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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Quickie Review: Morgana Cryptoria Vegan Lipsticks

I'd been wanting to try out Morgana's lipsticks for some time - they're widely raved about in the indie make-up community. I had a little Christmas money left over, so I picked Coraline's Kiss, Screaming Violet and Lush.

Ordering from Morgana Cryptoria was easy and the website is fun! At checkout, there is a couple of drop-down menus from which you can pick what shadows you want for your free samples, which I think is really, really awesome! Another thing I noticed about Morgana that they if something you order goes on sale or BOGOF within a certain period of you ordering, they'll credit your account or send you a free item with your next order. WIN. That is awesome customer service. Anywhoo...

Coraline's Kiss:

I'd been recommended this and I'm so glad I bought it. The texture is a little bit dry, but it is super bloody pigmented - like, really wow. I think it looks great with my skintone and I can't wait to wear it out.

Update: I wore this to work today, and I only had to touch it up twice during the day. It lost it's vibrancy more than it wore off my lips, if you know what I mean - no actual colour had worn off! I wasn't eating a lot today or anything, but I'm impressed with the wear. Good stuff!

Shrieking Violet:

I'd seen Blix wear this, and I've also seen in on a few other blog and fell in love. I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed with this one. The colour is spot on, but I just can't make it work. It looks kind of waxy and is really difficult to apply evenly - I also couldn't get it to transfer onto a lip brush properly. It took a lot of work to make it look this good, and I can't get it to look good around the edges. I dunno, maybe I got a dud? I'll make it work.

Update: Melissa has said that this colour is going to be re-formulated. (Scroll down to the comments.) I think that's great as it's such a beautiful colour, it really deserves an awesome formula. I'd like to reiterate as well the fact I don't think this is a shit lippy, or unworkable, just that it's difficult. I also think it's cool the owner of the company took the time to let us know.


Pretty! I love the finish. I saw Ana wear this on Lipstick and Lightsabers and even though I really, really, REALLY don't need another slightly-lilac-bubblegummy lipstick (I NEVER WEAR THEM) I really wanted to try this! It's so odd - it stains like a mofo, and not at all like the tube colour. I think it's awesome, but be warned if you're not into stains!

And because I know everything in this vague colour family gets compared to Viva Glam Gaga:

Barry M Lip Paint No 177, Morgana Cryptoria Lush, Collection 2000 Bubblegum, MAC Viva Glam Gaga

Would I order from Morgana Cryptoria again: Yes, I would, although I found the shipping a bit expensive at $7 (yeah, I'm a cheapskate, it's not that bad from the States) and I'd have to remember about the bloody customs charge! The colour selection is amazing, and apart from the Shrieking Violet I got, the quality seems excellent. And rumour has it samples will be available soon, as well as a whole shitload of new colours!


  1. I'm holding off ordering until the new colours come out! Lush looks pretty :) Shame about Shrieking Violet, I was thinking about ordering it but swatches on blogs make it looks like it varies in colour quite a lot batch to batch - no thanks!

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  3. You have really pretty lips. :)

    Coraline's Kiss and Lush looks soooo gorgeous on you! :D

  4. I find the lipsticks quite changeable in formula, I have the exact same problem with Shrieking Violet. It's possibly the PERFECT purple lippie colour but i find it impossible to get on evenly. Others are dry but alright and some are just lovely, creamy and smooth. In general I like them a lot though, and the colours are lovely. Lush looks so so pretty, but i don't like the staining thing.

  5. I've been really wanting to try Shrieking Violet, too. The lippies are highly pigmented but I have the same problem as you do, they won't apply the same with a lip liner and I find it settles into my lip creases :(

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  7. Pretty swatches! I have Coraline's Kiss and I love seeing it how it turns out differently on everyone who wears it. :)

    Honestly.. 1) I don't mind if I don't get business cards.. I have no idea what to do with them.. and then I feel really guilty if I throw them away... 2) I don't expect free samples.. if I get them, AWESOME, if I don't, no worries. These are small independent makeup companies.. 3) I *think* Melissa stopped sending invoices to cut back on wasted paper, I'm sure that doesn't allow her to include a thank you as easily as she'd like.

    Either way, I guess I have a different view on how I feel customer service should be. I want someone to respond when I have an issue, as well as fill my order properly.. other than that, the products are what will keep me coming back.. lack of help will keep me away.

  8. Melissa, you do have great customer service. I know a lot of companies are trying to avoid paper invoices (i.e., email only) which is great.
    The thing with samples, I don't think anyone should feel the need to *have* to provide them to every customer, but I've received samples from companies of shades I probably would never have thought to order otherwise and ended up loving them and ordered full sizes.
    Another example, I've ordered from a company before and ended up not liking any of their products. Although there were other products in their etsy store I was eyeing, I don't think I would take the chance again because I didn't like any of the products I had received. Does that make sense? While I'm not saying every order deserves a free sample, I think it's a nice touch, especially on larger orders.

  9. I lahhhhve how Lush looks so different when blotted! I bought a bunch of lipstick samples from Morgana a while ago and I recall Coraline's Kiss feeling dry but I just thought it was the sample beinged dried out at the time. Still pretty though!

  10. Oooooh....Lush and Coraline's Kiss are so pretty! My want list just keeps getting bigger and bigger ;)

  11. Wow..these are pretty intense!
    Great swatches.

  12. I love Melissa's lipsticks! I also love that she takes critiques in consideration! Nice to see Shrieking Violet being reformulated! ^^
    I can't wait to see her new shades *-*

  13. Nice swatches! Thank you for reviewing my company. Shrieking Violet seems to be one some people like the texture and some don't. I will be reformulating this shade to make it easier to apply. Lipstick samples with the revised formula will be available soon.

  14. They all look lovely, but I love Shrieking Violet :) I dont know what it is but I gravitate towards shades like that :)

    take care


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