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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Stay Beautiful Showcase: Darling Girl Golds

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a girl in possession of eyes and a couple of quid must be in want of a good gold eyeshadow. Darling Girl is one of my favourite indie companies for many reasons, but I really fell in love with them when I ordered Honey Pot, which is now my favourite gold eyeshadow. Susan of Darling Girl makes fantastic other golds as well, so let’s have a butchers…


luxe 2

An easy, soft everyday gold – perfect for slapping on in the morning, as I’ve done so sloppily here! This is still super sparkly with lots of gold glitter in, so it’s a great way of getting a glitter fix without being too cray-cray if you have to wear work-safe makeup. I think everyone should have a gold like this in their collection.

“Mayor’s Daughter”

mayor's daugher

From the “Only One Can Win” Hunger Games collection, which I was lucky enough to help create. This is a lovely warm gold with pinky/purple glitter, which show a little better in close-up but MUCH better in real life. If you like warm golds and sparkles, you’ll love this. It looks awesome with purples. It was re-branded from “Whiskey on a Sunday.”

Pixie Sprinkles “Golden Child”

DG GOlden Child

Sorry for the ropey application here, I did this super quick as the light was going. Pixie Spinkles are cosmetic microglitter blends – very fine indeed , so you can really pack them on for opacity. This is an absolute stunner – it looks like liquid gold, or as if you’d smoothly applied a gold leaf to your eye. It’s such a bright and happy gold! Sadly, it’s not on the website at the moment, but I hope it makes a reappearance because it’s just so wonderful.

“Honey Pot”


A very old look, but shows off Honey Pot very well. SERIOUSLY HOW GOOD IS THIS? CAPS LOCK GOOD, THAT’S HOW GOOD. This is so rich, so vibrant, and applies beautifully. It’s the sort of gold that grabs you by the balls, kicks you in the fanny, smacks you round the head and says “HEY MOTHERFUCKER, DID YOU SEE HOW GOLD I AM?” Foiled as a liner, it’s stunning. Tapped over hot pink lippy, you’re on trend with some easy lip art. Basically, if you have eyes and you haven’t got this in your collection, get it. It’s my favourite gold ever.

Other notable non-Darling Girl golds are Hi-Fi Cosmetics Mornings of Gold (no longer available sadly), Fyrinnae’s fabulous Polar Bear which I don’t think anyone should be without and the reigning queen of the blogosphere, Sugarpill Golidlux.

What’s your favourite gold makeup product?


  1. These are all really gorgeous! I think Mr. Darcy would approve of any of them. I just scrolled back through to try to decide which was my favorite, but no luck. I think I just need them all.

  2. I want Golden Child and Honey Pot so bad. I want to snort lines of them.

  3. Mayor's Daughter is one of my favorite golds. Ugh now I'm lusting after Honey Pot, it looks perfect.

  4. Love this post! Thanks so much. I'm definitely getting Honey Pot in my next order

  5. How I love thee, Darling Girl, let me count the ways.

  6. honey pot and golden child are my favourites. all very pretty
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  7. Ra from Meow Cosmetics is my holy grail gold eyeshadow <3


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