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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The girl who ate the peach and forgot everything...

Or, Hi-Fi Cosmetics reviews, swatches and LOTD!

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I fought my way downstairs bright and early to see if the postman had brought me my Hi-Fi order. Disappointed to see he hadn't, I turned away and then I heard a plop on my doormat! Yippee!

I took advantage of Veronica's amazing buy 5, get 5 free shadows which I just think was too good a deal to pass up! Obviously I had to get some stuff from the Labyrinth collection. Like every girl born in the 80s, this is my favourite movie. If you haven't seen it, or disagree, I think I may have to have stern words with you. Seriously, its hard being friends with people who don't know why I call the toilet the Bog of Eternal Stench. This is what I got from the Labyrinth Collection (click to see swatches/descriptions on Etsy)

-Mornings of Gold (x2 accidentally, d'oh! Future giveaway it is!)
-Valentine Evenings
-Down in the Underground
-Slime and Snails
-Between the Stars (top left, for some reason its not listed on the store atm.)

And then I also got:

-Final Act (can't find it on Etsy)
-Morbid Faith
-Sweet Dreams (Marilyn Manson shadows FTW!)
-Another Day Another Drama (1st Anniversary collection.)

And I got FOUR free samples! Four!!! WTF?!

-Angel of Death Paparazi Flash Powder
-#1 Hit Single Rock Star eyeshadow
-Aphrodisiac shadow
-Sad Love Spotlight Lip Glaze (Also Labyrinth collection.)

And now some swatchy goodness:

Final Act is a beautiful silver with a hint of lavender to it. #1 Hit single is more the opposite, a soft silvered lavender. They go really well together and I'm sure Veronica must choose her samples carefully, because Another Day Another drama, an awesome Cadburys type purple with holo and pink glitter in goes excellently with my sample Aphrodisiac, which is more of a plummy colour with gold sparkles. Morbid Faith is a beautiful soft blue with a slight purple shift and Sweet Dreams is a minty green with what I see as a slightly aqua shift to it. I was hurting for a green like this, I can't wait to use it with some sexy chocolate browns! Angel of Death, which my picture does not show at ALL, is an amazeballs black based glitter with holographic sparkles! Awesomeness.

Sad Love lip Glaze is a beautiful rosy gloss with a slight gold shift to it, with green/red duo glitter in. Its so pretty, you guys! And my sample was really generous, AND in a pot, not a baggie. Mornings of Gold looks a little pink here, and really its a lot more of a white gold, though it does have a slight pinkyness to it. Its really quite unique, imo. Valentine Evenings is a reddish copper which is going to looks badass applied wet! Slime and Snails looks bluer on the shop swatch, but I find it to be a light green with a slight blue shift and aqua glitter. Down in the Underground... omg, its the fist proper duochromatic colour I have. In my swatch it looks a slightly blackened foresty/emerald green, but it shifts to a blue-greyish lavender colour somewhat similar to Barry M's Oyster grey. I am so stoked with this colour. Between the Stars is a pale, slightly pink lavender, which I adore. I was really missing something like this in my collection.

I don't think this collection is a pastels collection, as some people have said. There are more pastel-y shades, but these babys are super pigmented. Slime and snails, for example, is too bright to be a true pastel I applied them quite lightly in my LOTD below, but I think these would all pop like a motherfucker if y. ou applied them wet or over PE.

Overall, I'm in love, love, love. Superdrug, Boots et al, you have no power over me. I don't want to buy another drugstore product ever again at the moment! Indie company-wise, I've only bought from Hi-Fi and Evil Shades but I am so impressed. All my Hi-Fi shades are beautiful and unique, and I'll certainly be purchasing from Veronica again soon! (Her shop is closing briefly soon, click here to find out why :D)

So, after rambling on and on, here's a LOTD using all my Labyrinth shadows. It was a piece of cake to do. I know I got a bit of Valentine Evenings on my lid, but you can't take anything for granted...

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Between the Stars (lid, middle of lower lashline)
Hi-Fi Cosmetics Slime and Snails (inner crease)
Hi-Fi Cosmetics Down in the Underground (outer crease, outer lower lashline)
Hi-Fi Cosmetics Valentine Evenings (liner)
Hi-Fi Cosmetics Mornings of Gold (inner corner and brow higlight)
Borjouis Pump up the Volume waterproof mascara
Sleek dark brown shadow from Storm palette (brows)
Rimmel Loveable Lilac kohl pencil (waterline)

Almay blush in 130 Peach
Hi-Fi Cosmetics Mornings of Gold to highlight
Revlon Colorstay in Buff
Mememe green concealer

Revlon/Vital Radiance lipstick in Raspberry (blotted)
Hi-Fi Cosmetics Spotlights Lip Glaze in Sad Love

And one last thing, I LOVE that a lot of the Labyrinth shadows are named for 'As The World Falls Down,' which is my favourite song/scene from the song. So here it is:

Now I'm going to go inside and have a nice cuppa tea :P

Robyn x


  1. Labyrinth is my all time favourite film EVER!!!! I watch it at least once a month and it's a 'me tradition' to watch it on Christmas Eve whilst wrapping pressies! I love Sir Didimus and Ambrosius...although I don't think I could pick a favourite! Magic Dance is my fave song from the film!

    I'm getting all nostalgic and misty eyed now *aherm* great colours and even greater names! :)

  2. @Ms Wedgie: I always watch it when I'm sick, that's my me tradition!

  3. hahahaha you're now my hero!
    i love that movie so much!
    my sister is freaked out by the orange creatures who trade body parts, and i'll just sneak up behind her and tug on her head and yell "HOW COME YOUR HEAD DON'T COME OFF!"

    anyways, fantastic post/review :]

  4. Great haul! Those eyeshadows look amazing. Sweet Dreams is my favourite! Looking forward to see more looks you're going to do with them. x

  5. Fuck I love the Labyrinth <3 and fuck I love Hifi. I was born in 1990 and The Labyrinth was pretty much my favourite movie growing up.

    Being that I'm a sucker for pretty inner corner highlight-y type colours, I've been lemming Mornings of Gold :) I love how you used Valentine Evenings as liner, it contrasts really nicely with how soft the other shadows are.

  6. @Sarah: I'm not gonna lie, they creep me the fuck out, too!

    @Jonna: Aw, thanks, I think I might use it today!

    @SilhoutteScreams: Mornings of Gold is just.... ahhhhmg, its amazing. I really want to buy the rest of the collection, but I'm on a make-up ban until I've saved up for a Fyrinnae hau.... I mean paid off the credit card

  7. omg, I -need- Sweet Dreams. And the Labyrinth stuff? omigawd.

  8. I need Sad Love sooooo badly. And all the Labyrinth colors.

    I really like this look - that's some killer blending between Slime and Snails and Down in the Underground, by the way. Great job!

  9. I am still yet to watch Labyrinth (just put it on my watch list lol) :(

    I placed my first order from Hi-Fi with the great sale offer, they're still to be shipped but I am really really excited ! Hope I won't have to wait much longer !

  10. @kathy: They're soooo easy to blend!

    @MartianDelights: I was so excited for mine too!

  11. i love that song!

  12. Labyrinth is my favourite film too, though jointly with Grease 2 and Forbidden Zone :P
    I was so excited when i heard about this collection and it really didn't disappoint! I just got my own Hi Fi order this morning including 3 of the Labyrinth shadows. Now i need the rest!
    The gloss looks gorgeous on you and i love the look you did.
    And i know what you mean, the colours aren't pastels, they're just a little light. They're not super-bright but they're powerful and full of 'wow' factor :)
    And i love that song, there's such a sad love deep in his tights :(


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