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Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Despite getting my Sleek Circus palette, its been too hot/muggy/sweaty to do a full face every day. I know its not been crazy hot, but using the Tube everyday is just a make-up melter. The other I day I wore just powder, mascara and brows. In puclic. To WORK. :| I know.

So this is a full-face I did this week, but I wanted to do a bog-standard smokey eye as I never, ever do them.

I think I used MAC Gesso, Evil Shades Double Barrell, some MUA shadow and Viva Glam Cyndi. Even though I really, really liked how it turned out, I'm a bit stressed atm and it's making me a little spotty, and sweating under my Colorstay isn't going to do me any favours, so I'm trying not to wear it if I don't have to, as I can't afford to buy another foundation when its probably going to start pissing it down for the rest of the year in about a week or so. It still stays on pretty well, but I feel quite icky at the end of the day.

So here's a simple two-shadow, powder, blush and concealer look. I don't actually need as much coverage as Colorstay gives me, I just like it :D The crap lighting here makes my skin look way better than it is, however.

I think I used NYX Super Creamy on the lid, but I don't remember anything else. My brows are red because I shittily waxed them - don't bother with those eyebrows strips, you may as well use Sellotape.

And here is a super-shiny face. Just powder, no concealer, and only two shadows again. I'd only been wearing this for a couple hours and look how shiny. Bleh.

My crease colours is MUA Shade 12 which is an AMAZING duochrome. Its so weird, its like a reddish-brown with a silver-green reflect. Really cool.

How has your makeup held up in the heat? Has your routine changed much at all?

Snogs xxx

P.S. You should all be grateful for this post, because my stupid boyfriend is eating all our Calippos and I can't nom one and type at the same time.


  1. I love calippos!

    I never wear makeup to work. Lolol. Well maybe if I'm feeling adventurous I might put some mascara on, but I prefer sleep in the morning.
    I love the silver in the first look.

  2. Both looks are beautiful! I hate the heat. I don't wear liquid foundation much anyway but definately wouldn't now. It's all powder or tinted moisturiser for me now!

  3. Luckily my sister donated me a liquid foundation that works well in the heat just as my creme foundation was having proper meltdown.

    You're looking gorgeous as ever! I love the first look :D

  4. Everything is about the same, just using a liquid foundation right now.:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  5. My routine has totally changed, but it's because I've been oversleeping :3
    I do my brows (have to, I have none), mascara, undereye concealer (set with a bit of powder), and I'm out the door after a coat of clear lip gloss.
    It's pretty sad... but anyway! I love your smokey eye and the duochromey MUA color :)

  6. I'm using a finishing powder to combat my shininess this summer. Otherwise, everything's the same, and since I'm doing a lot of swimming I'm tending to skip the face altogether and just do my eyes a few times a day - which is awesome fun!

    Both of your looks are lovely! My simple looks don't turn out so well as yours. :3

  7. What is a Calippo ???? That is a good question, dear Watson !

    Skin :It's so sweaty here as well. My liquid foundation melts and it's ugly so just powder over a primer ...
    Eyes , I can't help it . I need to dress them fully or I have the impression to wander naked !!!
    Lips : gloss !

    The first smokey is superb ! I never manage to do a black-grey smokey. I look dead if I do so ...May be something to do with my skin tone ???

    Caro xxx

  8. Your silver, glittery look is just beautiful :) I went to work practically bare-faced as well today - brows (or else I look like an albino rat!), lip conditioner and mascara - not even face powder - and it's not hot - I'm just lazy hehe!
    Kat x Click&Make-Up!

  9. The heat here has been awful! I haven't been doing much in the way of full faces either. Even when I kinda want's too hot to muster up full ambition to get it done :) I usually switch to a mineral foundation in the summer, it's usually just too hot for me to break out the colorstay just to have it melt right off. Love the looks, especially the smoky eye.

  10. Very pretty simple looks :) x

  11. @Rebecca: They are the shiznit, all other ice lollies are clearly sub-par :D

    @Lillian: I'm thinking its time to invest in a mineral one too, but the thought of finding a good match online strikes the fear of God into me D:

    @RaeRae: Ah, merci ^^ When are we doing our looks?

    @Marie: Then you clearly have an awesome face!

    @Cydonian: I HAVE to do my brows too, they are very blonde. And once you do that, you need to do mascara. And then I need a bit of blush.... and then a bit of gloss to balance... and then its not so simple!

    @Moogle: What powder are you using? The one I have is shit and has no staying power at all.

    @MUA: A Calippo is just an ice lolly but they are very very fruity and full of additives and other horrible things that make them taste funny

    @Kat: Its rare but sometimes I am too lazy to do a face full stop, but that is when I don't have to leave the house at all that day. Otherwise its always mascara and brows. Because I dye my hair I look like a pillock if I don't fill them in.

    @Stephee: What mineral foundation do you use? I'm thinking more and more I should give it a go...

    @Jonna: Thankyou! It started raining a lot today so we will have some more colourful ones tomorrow maybe! :D


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