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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Disney Collaboration with Fierce Nerditude: Peter Pan!

I can never work out if Peter Pan is a hero or a little shit. I’m erring on the side of ‘little shit,’ but on the other hand, he does have a pretty awesome hat.

Behold the look for which I have no good pictures:

peter pan 4

peter pan 2

peter pan

peter pan 3

Derp derp derp, sideways derp.

Eyes: Lid/lower lashline, green from Sleek Acid. Crease, Ulta Olive Gold, Wet N Wild Envy. Liner, red matte gel liner from Inglot, Collection 2000 Extreme 24/7 pen liner in black. Waterline, NYX Milk. Highlight, green from MUA Pretty Pastels.
Cheeks: BeautyUk baked blush in Peaches and Cream, Darling Girl Boardwalk
Lips: Morgana Cryptoria Bees Knees


Apart from the fact I struggled to take photos of this look (cheers for raining, England) as  well as the fact that I *couldn’t* take too many photos of it because my stupid memory card is being stupid, I realy, really liked this look. Red liner, green eyeshadow and orange lipstick? I don’t think this could be more me!


I gave Vijaya Gurgi from The Black Cauldron to do this week, because he is sooo cute – “Munching and crunchings!” – and because The Black Cauldron rocks. So go check that out!


  1. This is very cute! Love the green with the red liner!

  2. Love the liner with this look!

  3. I absolutely love it adn am totally thrilled to see that the gorgeous green is from the Sleek palette I've got. I haven't tried the green yet. x

  4. How fun! I think Peter Pan has a totally awesome hate, too. I love that lip color on you, and the way the whole thing came together, awesome!

  5. I love it! Greens are always so nice on you... the photos aren't bad, shush up!

  6. This combo is so lovely on you! FO REALS, YO!

  7. This looks amazing on you. Great job!

  8. OMG! I love the attention to detail here, the red liner with a bit of black underneath it looks awesome!

  9. Ahh I love the liner. And yeah, Pan is a little shit.

  10. Dammit, only you would be able to pull this off <3 *seethes with jealousy*


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