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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Feminine Equivalent of a Beard

Every dude I know who has grown a beard, or a moustache for Movember, has told me that one of the BEST things about having face fuzz is that you slooowly get to shave it off into different shapes. Now, I don’t know about you, but I can’t grow a beard, so the nearest thing I get to doing something like that is when I take my makeup off!

A few days ago I posted this Tyra Banks inspired look. I was sat round the house with it mooching about, and then my boyfriend text me to tell me he wanted to go to dinner, so rather than take it all off, I thought I’d just whittle it down… Shave it off, if you will!


So this is where I started…


Bioderma to the rescue!


This looks kind of cool! I’ll have to experiment with negative space I think!


I thought I was done at this stage, so went in with the brows, and then realised it was still a little out there, perhaps….


At this point I was kind of done with the ‘shaving,’ so I whipped out my Wet N' Wild Comfort Zone palette and some liner and did a little blending…


And now I look “normal” again!

Do you guys ever do this with makeup?


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  2. I have never done this, I usually start all over again, but I think I'll take this approach next time I go a bit too dramatic with my eye make-up. :)

    (Sorry didn't see that you don't like blog links.)

  3. Ahhhh genius.

  4. Looks lovely :) I always use a q tip to tidy up too so helpful
    Beauty Fiends Blog

  5. I've never done this, sometimes though if I'm too lazy and going out at night I'll just add more weight to the makeup I've been wearing in the day. Slovenly I know.

  6. Yup, every time I have smoky eyes on :p

  7. I have totally done this with my 'out there' makeup! I love being able to whittle it down and still have an awesome look. :-)

  8. I think you could totally pulled of that Tyra look!
    But you look more comfortable in the "normal" one!
    Great job, though!

  9. Haha, excellent! I really like the first bit of shaing you did (how creepy does that sound?!)

  10. I must admit, I have never tried this before! Negative space makeup is a great idea, hmmmmmmmm........


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