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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Quickie Review: Inglot AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadows in 22 and 70

It’s no secret that Inglot shadows are absolutely bloody awesome, but I’ve never tried any of their loose pigments before. A couple caught my eye on a recent makeup shopping trip so I grabbed them. Loving my Freedom System shadows as much as I do, I had really high expectations for these!



Simple, sleek packaging, very typical of Inglot.Glass jars, screw-top lid, no sifter. Not much else to say about them! The jars are pretty large – you’re not going to run out of these in a hurry! If you and a friend love a few of these, I’d recommend splitting them up.


This is shade 70, a gorgeous greeny-turquoise. It’s pretty similar to Sugarpill Darling, so I wish I’d gone for a different shade, but I really can’t fault it. It’s got goooorgeous pay off and applies smoothly with minimal fall out. No complaints!



And this is shade 22. In the pot, this looks like the most bizarre eyeshadow you’ve ever seen – like a flaky sort of tinfoil or something! Applied though, it is so beautiful and you get none of that chunky texture on the lid.  In real life it looks a little more pink. Totally in love with this little piece of gorgeousness – I think it’s beautiful on the lid with a lovely texture. There was a more purple shade with this sort of texture which I really want to pick up as well. Oooh, innit nice?!

I have an Inglot pro card, but without these are £12 each for 2g without one, and you can now buy them online here .


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