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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Bargains galore!

I am the Mayor of Bargain Town. I really can't resist a bargain, sale, or eBay! So because I'm home feeling poorly and a bit sorry for myself and my tummy, here is some of the cheap crap I've bought recently:

- Glitter! I got twelve glitters off eBay for $5 US including shipping! I was very, very wary of these because the pigments I bought off eBay weren't that great at all, but for five bucks I thought I would give them a go.

As you can see, they're darn pretty. Most of them don't reflect the colour they are, for example the purple (which I am wearing on heeeeere on Makeup Zombie's blog! :D) reflects green. The pots are pretty small but you don't need that much, and hey, five bucks. I got mine here. As for whether they are eye-safe... well, I'm going to say probably not, although they are quite fine and don't feel scratchy on the eye. I, however, don't care :P

- Make Up Academy eyeshadow, shade 12. Part of Superdrugs £1 make-up range, I was alerted to its beauty by MylanQolia and I love it! 12 is a very odd colour and hard to capture. Its a reddened brown with a green-ish silver duochrome. Ah, whatever, I love it and it was £1!

- 66 Lip palette. I got this a couple months ago now, but I thought seeing as I have these swatches on my PC I'd bung them up. Its about a fiver on eBay and worth way more than that, imo. Lookit:

- Vital Radiance lippies. Vital Radiance is or was a subcompany of Revlon. Apparently it was for old pe.... over 50's and was a bit of a flop. Subsequently, it is now relegated to Poundland and the like, where I snapped up THREE lippies for a quid when I went in there to get some humbugs for a coach journey (Sadly I am 100% serious about that part.) The lippes themselves are in a rather ugly taupe/seethrough packaging and they're the slimline type, which however irrational pisses me off. We already HAVE a shape of lipstick that works, there is no need for lanky streak-of-piss lippies that won't fit in my storage. Anyway, there were two great colours in here, Bare and Watermelon and I'm really happy with them, they're pretty and moisturizing, and you can't say fairer than that for less than a quid.



- Fauxnad! I've been wanting to try out Konad for ages and for all that You Tube gurus babble on about it being cheap, its just not cheap for me right now. £6 for one plate? Pah. However, I found a fake set here on eBay for about a fiver, so I snapped it up. The plates are mostly flowers and swirls, with some things that will never make it onto my nails, but it was really worth the cash for this:

Hello Kitty! I've had a quick go on my toes, but I refuse to put you through the horror of looking at my feet so I'll do some proper manis and a review soon.

- And the fail bargain. I snapped up a pot of individual false lashes from eBay for about £2. As I've always been impressed with cheap lashes I've bought online and so I was expecting these to be okay, at least.

Well, they're not. They don't have a little bump on the end like other individual lashes, so there is nothing for the glue to grab hold of. So basically I have what looks like a pot of pubes on my desk.

What have you been hauling lately? I'm awaiting a package from HiFi Cosmetics that I'm really excited about!

Love and kisses, I know a few of us need them right now x


  1. pot of pubes... actually that is a very good description... i saw the photo first before reading what it was and i thought it looked like that too.
    yeah i see all these nice stuff on ebay but not sure whether to buy them or not :p

  2. Haha, I was going to say that the pot of lashes! You could put your own 'bump' on the end by dipping the ends in latex, lash glue or even PVA...Hi-Fi are awesome! I think I'm gonna go order some glitter....

  3. @Mandy - they all stick together too.... ugh, they're so gross!

    @BBH: I've tried, and its just to darn time consuming! I can't believe I paid for pubes.

  4. LOL the last pic is sooo funni. Thats actually what i thought it was before I read the commentary then i laughed out loud when i read u thought u bought a pot of pubes. my hubby even came over to ask wahts going on.

    those pigment-glitters look like an awesome buy though!! congrats and thanx for sharing.

    what seller sold the glitters?

  5. Anya, I bought them from this seller

  6. i think the "pot of pubes" are hairs for actual eyelash extensions, that's why they don't have the little bumps in the end.

  7. Oooh those glitters look nice, i really like the baby blue colour. And wow i need a 66 lip palette! They look really nice on your lips and such pretty colours and cheap! :D

  8. The individual lashes made me lol so hard, because I thought to myself "dear god, why has she got a jar of pubes on her blog?" when I first saw it. Awful!
    The 66 lip palette looks really interesting and of course you know I love the MUA shadows you sent me :) I'm wearing the light pinky purple today in fact!

  9. OMG that pot of "lashes" is LOL Those glitters are so pretty! I've been on a self-imposed buy restriction this month, so I haven't really hauled anything. BUT...a fellow blogger took pity on me and sent me 3 ChG colors I absolutely love, so I guess that's my haul for the month. LOL

  10. The glitters looks nice! And those lip colours.. wow! Especially the purple and blue ones. x

  11. Pot of pubes! Oh my, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking when I saw that picture! But it looks like you've gotten a lot of great deals lately...lots of stuff to have fun with :)

  12. @Jonna: They have a couple of blues in there, it's really cool! They have a great silver too but its hard to get on all even!

    @Stephee: I love a deal so much I'll even buy pubes, apparently!

  13. You are the mayor of bargain town, well meet the Queen of bargain kingdom aka ME !!! The worst is that I probably spend more money on bad bargains than on a really nice high end product ...DUGH

    The last pic made me LOL so much...

    have a lovely week end, I hope your bargains made you feel better !

    Caro xxx

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  15. Ewwwww those lashes... before I saw what they were I was all, WTF is that? I thought not of pubes but a jar of dead spiders...

  16. hhahahahahahaha you crack me up!!!
    i love the look you did for makeup zombie, and that blue lippie is just sexy!

  17. @Caro: Aw, you can't be the Queen, then I'll have to do what you say!

    @Heather: I honestly don't know which I'd prefer D:

    @Sara: Aw, thanks doll, I'm trying to work out where I could possibly wear blue lipstick...

  18. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. I almost choked at "So basically I have what looks like a pot of pubes on my desk." Do more looks with the glitter! I think it was an amazing by!

  19. I envy you for those bargains, especially for the OMG, I want this fucking amazing duochrome brown eyeshadow by MUA. I'd love to see an eye make up with it, honestly. Torment me, pls! It's crap that I don't have any access to shade 12 as I live in Germany. :-)
    Btw, yes, Sleek's customer service is #1!

  20. Uh oh...I may have to snag a lip palette and some glitters from eBay!

  21. Ok so I saw this lady make false eyelashes using one of her old make-up brushes. She lined up the hairs she cut from the brush and glued them in a line with liquid latex or lash glue. She did it several times till she liked the results. Then she sealed the bottom with crazy glue, curled them and wore them. I figured maybe you could use that technique to make your own using the little pube lashes.:D If you need a link to the video I could go find one for you. :D


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