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Monday, 23 December 2013

Quickie Review and Before/After: Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit

I’ve tried quite a few cult beauty products in 2013 and decided to see the year out with another, the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer. I’ve heard SO many wonderful things about Bobbi Brown concealers and correctors, and on a bit of a whim decided to try it out some of them! I kind of hate wearing under eye concealer so was hoping this would be light and lovely and still do the trick!

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer
berbi bren
galaxy filter yo
The sales assistants at the Bobbi Brown counter, I have to say, were extremely lovely. She had me matched up and checked out in a couple of minutes and the store was absolutely rammed. Good work, lady.  This is the Concealer Kit in Ivory, which contains the Ivory Creamy Concealer and the Pale Yellow powder. As you can see, both items are peach/yellow toned to help combat the blue tones under the eye. Bobbi Brown does correctors as well, but I already have a cream pigment from Illamasqua –among other brands – that I really like for correcting.
I got excited with stupid filters, but you can see this is a really small little kit. More on that later, but the words ‘handbag friendly’ were made for this set!
Let’s do a couple of before and afters, shall we? I do apologise for the horror of the naked face, but I done a bit of smizing for you. I think that’s a good smize.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer before and after

before and after bobbi brown concealer

This a light layer of the concealer pressed in with my finger and then set with the powder, blended with the fluffy brush shown above. As I mentioned, I hate wearing concealer under the eyes because they always crease on me, so I don’t like wearing anything that feels too heavy. I have worn this with a little more layered on and it obviously conceals better, but I just honestly prefer not to wear much there. It’s not exactly dry, but it’s quite thick so I’d still recommend using your finger as opposed to a brush to help it ‘melt’ into the skin. The powder is possiblly a little on the dry side for my liking but you really do only need a touch of it to set the concealer - it does it's job.
You can still see some darkness afterwards but my dark circles are pretty nasty at the moment. I really like how this combats the both darkness and also the redness I have around my eye area – you can see on the second before photo I have redness in the corner of my eyes and some under my eye socket as well. So I’m pretty happy with the results! It works nicely on blemishes too, but I tend to touch my face a lot (I know, I know) so it does wear away a little quicker than I would like on them, but that’s probably my own fault.
It wears pretty well too – honestly, I’ve never worn a concealer that *doesn’t* crease under the eyes, and this doesn’t claim to be long wearing and it does better than some that do. I apply my makeup at around 7pm in the morning and tend to touch up around 3pm after my lunch break and this needs a little re-blending around that time, so not too bad at all.

I’m going to say this straight – this shit is expensive. You get 5.9 grams for £24.  My last concealer I was using from Collection costs about £4, so it’s a bit ‘ouch’! It is good, but expensive. I’m fine with that because I really like the product, but if I find something else I like equally for cheaper, I’m going to go for the cheaper version! I do find I’m only using a small tiny amount of the concealer but I’m still concerned that I’m going to run out of the concealer way before the powder.

Are you a Bobbi Brown fan? What's your favourite under-eye concealer?


  1. I used the Bobbi Brown corrector and absolutely swore by it...until you took me to the Illamasqua store in London, and the SA convinced me to try one of their pigments as a corrector, and it kicks Bobbi Brown's @$$ all over town. But if I wouldn't have discovered that Illamasqua pigment, I'd still be quite pleased with the Bobbi Brown corrector. Also, I've found found that it doesn't crease on me at all if I apply a VERY light amount of translucent powder to set it, followed by a makeup setting spray after all of my makeup is finished. The only time I have creasing issues is if I layer too many products on top of the corrector. If I do the thinnest layer of my foundation on top in order to help blend the two colors together on my face, then I have no issues (as long as I use the setting powder and spray).

    1. Yep, the Illamasqua cream pigments kick arse as correctors! I wouldn't try anything else really, the one I have is so good. However I don't like to use one day-to-day - on a heavy slap day or when I look really, really awful, yes, on a regular day it's another step I don't want to deal with at 6.30am!


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