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Friday, 13 December 2013

Quickie Review: Missha Signature Wrinkle Filler BB cream

I know. ‘Wrinkle Filler’ isn’t something I really want to see on my products at the ripe old age of 26, but bear with me. I got a sample of this lovely stuff with an order a while ago and liked it so much I promptly ordered a full size.

Missha Signature BB Cream 3
Missha Signature BB Cream
Missha Signature BB Cream 2
Look at that bad boy! It’s so shiny, and lo and behold, a sodding pump! Halleloo. I didn’t take a comparison shot, but this thing is massive – it’s about twice the size of a bottle of Revlon Colorstay, for example. The packaging seems to be the same style throughout the whole of the Missha Signature line. It looks metallic, but it’s plastic and is actually very light feeling. It looks more expensive than it feels, which is initially disappointing but considering the size, probably a good thing!

Missha Signature BB Cream 1
The box claims all sort of gumph – the white part of the formula claims to fill in your wrinkles and there’s also a load of yak about this foundation containing ‘fullerenes,’ which are a type of  structure  that won a Nobel Prize. I asked my boyfriend, who is a boffin extraordinaire, and wasn’t really listening to his explanation but he couldn’t see why they would have any benefit to your skin. I always take any science, pseudo or no, on beauty products with a huge, huge pinch of salt but seeing the words 'Nobel Prize' on my foundation did make me chuckle.
As you can see, this does come out not mixed - I would advise mixing it before applying it! A word of warning with this foundation, it’s pale. It’s also, like many Asian BB Creams, slightly grey toned. I found on application I look a little off, but leave it for  around 15 minutes or so, and then it’s all good. I got this in shade 21, which as far as I can tell is the palest it comes in and I can only find two more shades, so if you’re not relatively pale you’ll struggle to find a match. Luckily samples are cheap and easy to come by on eBay.
Missha Wrinkle Perfecting BB Cream Before and After
I think you can tell which side is the before and after, no? This is just the BB cream alone, no base, concealer or powder. I’m really happy with the coverage of this and I’ve just been wearing it alone most days – for work, I really don’t care about a little under-eye darkness or small blemishes! One pump will do your whole face - if I’m having a horrible skin day I may use a little extra over the more red areas of my face, but it still doesn’t cake or look heavy. It feels very lightweight on the face for the amount of coverage it gives. I prefer to apply this with my fingers as it’s a very creamy texture and it's easier than applying it with a brush. It's a lovely finish - it's not dewy and it's not totally flat. With the texture of this, I find it looks too matte if you powder over the top, but that’s my personal preference.

My favourite thing about this is how it wears – unlike UK ‘BB creams’ that wear for about two seconds, even on my dry skin,  this wears *really* well. I do prefer to use a setting spray rather than a powder if I need this to wear for a bit longer – if I do that, it’ll get me through my working day. If not, it’ll see me through until about 3.00pm which isn’t bad at all! I do find that it starts to separate slightly after that length of time, but that’s a problem I’m having with a *lot* of foundations at the moment (even ones that are normally fine on me, for reasons I can’t figure out yet) so take that as you will.   If you like an SPF in your foundation, this one boasts SPF37 as well.
As for the wrinkle filling claims? I have some fine lines but I wouldn’t say this improved them any. It doesn’t cake under my eyes where I have fine lines and doesn’t gather in my laughter lines, so that’ll do for me. I do think due to the light texture and natural finish of this foundation that it would play well with a lot of more mature skin, though. The one bad thing about this (if you can find a match and don’t mind massive packaging, that is) is the scent. It’s a fake, powdery rose sort of scent and it’s not subtle. Luckily it fades quite quickly but it’s not pleasant on application. Other than that, it’s a total winner. I love this BB cream!
This cost me just under £15 for 44 grams with free shipping from eBay. If you can wait for the shipping, I would recommending getting your Korean beauty products from eBay as most sellers will add a good amount of free samples.


  1. Lightest shade is 13 which would be my winter shade :D

  2. It looks lovely on you! I may have to order some samples.

  3. Thanks for reviewing this. I remembered that I had a sample of this lying around and tried it this morning. This stuff is lovely! I've tried other Missha BB creams and liked them, but this feels even better. Now I may have to order the whole bottle. :)


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