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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Morgana Cryptoria 1920s Lipstick Collection– Swatches and Review


Kathy recently sent me an AWESOME package with the Morgana Cryptoria 1920s Lipstick Collection in it! AHMAGAD. Before I get around to showing you the awesomeness that is these lipsticks, I’d like to cordially invite my local Post Office and Parcel Force to Fuck Off. This package was sat in the back of the post office all lonely because I never got a ‘you’ve got a parcel’ slip through my door and I had to go on a quest to three post offices to find it, which was fabulous, obviously.
ANYWAY. They are finally in my grubby mitts. They’re packaged beautifully in red and gold as opposed to the the normal black and silver tubes, which gives them a really glamorous retro look, and they come in a lovely red stars-and-moons baggie. (The zombie was sent to me, amongst many other awesome trinkets including seafood flavoured candy, by Kathy. I’ve called the zombie Kathy in her honour.) Before you read this review, I also urge you to go and take a look at the frankly seat-wettingly gorgeous promotional pictures featuring one of my favourite bloggers, Blix.
Clicky the description, which I’ve pinched from the MC site, to see the lippy on the website.

Bee’s Knees

’warm pumpkin orange’
If you know me at all, or have even thrown a cursory glace at my blog, you probably know how much I LOVE an orange lipstick. I adore them, I crave them, I am a slave to them. This is is so beautiful, and not too yellow or ‘dirty’ looking on the lips,  which is a problem I sadly have very often with pumpkin colours. LOVE. Expect to see this with a brown smokey eye very soon!

The Charleston


‘deep red-plum brown’
Top photo is applied lightly as a stain, bottom photo is full application.

I don’t have a colour quite like this in my collection. I love brown tones on me and to have a more gothic brown (does that make it steampunk? :p) is really cool. This to me is the most 1920’s colour out of the lot for some reason – perhaps I ought to read more makeup history?! I’m really looking forward to working out what I can pair with this one - I'm thinking just a cream lid and a massive winged liner.

Flirtatious Flapper

’very dark red’

To my surprise and delight, my boyfriend loves this one! Hurrah! It looks slightly deeper and more black in real life. I’ll be wearing this all Hallowe’en, I expect!

It Girl


’warm & bright red’
Top photo is applied lightly as a stain, bottom photo is full application.

I adore this one! It’s not as bright and in your face as the website swatch, but I actually prefer it on my lips.It's more unique looking in real life and there’s something really authentically vintage about it.

Cat’s Pajamas


’brick rose-red’

Perfection description. This one is really unique. As a fan of orangey colours, I really appreciate the brick undertone to this. If you’re into corals, etc, this is a really cool alternative. I really, really want to use this as cream blush at some point as well.


‘creamy raspberry’
Top photo is applied lightly as a stain, bottom photo is full application.
I don’t think this one is very accurate to the swatch on the site at all – it certainly looks more of a stain than a creamy lipstick, although it feels very creamy, and it’s a lot more blue-based in real life - but nonetheless it’s bloody gorgeous. It was this shade that I thought would wear beautifully as a stain as it really looks like you’ve just been munching fruit!

I’m not that well versed in Morgana lipsticks (combination of price plus shipping manages to get a small parcel hit with custom fees, so it’s just a bit too much for me normally) but the formula of these is wonderful. I have 3 other lippies from the normal line and while I find them long-wearing without being uncomfortable, these do feel more pleasant on the lips and of course, some of these are apply really beautifully as a sheer, stain-like product as well. Always love a multi-functional product! I’d definitely  recommend these beauties and am sending Kathy a big wet kiss as soon as I can find a box big enough!


  1. Oooh I love the look of Flirtatious Flapper and also the name.

    I am waiting on a mac pigment from a blogsale and hoping the postoffice kept it. Otherwise, what gives? Not been given a little slip either. It is a mystery! x

  2. I got IT Girl, it's lovely. Definitely gonna be one of my fave reds I think.

  3. Oh Robyn. I love you. And that is my gay message of the day. The end.

  4. I can has Flirtatious Flapper plz.

    But no really. It's beautiful and I love it oh my goodness.

  5. I love IT Girl and Speakeasy. So pretty!

  6. Oh man, Bee's Knees is so nice on you! I love all of them though.

  7. I adore this post! Awhile back, I ordered It Girl and Cat's Pyjamas but I should have got Flirtatious Flapper! I am so behind that I haven't swatched them to put on my blog yet. Thanks for sharing this collection.

  8. I love Bees Knees, Flirtatious Flapper and It Girl. Kathy is so great.

  9. Morgana cryptoria will split packages so you wont get hit with such high customs charges. Just send her a message and let her know what the cost limit is for each package and she'll split your order to mutiple bags so you wont get hit!


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