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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

First Impressions: Bourjois Je T’aime Vintage/Little Round Pot Blusher in Rose d’Or


Apart from a recent ill-fated Healthy Mix purchase, my last Bourjois buy was way back in my first or second year of uni, when I like their clear blue minty gloss. For some reason a special offer piqued my interest recently and I picked up a few things, including this adorable looking little blush. It’s Bourjois’ 150th anniversary this year, and they’ve packaged three of their best-selling shades in adorable 1930’s style packaging. These colours are being referred to  as ‘Je T’aime Vintage Blushes’ but they’re same Little Round Pot ones as they normally have out.

I’m fascinated with history of makeup brands – cue nerdiness! - and the history of Bourjois is really interesting. Like most very old makeup brands, the creator Alexandre Napoleon Bourjois started out making stage makeup – day to day, normal people didn’t wear much or any makeup and it was mainly produced for actors. For a long time, if you wore rouge you were considered a whore! Blush, however, was one of the first products Bourjois made and it’s kind of cool that blushers are still such a key part of the brand today! I think some of the shades have been around for more than 100 years which to me is pretty darn cool.


borjois rose d'or

Rather annoyingly the special packaging is just a sticker, which I think is a bit of a cop-out for your anniversary, Bourjois, but hey, that’s just me! It’s still adorable though and I will admit it’s what attracted me to product.

rose d'or packaing

It comes with an adorable looking but useless brush – it’s very stiff, hard to hold and grabs way too much product. Only use if you want to look like an irritated, stripy clown. I don’t know why companies still do this.

rose d'or swatch

I’ve not used these blushers for a long, long time – I remember my housemate used to have lots of them. They always gave her a lovely glow and never looked too much with her crazy hair colours, so I was expecting something sheer and pretty – your typical baked blusher, really. I don’t own NARS Orgasm but it this seems to be that type of shade – a bright pink with gold sheen. It’s actually pretty pigmented when you swipe it – more so than I was expecting.

rose d'or look

On the skin, it’s just what I wanted. Subtle and pretty with a nice but not too disco-ball of a glow. It’s so small and compact it’s going straight into my everyday makeup bag – the brush, however, is going in the bin!


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