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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Nearly Naked

I hardly ever, ever, ever do a minimal eye make-up look. So today, as I was feeling lazy, I thought I should bite the bullet and do one.

Eyes: Fyrinnae Moonchild (lid), a bit of MAC Gesso to highlight, Kryolan Cake mascara (in brown), Rimmel eyebrow pencil in Hazel.

Face: Revlon Colorstay in Buff, Primark Ta Ta For Now undereye concealer (better than nothing, but fairly pooey coverage) Primark The Happy Couple blush (pink side)

Lips: Milani 3d Gloss in In Vogue (much brighter in real life, thank god!)

I did feel very naked but I resisted the urge to slap on the eyeliner. I'm having a bad skin week, and I think I'd feel more comfortable with this look if I had less spots - they're all at the 'drying out' stage which makes them hard to conceal :(

Are you scared to go minimal? Do you think it's mental that I consider eight products minimal?!



  1. Aslong as I have a good base I don't mine nearly naked eyes and lips, I often just wear mascara on my eyes xxx

  2. I pretty much never go minimal because once I get started doing my makeup, I just keep going and adding stuff. XD I think you look very pretty here, though.

  3. Uhhh what spots?????? You look great here! .x

  4. Moonchild is really lovely :)

  5. What a great natural look! You have beautiful skin! And I usually always go naked! I don't wear makeup to work! Its an evening and weekend thing for me!

  6. yay!!! I went almost nekkkid too today. Just wore my pale green nyx jumbo eye pencil as eyeliner and mascara and foundation and blush. Quickest way to get ready evar.

  7. I normally go naked with minimal eye make-up look unless full for special events.

  8. I dont mind going minimal, but I just don't feel like myself if I don't have bright eyeshadow on :)

  9. I don't mind going minimal, although usually if I only have time for minimal, I decide to be lazy and just scrap it altogether.

  10. You look so gorgeous!Believe me your skin looks sooo flawless!!!

  11. @Karleigh: I think wearing less eye makeup certainly encourages me to concentrate on my base more.

    @Painted Moogle: Yea, I do that too. I was late for work and nothing was blending this morning but I added glitter anyway!

    @Aoife: Mt Etna and co are camping out on the other side of my face, but thankyou :D

    @Phyrra: I seriously want it's babies, its fab!

    @The Peach: if I don't wear makeup to work my colleagues ask what's wrong!

    @Kitten Mittens: No, this are:

    @Leira Yann: I really need to try it more, my skin will probably thank me!

    @SilhoutteScreams: You are a bit of a colour bunny :)

    @kathyeffingjacobs: I tend to do that on holiday. Generally the only time I don't want to spend another half hour in my pjs!

    @blushingloves: Thankyou doll :D

  12. This is such a gorgeous look - I love that you've gone for really pretty, understated colours because the end result is just so girly and pretty. Oh and the lip colour is beautiful! :)

    P.S. I wish my skin looked this good when I was having a bad skin week! Honestly if you had to put up with my nightmare skin you'd have something to complain about :p

  13. I love that lip color! If it's even brighter in person, then I must, MUST go find it haha.

    On a side note, I nominated you for a blogger award:



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