the palettes to work together better. Sleek seems to have sorted out their issues with texture, as well, which is good - some palettes would have a couple of very chunky shades. All in all... I'm Sleek's bitch. I love these things and the Bad Girl palette should be a staple for everyone.

Sorry about the boring post - I know when I buy something new, I usually do lots of looks with the product as I find it more useful -for me at least, as a reference - than swatches alone, but I have been so busy this week it's unreal. I've been doing simple liner and bright lippy most days. On the plus side, I got to do a LOT of make-up this week, my friend Dolly Divine, who is a fabulous burlesque dancer/model is coming play make-up today and I met Kat O from Click and Make-up in the flesh! (She's my managers girlfriend and way too good for him imo!) I also have my first shoot for a photography group next weekend... aaaaagh :D!

Hope everyone is having a great Hallowe'en.


  1. The Bad Girl palette looks awesome! But couldn't they have come up with some other colors besides pink for the Good Girl one? Maybe some purples or peaches? Thanks for the swatches!

  2. Oh, nice palettes! I'll be in London tomorrow, I hope I'll find The Bad Girl palette too :D

    Nea/ Fashioned in Finland

  3. LOLOL @ "it's very fucking pink."

    It's a bit too pink imo D: I love pink eyeshadow, but that's like pink overload! I have to go up and stare at the Bad Girl palette just to rest my eyes. Speaking of which, I really like the shades in the bottom row :)

    Also, I have to agree on the packaging :X it looks like it's aimed at 12 year olds

  4. Im really digging the dark greens in the Bad Girl palette! Although im afraid id totally skip on the Good Girl palette, it reminds me of a little pink eyeshadow palette i had when i was 7...... Nope, not going there again! .x

  5. Can't wait until I get my hands on the Bad Girl palette :D You could use the Good Girl as a blusher palette maybe? It is A LOT of pink, wow... lol

    Oh, btw, I friend req'd you on Facebook because I looked at Dolly Devine's page and saw your name in one of the posts :D Hope that's not creepy =P

  6. I grabbed Bad Girl yesterday finally! Thinking about Good Girl as I suppose I could use some of the colours as blushes!

  7. The good girl palette is indeed VERY pink : I would have seen it more like a pastel palette (soft blue, yellow, green , ONE pink and so on ...) and I would have found pretty names : lollipop, bubble gum, sugar, etc ...(I need to send a resume to their marketing team !)

    The bad girl palette looks gorgeous...

    Can't wait to see what you're gonna do with them

    Caro xxx


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