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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Disney Collaboration with Fierce Nerditude: Kiara from Lion King 2.

A very loosely interpreted Disney look for you this week as I’m off to a Christmas lunch and didn’t want to go looking too literally like a cartoon lion cub. As awesome as that would be, I don’t think after the amount of wine and food I am about to consume it would look so great! I actually love The Lion King 2, I know a lot of people don’t. ‘Deceeeeption…disgraaaaaaaaace…!’ Awesome. 


Eyes: Lid, Inglot Pearl 402. Lower lashline, Inglot shine 07. Crease… doy, idk. A matte chocolate inglot shade. Maybelline gel liner, Maybelline One By One mascara. Brow colour from Sleek Bohemian.
Cheeks: Sleek Suede blush
Lips: Rimmel Vintage Pink

All the lions have really cool eyes – they look like they have thick liner on, almost, and the eye sockets are really defined, with a lighter colour on the bottom and a darker colour on the top. So, that’s kind of what I did – a taupey lid, a gold lower lashline and arabic-style liner, which I’m loving on me at the moment. And because its Christmas, a little bit of gold glitter in there as well.

We’re keeping it strictly Lion Kin themed, and I gave Vijaya Timon to do for her character this week, so go and check her out!


Sorry I’ve not posted much the last week or some, but I’ve been hella busy. I have some swatches, looks and a tutorial for you this week though, promise!


  1. Love this look on you! Gorgeous! x

  2. Great look. I like the arabic-style liner.

  3. Love this look, it's super pretty, and I love shimmer eyeshadows

  4. EEE! I love it. I'm jealous of your liner winging skills. <3

  5. This is such a pretty, nuanced "nude" eye look, just lovely!

  6. I really love this! Your eyeliner looks perfect. I haven't seen Lion King 2 since it came out so I don't remember it that well, but I do love Lion King 1 1/2.

  7. OooohI love the liner! It's perfect for a lion :)

  8. Gorgeous, I like how the eyeliner adds a little extra something, very foxy!

  9. You look so professional, like you're about to go to a job interview or something.

    Cartoon lion cubs= <3

  10. Very pretty! I love the pointy eyeliner in the inner corner.

  11. Pretty! I really like The Lion King 2, it's pretty stupid but fun!


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