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Thursday, 29 December 2011

New MUA Lip Products

Just a super quick post today to show you a couple of the new additions to the MUA line!


MUA Lipstick in, Nectar £1


Oh yes, my friend. MUA are naming all of their new products, and they told me on Twitter that all the old products will probably get renamed at some point as well! Hurrah, hooray and woo-hoo! Anyway, on to the product at hand. Nectar is a glossy, sheer orange-peach – more like a  colourful tinted balm. Lovely everyday colour, I’ve been wearing this quite a lot – it live in my handbag as its quite nice for an emergency lip colour.

MUA Out There Plumping Lipgloss in Sienna, £2.



Another gorgeous peachy colour, this one is a tad brighter and leans a little more pink than Nectar. It is a plumping gloss, so you do get that annoying sting, although this doesn’t have any mintyness to it. You only get a small amount on the applicator, which is a bit of a pain in the bum, but overall this is gorgeous and well worth the two quid!

MUA Lipstick in Juicy, £1.


Juicy is a bright peachy-pink cream. A little lighter than I’d normally go for, but this would look lovely with a dark smokey eye, no? I’d recommend a lip scrub before this one – my lips were dry as balls when I took this swatch photo.


I love MUA, I really do. A lunchtime beauty fix without making my wallet cry is always a good thing, especially when the products are actually nice! They did release 3 new lipsticks and I think the other one is called Bare, but I couldn’t find it in store, boo!


( International ladies and ladies who have a crappy Superdrug, you can now order online at If you make an order before the 3rd of January and you spend £8, you get the enormous Immaculate Collection palette free with it! )


  1. Very cute, I love Juicy! Wish we had this brand where I live!

  2. Waaaant both the lippies. For £2 total, I THINK I WILL. Gr.

  3. Ooh I like Juicy! I might have to try the website now, free stuff is always a good incentive for me :P

  4. Blogger just ate my comment so if it manages to pop up, SAHWY. I said that I love Nectar, great every day color. I'm glad they are going to names, because numbers are shite and hard to remember. I love Inglot but the numbers WILL eat me one day.

  5. I love peachy-pinks! this one looks awesome on you. And hooray for getting names! I think it's silly products don't have names.

  6. Big YAY for the online shop that ships internationally! I've been droolin over the MUA products for ages and even bought some from the evilBay (at obscene prices, of course!). Thanks for the info, Robyn! :)

  7. lovely colours!!

  8. I love MUA for the quality of their products. Their new eyeshadow palettes are amazing and glad to hear they are giving their lipsticks names ( i dont mind numbers, but i tend to remember names better!)

  9. Thanks for the link! We don't have MUA where I live.


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